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Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation Everyone Should Know


Living in a place where a bed bug is present can make your home uncomfortable. The little creature is considered a pest because they cause an infestation which becomes uncontrollable when it turns out to be severe. With the presence of bed bugs, your nightmare may also begin.  

Bed bugs are small insects that will come to your home to infest. They hide in mattresses, fabrics, clothing, bags, luggage, picture frames, and more which makes it hard to find them. If you are fond of traveling, you need to be cautious because bed bugs can come with you at home and that’s the time they will cling into your belongings and begin to infest.

On the other hand, not all homeowners are aware of bed bug infestation. They cannot easily tell if the pest is around or not because they don’t know the signs. Well, if you are suspecting a bed bug infestation, you need to know the signs for you to tell if your suspicions are true or not.

Let’s get to know the signs to be able to look for tips on bed bug prevention that everyone should know for those pesky pests to be gone for good! Check these out!

Red Itchy Bites 

One of the signs that you are experiencing bed bug infestation is when you see red itchy bites on your body. Surprised? You better be! Bed bugs bite while you are asleep because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you release. With this, they will feed on you for blood which will help them survive and ease their hunger. Once they bite you, you will experience red itchy bites, and this is a sign you have the pest in your home. According to a pest exterminator in Statesville, bed bugs will bite you and their bites are itchy which will make you uncomfortable. There are ways on how you can ease the itchiness. However, some believe that bed bugs transmit diseases through their bites, but there is still no proof that it is true. So, don’t worry if you are bitten but make sure that once you got itchy bites, eliminate the pest as quickly as possible to stop them.

Moldy Odor In Your House Or Room

Seeing live bed bugs might be difficult due to their size. Don’t worry because there are still other ways on how you can find the pest, and that is through their smell. For your information, bed bugs release a moldy smell which will help you easily identify them. Once you smell their musty odor which is not familiar to you, it already indicates that the pest is around and they come in great number. You will likely smell it in your room or around the house if they have infested almost all places in your humble abode. Their smell is the pheromones, and if the odor is too strong, you already need the help of a pest exterminator in Statesville to eliminate the pest.

Bedsheets And Pillowcase Have Bloodstains

You might be surprised to see that your bed sheets and pillowcase have bloodstains and you don’t know where it came from. You might be having bed bugs, and you don’t know it. Bed bugs will leave behind droplets of blood when they feed, and these are the ones you see in your bedsheets and pillowcase that mysteriously appear. If you keep on waking up with bloodstains around you, a bed bug infestation might be occurring, and this is the best time for a pest expert in Statesville to handle the dirty work. 

Beds Filled With Bed Bugs

One of the obvious signs of bed bug infestation is having your bed filled with them. A bed filled with bed bugs is a problem for you because once you sleep on it, you will acquire bed bug bites which are itchy and painful. If you think bed bugs are around, always check your bed because there can be some of them hiding. Look around the bed, including the edges and corners because these are also hiding places for the pest. If you keep on seeing bed bugs in your bed, it is a big sign of an infestation, and you need the help of a pest exterminator in Statesville to get rid of them.

Shed Skins Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs shed skins, especially the nymphs before they become full adults. If you see shed skins all over your place, you might be having bed bugs, and they might be causing an infestation in your property. The shed skins or bed bug shells are small and white which you can easily identify. You will found those skins on areas they usually hide like furniture, mattress, headboards, and more. That’s why you need to inspect these areas because there could be bed bugs hiding. If you are not sure about the shed skins of bed bugs, you can let a sprayer in my area for bed bugs inspect your area for accurate results.

Seeing Live Bed Bugs

If you are looking for an obvious sign of bed bug infestation, that would be seeing live ones yourself. When you see bed bugs hiding or crawling, it only means that you have the pest at home and there is a great chance that an infestation is already happening. When you see an insect with an oval, flat, and brownish body, that’s bed bugs, and you need to be alarmed because their infestation can be serious, and eliminating them becomes harder. Don’t confuse bed bugs with others because if you do, the pest control will never be effective and might as well worsen the situation. If you keep on seeing alive bed bugs, you need to get rid of them by hiring a pest exterminator in Statesville to perform the pest control. 

Neighbors Have Bed Bugs Too

You know, bed bugs don’t settle in one place. If your neighbors have bed bugs, there is a high possibility of having the pest also in your house. The pest can be transferred from one person to another because they can cling into your clothes and bags. If you visited a neighbor’s house which is experiencing a bed bug infestation, you can also get the pest and bring it home, and an infestation can begin in no time. That’s why, if your neighbors have bed bugs too, you need to make a move or bedbug-proof your home to stop the pest from coming. If you want to be sure if bed bugs are present in your home or not, let a pest exterminator in Statesville do the inspection.

Black Spots On Your Walls

You might see dark spots on your beds, and that would be the doing of bed bugs. But, if you see black spots on your walls, it means that the infestation is escalating quickly. It is not typical to see dark spots on walls, but for bed bugs, it can be possible because they can leave fecal stains on it and it can be a warning for you. Once you see black spots, immediately call a pest control company near you in Statesville to help you remove it and treat the area.

That’s it! These are the signs of bed bug infestation you need to know because it will help you identify the problem and will make you think of better ways to get rid of the pest. If all things are getting out of hand and your pest control doesn’t work, you need the professional help of a bed bug exterminator in Statesville to stop the pest from infesting.

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