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Pest Control For Flies (Huntersville Exterminators)

fruit fly in house

Eating your meals while flies are flying around is a big nuisance. You’ll see the filthy pest land on anything or worse, the food you are enjoying and that’s disgusting. So, when you have flies at home, it means that your health can be in danger as they bring illnesses.

How Can I Get Rid Of Flies In My Home For Good?

Flies are among the peskiest and dirtiest pests you’ll have at home. They can fly in a small group but if an infestation is already happening, they come in hundreds and that’s not what you want for your home. Living in a fly-infested home can lead to a lot of problems and that’s why eliminating them is a need.

Pest control is among the most recommended ways of eliminating pests like flies. There are lots of means in exterminating pests but everything falls to pest control and it should be done by Lake Norman exterminator serving Huntersville NC. Professional pest exterminators are the most trusted individuals when it comes to terminating vermin as they know everything about pests – behaviors, eating habits, shelter preferences, and more.

On the other hand, depending on professional pest exterminators is not enough because they will not be with you every day after they have done their job. As a homeowner, you also have to know the pest control you can do when flies are around so that you can get rid of them and prevent the situation from worsening. 

What Do They Look Like?

Sometimes you are wondering what flies look like. There are over 16,000 fly species found in North America and most of them have two wings. Their behavior is they’ll fly everywhere, land on everything, and leave bacteria that can be serious to your health. Among the species of flies, house flies are the known ones as they are indeed found in houses and invade properties when they forage for food. With thousands of species of flies, identifying them is indeed hard so you should know what they look like.

Flies can be small or big so their size can be one millimeter to an inch. Their colors can be yellow, black, green, or and brown and these are the common colors of the pesky species of flies. Some flies have hair and the shape of their bodies can be like gnats. Their eyes can be the easiest part to identify and you can say that you have flies because their eyes are like goggles in shape and facing forward. When you see flies or can’t easily identify them, Huntersville Exterminators can help in recognizing the pest for you.

Why Are Flies Dangerous?

Though flies are small and will fly around in your house, they still can bring danger to you and your family so you have to watch out when you have them. Flies are filthy which means they bring a lot of bacteria and germs because they land on everything like an animal and human wastes, dead animals, garbage, and more. If you don’t call Huntersville Exterminators to get rid of them, your health will be the first thing to be affected by the pests.

Flies are known to be disease carriers and spreaders so they can give you illnesses which can be bad for your health. Here are the diseases that flies bring that you can acquire:


Typhoid is one of the diseases flies carry and they can be serious if left untreated. The disease is related to the bacteria salmonella that may end up giving you a fever. Typhoid is easy to transmit as you can get it from the contaminated food or water. House flies are known to be carriers of these diseases and can transfer typhoid quickly.

E. Coli 

Another disease spread by flies is E.coli. The diseases are transmitted by house flies that are common visitors of every home. E.coli us nasty because it can cause a lot of problems to your body like blood found in the stool, stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. With these, you’ll feel uncomfortable and badly need medical attention. When you got E.coli, you’ll not instantly experience the symptoms because the signs can show up after four days after acquiring the bacteria. 

Food Poisoning

Flies are not only good at contaminating your food but they can also be the reason why you can experience food poisoning. Nobody wants to end up suffering due to the food he or she has eaten but if you are not careful about what you eat, you may encounter food poisoning. When you experience this illness, you’ll be able to feel a lot of things like vomiting, cramps on stomach, fever, nausea, and loss of appetite. Even though food poisoning can be gone in days, if you are suffering too much and feel different, that’s the time you have to visit a doctor. When flies land on your food, that’s the time that they leave bacteria, pathogens, and more that can trigger food poisoning and other illnesses.

These are some of the illnesses that you might get from flies. They may not be fatal but can lead to serious problems if you don’t seek medical help. If you want to avoid these diseases, Huntersville Exterminators are ready to help you anytime.

Ways To Control Flies

If you are worried when flies are around, you can lessen it when you can control the pest. To have a fly-free home, here are pest control tips for flies you can apply for your home.

Sanitize Your House

You should be aware that pests like flies love dirty places. They will land on anything they see and lay eggs to continue their population. To stop them from infesting, you should sanitize your house. It is one of the best ways that you can do to keep flies in control and out of your home. You have to eliminate the reason why flies are in your home so that you can stop them from coming. Food is one of the reasons why flies and other pests come into your home.

To avoid flies from entering your home, you have to store all foods properly and on containers that are not easy to penetrate so that food contamination will not happen. According to Huntersville Exterminators, when your foods are left uncovered, a chance of flies contaminating your food is high and because of this, you are allowing the pest to lay eggs on your food and leave bacteria. Also, you have to cover trash bins so that pests will not invade it, drains should be cleaned as well.

Exclude All Openings For Flies

Eliminating entry points for flies will help in keeping them out of your home for good. You need to start from closing your windows and doors as these are the most obvious places that flies can enter easily. You should install screens so that they can’t penetrate your home since screens have smaller homes. If there are cracks and crevices, caulk it instantly so that flies and other pests won’t be able to come inside. When openings are blocked, there’s no way that the pest will be able to invade your home or better yet call Huntersville Exterminators to give you a hand. 

Use Fly Swatter, Traps, & Baits

If you want to get rid of live flies and even the ones hiding, trapping, swatting, and baiting them is the best idea. You can use a fly swatter to kill flies present in your home. The ones near the food should not be swatted because the body parts can land on your food. It may be exhausting but it’s worth it. If you are annoyed seeing flies flying back and forth, then fly traps are the ones you need. You can put sticky fly traps in areas where the pest is typically present and if you want them to be lured to the trap, add some scents that they want. If you want to use baits, sugar, meat, fruits, and more are the best as these are what the pest wants. But, if these methods don’t work, Huntersville Exterminators are the ones you should contact.

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