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Bed Bug Prevention Tips You Need To Know


Not all homes are pest-proof because pests can come when you least expect it. For example, a bed bug can appear in your bed surprisingly, and you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible. However, resolving a few bed bugs is not enough since the pest doesn’t only stay in one place.  Bed bugs are pesky and can be uncomfortable because they don’t only cause an infestation in your property, but also sleep disruption. The pest bites on open skin while you are asleep as they need blood which is their meal. You might be wondering why the pest finds you easily, and this is because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you release. Once they detect it, they will crawl their way onto you and bite. Of course, when the pest is present, you need to know how to get rid of bed bugs for good to stop them from infesting. There are several ways on how you can prevent bed bugs in your home, but the most effective solution is by calling a pest control company in Statesville to do the work. If you have bed bugs and would like to eliminate them, then here are bed bug prevention tips you need to know to achieve your goal. Check these out!

Identify The Problem Properly

Bed bugs can be compared to other bugs found in your home, and if you don’t identify them properly, you won’t succeed in controlling them. Bed bugs have tiny, oval, and brownish bodies that are different from other insects. You will also see their body turn swollen and reddish and this is because of the blood they have ingested. According to the best places to call to get rid of bugs, failing to identify the pest in your house will lead you to problems because you might have used an inappropriate treatment which can make the situation severe. Using a method not intended for bed bugs will not drive away from the pest. Before you do any preventive measure for the pest, carefully identify the pest first.

Check And Clean Your Mattresses

Almost everyone knows that bed bugs are typically found in mattresses that’s why before you sleep, you might have heard from your parents the saying, “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” You might believe the saying, especially if the pest is present in your bed. The pest is known to feed on human and animal blood, and because of this, you will be their target. That’s why you have to check and clean your mattress because the pest sneaks into it and hide. You have to remove bed bugs to prevent the pest from infesting more. A pest exterminator in Statesville suggests that you can put a protective cover on your mattress for you to quickly find the pest. But, if there are numerous bed bugs in your mattress and even on box spring, replacing them is the best.

Make Use Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are popular for everyone because of their ability to make your body relaxed and relieve stress. But today, its uses are widening as it can already be used in pest control. Essential oils are now partners of homeowners in repelling pests such as bed bugs. Using oils as a preventive measure for the pest is good because it can repel the pest from coming to your home. You can use lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, thyme, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils to deter the pest. You have to dilute the oil in water to use it as a spray. Apply it on areas where the pest is present or hiding to scare them away. Take note; essential oils will not kill bed bugs; it will only deter them. If you want a complete wipe-out of the pest, a bed bug exterminator in Statesville is needed.

Regular Vacuuming Is A Must

Do you have a vacuum cleaner but don’t make use of it regularly? Now, if you have bed bugs, you need to make use of it often as it is for your good. Bed bugs are tiny, and you cannot see them at first if you don’t take a closer look. With the pest around, you can experience bed bug bites which are itchy and can be painful. So, when you have bed bugs, you need to vacuum them away to get rid of them. Using your vacuum cleaner, you need to get those pesky pests away from your carpets, bedding, furniture, picture frames, box springs, mattresses, and more. What is good with vacuuming is that you don’t only remove live bed bugs, but you are also eliminating hiding adult fleas, nymphs, and eggs. However, if vacuuming is not enough, it is still best to seek help from a pest professional.

Organize Your Home

Keeping the mess in your house will not be good for you and your family because it can attract several pests and bed bugs are one of them. The clutter can be a habitat for bed bugs or a hiding place because it gives them security and mostly, the spaces are dark which makes them hard to see. A pest expert in Statesville suggests that you need de-clutter to get rid of bed bugs. Lessening the places that the pest can hide will be easier for you to remove them and will be able to keep them out once and for all. If you have piles of papers, old boxes, or unused clothing, better remove them to have a bedbug-free home for you and your family.

Look Over Clothing, Fabrics, And Luggage

Don’t always think that you will found bed bugs only in beds or mattresses because the pest is everywhere! Bed bugs can also be found in luggage, bags, clothing, and fabrics you have at home. These things are hiding places for the pest. If you came back from travel, it is a must that you check your luggage, bags, and clothing because bed bugs can come with you without any idea. Don’t skip checking luggage, fabrics, and clothing because bed bugs can also infest them. 

Avoid Moving Infested Items

If your bed, clothes, fabrics, bags, or luggage is infested with bed bugs, avoid moving it to another place. According to the best places to call to get rid of bugs moving infested items to another room will not stop bed bugs from infesting, but it will spread the pest. Treating infested items in an area that is free from the pest is not good because you are bringing the pest to another place where it can infest. If you see that your items have bed bugs, better keep them inside the infested area and do the treatment to prevent the pest from going out and spreading.

Let A Professional Handle The Pest

Even you have done DIY pest control for bed bugs; the results may not satisfy you enough especially if the situation is difficult. If you want the best output, a professional bed bug exterminator in Statesville is the one you need. A professional can help in eliminating the pest as he knows the right treatment and methods. Also, a professional has an idea of where to find bed bugs as he has the best experience in handling pests. If you cannot fight bed bugs alone, seek help from a professional who is more capable of doing pest control. Here you go! These are bed bug prevention tips you need to know and apply for you to have a home free from any annoying pests like bed bugs.

Professional Pest Control Company Near You

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