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Flea Misconceptions You Need To Know For Better Pest Control


There are misconceptions about pests that people keep on believing that’s why they end up to wrong pest control. Because of this, the elimination of pests becomes harder, and the infestation turns severe. Who would want to live in a house full of pests like fleas, right? If you don’t want to experience serious pest issues, all you need to do is to call pest control for fleas on dogs to help you. However, the case for everyone will never be the same. Some may not experience severe infestation while others would choose to leave the house because of the pesky pests.

Understand Flea Facts & Myths

Fleas are one of the problematic pests you will experience at home as it does not only target humans, pets like dogs and cats are also victims. Fleas are hard to get rid of because of their small size. Their size is not the only thing that makes it difficult to exterminate them, but the misconceptions about them also contribute.

Because of flea myths, homeowners believe in, they cannot do the right pest control as they keep on trusting on false information. If you are experiencing flea infestation and would like to get rid of them but having second thoughts due to misconceptions, here are flea myths you need to know and ignore if you want to achieve the best pest control for your property.

It’s Fine To Have A Few Fleas At Home

Some homeowners think that having few fleas at home is fine as the pest will not increase its number. However, this is only a misconception and should be avoided if you want to control the pest successfully. Having few fleas is already alarming since the pest can reproduce rapidly especially when they are infesting your pets.

Within three weeks, thousands of fleas are already present. If you keep on ignoring those few fleas you see at home, you are putting your pets and family at risk as the pest can become plenty in no time. When you see some fleas on your pets or in your property, immediately call a professional pest exterminator in Davidson to get rid of them for good and to avoid future problems.

Treated Pets Are Not Susceptible To Flea Infestation Anymore

When fleas attack your pets, you will have your furry friends treated immediately to get rid of the problem. Some people think that treated pets are already free from flea infestations. However, this is a misconception you need to know because fleas can come back anytime when they found hosts to pester. According to a flea exterminator in Davidson, even when your pets are treated, you still have to do pest control because there may be some fleas hiding in your property and waiting for the right time to infest once again. Even though your pets are flea-free, it doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever. You still have to let a professional do pest control in your property to eliminate the pest completely and for you to avoid experiencing future problems.

Dealing With A Flea Infestation Is Easy

Homeowners are complacent that they can deal with flea infestation even without the help of a professional. However, this is a misconception you should avoid because it is leading you to false information. The truth is, dealing with a flea infestation is difficult because the pest can multiply quickly. A female flea can give birth to thousands of eggs in her lifetime, and because of this, their population will keep on increasing, and the elimination process might take a while.

Believing in false news can lead you to bad pest control especially if you don’t let a professional pest control company in Davidson help you. Seeking professional help when flea infestation is on-going is the best decision as the exterminator knows how to get rid of fleas, its larvae, and eggs. If you allow fleas to infest, your family and pests might experience anxiety.

Fleas Are Great Flyers

Some people that they get fleas because the pest can fly. This is a big misconception! Honestly, fleas are great jumpers. They cling to their host by jumping, and they can do it without stopping. The pest is known never to get tired of jumping, and they can do it for 30,000 times continuously. Because of their great jumping skills, it’s easy for them to get into properties and grip onto their targets. Also, when jumping, they can change their directions which makes it easier for them to navigate easily. If you keep on seeing jumping fleas within your property, it indicates that you need to seek help from a pest exterminator in Davidson.

Not Seeing Fleas Means Pest Control Is Not Needed

Another misconception you need to know about fleas is that not seeing the pest means you don’t need pest control anymore. This is a myth you have to ignore and get rid of for the rest of your life because this is not true. Some fleas can hide well from you; that’s why you don’t see them, but without knowing, the pest is infesting your pets silently, and even you and your family are experiencing it.

Even you don’t see live fleas around, when you suspect that an infestation is occurring, it is already time for you to hire a pest control for fleas on dogs to do the pest control. Acquiring this service will help you know if there are fleas and other pests infesting your property and for your home to be treated quickly. Don’t wait for live fleas to infest before you make a move; it is always said that prevention is better than cure; that’s why you need pest control yearly to prevent infestations.

Fleas Are Only Interested In Pets

It is well-known to everyone that fleas are only found on pets like dogs and cats. Some may attest to this, but the truth is, fleas are not only after your pets, but they will also be infesting your homes. Fleas can come easily sneak inside your property with the help of your pets. While some of the pests settle on your pets, others will start to look for new homes where they can nest and hide. Your carpets, furniture, and beds are the favorite spots of fleas and other pests, and if you don’t check those areas regularly, you will be surprised to see several pests enjoying your cozy home. If you want a flea-free home, contact the nearest pest expert in Davidson near you to help you get rid of the pest once and for all.

A Clean House Is Free From Fleas

People maintain the cleanliness of their homes to prevent pests from infesting. However, even a clean house can’t stop pests like fleas from invading. This is a myth you need to keep in mind because even a sparkly clean house is attacked by pesky pests unexpectedly. Fleas will come to your property once they found their target – your pets. When they are in your furry friends, they can easily enter your house. Not only that, but fleas can also get a ride on clothes and can enter homes without the help of pets or humans. Don’t settle on keeping your house clean; you also need a pest exterminator to have a pest-free environment. These are the myths you need to know about fleas if you want to achieve better pest control. Knowing all of these will help you get rid of fleas properly and appropriately.

Professional Pest Control Company Near You

Seeking professional help is the best decision, especially if the infestation is already severe. To make things back to normal, you need a pest control company in Davidson to be your partner in dealing with fleas and other pests, and that’s Lake Norman Home Services. The company is your partner in combating pest issues that keep on bothering your family and pets. They have the best solution for all types of pests and can get rid of everything in no time. Lake Norman Pest Control is the best choice when your property is experiencing pest infestations as they have human and pet-friendly extermination techniques that are effective in driving all annoying pests. Their highly trained, certified, and expert pest exterminators perform the services, and they only provide satisfying and exceptional results which you can never experience from others.

With Lake Norman Home Services, your property is in good hands as safety is always a priority. They don’t use harmful treatments and methods, and they make sure that services are performed within a protocol. The company guarantees that your worries will be solved instantly to give you the peace of mind you deserve.  When you need help to keep your home safe, free, and healthy, Lake Norman Home Services is the answer. The company is your on-the-go friend when pests keep on pestering your humble abode. Whether you have fleas, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, rodents, or spiders, you can trust the company.