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Plants That Deter Scary Spiders Away


Some people are having a fear of spiders because the arachnid does not only crawl near you, but the appearance alone is scary enough to give you chills down the spine. Spiders are good for the environment but most people are not fond of them because it gives them phobias and makes them paranoid whenever it is around.

Spiders are arachnids which you need to be cautious because they can be a pest for your property. Eliminating them on your own may not give you the bravery you need since the pest can be scary and dangerous.

When you have spiders at home, you will feel paranoid or worried since you may think that the pest will come near you while you are sleeping. Even though they don’t normally crawl near humans, they still can bring harm as some of their species are venomous.

On the other hand, exterminating the pest may cost you if you hire a professional to do the work. But, you don’t have to worry because there are natural ways on how you can deter the pest by only using plants and herbs.

Here are the plants which you can have at home to effectively repel the scary spiders away.  


Mint is one of the plants you can have at home if you want to deter spiders away badly. There are several varieties of mint and all are effective in repelling the pest. But if you want the most effective mint, peppermint is the best choice. The plant helps in repelling the arachnid due to its pungent smell that the pest hates. The smell comes from the leaves of the mint and once spiders sense it, they will voluntarily retreat and might as well find other places to infest. By planting mint, you don’t only make your house smell fresh, but you are also driving out pesky pests. You can plant mints in your garden or a container and place near your windows, doors, and deck to stop the pest. Or, if you don’t have time to wait for the plant to grow, you can sprinkle some leaves in your place to deter the pest.   


We all know the purpose of basil and it is mostly used for cooking. With its aromatic smell, your food is made delicious and salivating. But, did you know that you also use it for spiders that keep on pestering your home? Well, basil is one of the plants that can deter spiders away. The plant is easy to grow as it only needs water and sunlight and it will thrive. The strong smell of the plant will help in driving the pest away and will indeed keep them at bay. Basil can repel spiders and insects which keep on pestering your home. You can plant it either in your garden or in a pot and make sure that it will receive direct sunlight at least for 5 hours every day. Also, the location should not be too cold as it will stop the plant from thriving.   


Another plant to have at home is rosemary. The plant is considered to be an effective repellent for spiders and having it at home is a big help. The smell of rosemary can disgust the pest as it hates its smell. If you want to have rosemary as a repellent, you can plant in a pot and place it in areas where spiders are frequently present. When they smell rosemary, they will instantly go away as they find its scent offensive. If you want to use the plant to get rid of other pests, better put it near your doors, windows, patios, and more. However, if spiders come in great numbers, the one you need is a pest exterminator in Mooresville who is more expert in handling spiders and other pests.  


If you want a plant that is pleasing to the eyes and nose, lavender is the one for you. The plant is known to have violet flowers which will make your garden look good. What’s good with the plant is that it does not only beautify your home, it can also deter spiders and other insects in your place. The smell of the lavender is what the pest hates but is pleasing to you. You can plant lavender in pots or your yard and make sure the area is sunny. You can also have it near the entry points like doors and windows. If you have lavender, make sure to maintain it by trimming it regularly, giving it enough sunlight, and letting it receive more air. Of course, you still need the help of a professional spider exterminator in Mooresville if the infestation is getting worse.  


Another plant you can use to repel scary spiders is eucalyptus and it is effective. The plant is known to be a favorite for koalas but is a hateful one for spiders. The scent of the plant is what can drive away from the pest and it is an effective one if you have spiders at home. A fear of spiders grows when the pest keeps on appearing and sometimes crawl near you. If you want to stop the pest from coming, you need to deter it using eucalyptus. If you are worried about having the plant since it can grow big, you can also plant it in a pot as an indoor plant. You can place it in windows and patios and make sure to let it receive more sunlight.   


If you want a plant which you can use for cooking, onion it is. The plant is also good at repelling scary spiders especially the red spiders. If you have spiders at home, your garden can be a target since they will look for food and sometimes the food they eat are insects which are fond of destroying plants. If you want to keep your garden healthy, plant onions on it and the pest will surely go away. Also, the plant can be used for cooking your delicious meals. So, if you want a plant that serves a dual purpose, onion is the one you need.  


If you want a plant that is good in deterring not only a single pest, but more, then you need to have marigolds at home. The plant is a natural repellent for spiders, mosquitoes, plant lice, and more which keep on pestering your home. Plant marigolds in your garden and it will not only repel the pest from your garden but from your home as well. The colorful plant can also make your house look beautiful.

These are the plants that can deter scary spiders away effectively. Having these, you don’t have to worry about spending too much because planting alone can make a big difference. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can let a professional spider control company in Mooresville do the work for you.

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