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How Much Does It Cost to Have Your House Professionally Decorated for Christmas?


The season to be jolly is right around the corner and that’s why you want your house to be decorated according to the upcoming Christmas season. Seeing lots of lights and Christmas decors can hype you and your family and will make you excited. Of course, putting up decorations will make you feel the spirit of Christmas. 

However, installing decors can be hard for you especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s why some are hiring professionals to decorate their homes for Christmas. A professional surely knows how to do the installation and has the best plans for you.

When it comes to professional decorations for Christmas, there are different kinds of decors you can have for your home. But, how much does it cost to have your house professionally decorated for Christmas?  Let’s get to know the prices if you let an expert do the Christmas decorations for you.

Christmas Light Installation

Christmas will never be complete if you don’t have Christmas lights. Around the world, lights are important whenever the spirit of Christmas is in the air. From residential to commercial establishments, all are surrounded by lights which will let you feel that the holidays are near. When it comes to cost, the average one is from $150 to $400 but it may depend on the company you choose to do the work. The costs can change depending on where you wish to put the lights if the lights are provided by the expert if you want to avail of the removal of the lights after the season, and the area of your home. The rate of light installation for Christmas can be up to $3 per linear foot if you own the lights. If you wish to add more light on the second floor, the price for each linear foot of Christmas light may double. Also, if you want to put up lights to your roof, you may pay for an additional fee for the equipment that a professional will use to make your request happen. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have any Christmas light to be installed in your house and you would like the company to provide it for you, it can be more costly. You may pay up to $30 per light strand and can go beyond that if you want a good type and quality of Christmas lights. LED lights and incandescent lights are typically used for Christmas lights and it can also affect the cost of the installation. If you want long-lasting, energy-saving, and fewer cost lights, LED lights are the one but it can be expensive. 

Christmas Lights Around Trees Installation

Of course, you don’t want to let your house alone get the attention when the Christmas season comes, you also want your backyard to share the limelight. That’s why you want your trees to be wrapped around by Christmas lights which make it more pleasing and attractive. The installation of Christmas light on trees may differ from putting lights on your house. If you have a small tree at home, it can cost up to $60 while if you want your big trees to be filled with lights, you may up to $1,200. But, the rate can change depending on the tree’s height, form, and type. If your tree has open branches, it may need a lot of wrapping and lights and it can increase in costs but if your tree is not hard to decorate, it may need only a few lights and time. Decorating your backyard especially trees is never an easy task so let a professional can do it for you.

Christmas Decoration Cost

Buying Christmas decors is a must when the season is about to come but some don’t buy on their own, they let a professional do it. An expert you hire can do the Christmas décor shopping for you but you must know that fees may apply for the shopping service. Aside from the service fee, you need to pay, you also have to pay for the shopping they have done for you. If you want 3D animations, figurines, and inflatables be added as your Christmas decors, it can add to the expenses too.

Christmas Decorations Removal Cost 

When Christmas is about to end, you also have to remove the decors to keep up with the next season. Some companies that offer installation and removal of Christmas decors and you can avail the latter if you don’t have the time to do the uninstalling. It may cost you $100 to $200 to remove all the Christmas lights installed in your home. The removal of decors is half the price of installing them. So if you paid $400 to set up the lights, you would have to pay half of it for removal. If you are curious about the cost of the removal if you own the lights, it will never be changed. Whether the lights are yours or you have rented it from a professional company, you will pay the same. If you ask another company to remove the installed lights, you will pay $0.60 each line foot.

How Much Will It Cost You To Hire A Professional Christmas Decorator?

Aside from Christmas gifts, people are spending as well on decors. For the professionally-installed Christmas light, you can spend up to $30 per strand of light. It can change the size and style of the lights you want for your place. Aside from the lights, you need to pay for the labor. You might pay up to $85 per hour for labor. You don’t only have to pay for the installation of lights, you need to pay the people who have worked on your Christmas decors to make it happen.

So, the average cost for a professional to do the Christmas decors in your home can range from $200 to $600 and it varies. If you want to save money but still make your home beautiful, you need to request quotations from different companies to find which one works best with your budget. Also, make sure that you choose the best company to do the work for you so look into the company’s works and reviews from other customers. Hiring a professional to do the installation may cost you but it is worth it.