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Ways To Repel Scary Cockroaches Out Of Your Home


There are times when cockroaches will appear and it will make you uncomfortable. The insect sometimes suddenly fly which gives a big scare to almost everyone. Because of cockroaches, some are beginning to have fears or worse are getting anxieties. If the pest keeps on appearing in your property, you need to worry because maybe an infestation is already happening and you don’t have any idea.

Cockroaches are one of the insects you wish the world didn’t have because aside from their scary appearance, they also cause infestations which can be damaging to humans and properties. There are several species of cockroaches but only a few are considered as pests. If your home is invaded of numerous cockroaches, you have to move because the pest is already on an infestation and you need the help of a professional pest control company in Denver to get rid of them.

On the other hand, some are hesitating to get professional help since it can be costly and their finances are tightly budgeted. But, you don’t have to worry now because there are several ways on how you can repel those scary cockroaches and drive them out.  Let’s get to know the effective deterring tricks you can do when cockroaches keep on bothering you and are dying to drive them out of your home for good.  

Bring out the Borax!

If you are looking for a repellent that can effectively get rid of cockroaches, borax is the one you need and it never disappoints. Borax is known to be a helpful agent in cleaning and now, in pest control, it is one of the leading products you can use to repel.  The borax will ruin the body system of cockroaches and eventually, they will die. One way to use borax is by turning it into a spray repellent. Mix the borax with water and sugar in a spray bottle. Once the solution is ready, spray it on areas where cockroaches are typically hanging out or even on entry points. When the pest is covered with borax, wait for hours and you will see it dead lying on the floor.  If the spray doesn’t work, all you need is to call a pest exterminator in Denver and you’re good to go!  

Spread the Petroleum Jelly

We know that petroleum has other purposes for humans but if your home is suffering from cockroaches, it might as well the jelly as a way to repel your enemy. Petroleum jelly is good in driving out the pest and you only need simple materials to make it happen. Aside from the jelly, you need cardboard and sugar. Spread the petroleum jelly over the cardboard and put sugar on it. Cockroaches will crawl into the cardboard with sugar and once they are inside, they will get stuck due to the petroleum jelly and this is the time to throw them out. Make sure to place the cardboard on areas where the pest usually appears. Be cautious because your children or pets may find the bait. If you think that the bait will not work, better hire a pest exterminator in Denver to do the total elimination for you.  

Deprive Food and Water

Water and food are among the reasons why cockroaches tend to visit your home often since it is a need for them. If you deprive them of food and water, there is a big chance that they will crawl their way out of your home voluntarily. But, if you are giving them reasons to come, they will never decline your invitation. If you don’t give them food and water, you can repel quickly and make it happen, you have to wipe away food crumbs on tables and countertops. Wash dirty dishes after every meal to prevent the pest from visiting your kitchen. You also have to practice removing moisture in your home. Cockroaches don’t only need food to survive but water is also a necessity for them. If your home has several water sources and leaks, there is a big chance the pest will come.  So, fix water leaks and keep your place dry in and out to get rid of the pest. You are not only repelling cockroaches, but you are also driving out other pests that need food and water.   

Prepare Diatomaceous Earth

Repelling pests like cockroaches is becoming difficult since the pest is resistant to pesticides over time. But, if you want an effective deterrent to use when the pest is around which will not fail you as well, you better purchase diatomaceous earth. The DE is a powder made from fossilized algae and has been the partner of homeowners in dealing with pests. Diatomaceous earth can help in resolving your pest problem since the powder acts as a killing agent. Once cockroaches are covered with DE, the pest will experience dehydration and eventually die. The simple product can help you achieve a pest-free home in no time. You can sprinkle DE directly on the pest and on places where it is present or you can make a spray out of DE by mixing it with water. Diatomaceous earth may only work when a few cockroaches are around but if an infestation is already happening, the expertise of a pest exterminator is the one you need.  

Block All Entry Points

One of the reasons why cockroaches are coming inside your house is because they can find entry points. The small holes, cracks, and gaps you tend to ignore are the reasons why the pest can quickly penetrate your home without your idea. If you want to repel the scary pest out of your home and life, block entry points. According to a pest expert in Denver, practicing this will help you lessen the appearance of the pests because it will deprive them of entering your home. If you seal the cracks, holes, and gaps even the smallest ones, you are stopping the cockroach from invading. What is good with blocking all entry points is you are not only preventing one pest from entering, but you are stopping several pests like rodents, ants, termites, and more from coming as well.  

Get Some Plants

Using too much pesticide can be damaging to your family and pet’s health due to the harmful chemicals it contains. Relying on chemicals may be effective in removing pests but your health is the one to suffer. If you want to get rid of cockroaches safely, a pest exterminator near me recommends that you get plants that can repel cockroaches. Catnip is one of the plants you can use in repelling the pest since it has chemicals that are effective in deterring cockroaches. By boiling the leaves of the plant, you can get its extract and use it as a spray. Other plants to get for cockroaches are Chrysanthemum flower, Neem, and bay leaf. If you want to naturally drive away from the pest, have these plants for your home. You not only repel the pests, but you also make your house refreshing.  

Prioritize Cleaning

Cockroaches are fond of filthy places and if your house is dirty, expect that the pest will come and visit. That’s why you have to clean and make it a priority. But, cleanliness doesn’t always guarantee that you can kill the pest, hence it will help in lessening the presence of pests and will prevent infestations from happening. Keep your house clean by sweeping and mopping the floor, remove clutter which can be possible hiding places of the pest, and maintain your yard.  These are the ways how you can repel the scary cockroaches which keep on bothering your home. If none of these works, a local company that exterminates roaches is ready to help you, and that’s Lake Norman Home Services.

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