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Pest Control For Squirrels (Cornelius Exterminators)


Even when you maintain cleanliness in your area, pests will still be around and because of this, they are turning into nuisances. There are several pests that can annoy you and get into your nerves. Ants, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, and more are some of the common pests that you’ll encounter once or more in your life. They are sneaky, damaging, and disease spreaders so having them will not give you a comfortable life. However, the pests you know are not the only ones considered as pests because some wild animals are being pests as well like squirrels

Are Squirrels Considered Pests?

Squirrels are becoming pests today especially the ones that are found in trees. Homeowners are getting annoyed with squirrels because they have been causing a lot of damage and they create their nests inside the garage and attics. With this, the wild animal can be one of the reasons why you’ll lose the aesthetic of your home which you have invested too much money and time.

When squirrels are around, you need the help of Cornelius Exterminators who have the ability to get rid of squirrels properly and safely. Since your enemy is a wild animal, it is not good to harm them because they are protected by the law. So, if you want to stop squirrels from infesting your home, professionals should be called.

However, if you want to squirrel-proof your home, there are ways on how you can make it happen. Check these out!

Inspect For Openings

The first step in controlling pests like squirrels is always inspection. Even professionals do it! Inspecting your home helps you know the condition of the problems and will give you an idea of how the pest enters your home. They couldn’t get in if not for the available openings, right? So, for you to be sure that your home doesn’t have openings, you have to inspect it meticulously. Checking your home for openings can help a lot because you’ll be able to know how squirrels can effortlessly invade your home without your idea. From attics down to the garage, everything should be inspected so that you’ll never leave any place unattended. However, you should be careful when inspecting, especially when you are dealing with a wild animal because squirrels may get frightened which can lead to more disaster.

If you want to keep squirrels out safely and successfully, make sure you let Cornelius Exterminators do the work as they know best about your problem.

Block Entry Points

Squirrels will enter your home most especially the attic and garage. These areas are their hideouts and if you have them inside, you’ll never like what will happen next. Though squirrels look squishy and cute, but behind their cuteness is something you will never forget – property damage. When they infiltrate your home, you’ll never find it easy to drive them out because they can be stubborn and will feel at home when they have the right spot. But when you block entry points, you are saving your home from squirrel attacks.

From cracks down to holes, everything should be sealed so that no squirrels can enter your place and cause damage. What’s good with caulking entry points is that you are not only fighting off one pest but plenty of them such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites, and spiders. It’s like you are killing two birds with one stone! However, if squirrels are becoming hardy, don’t worry because Cornelius Exterminators can do the extermination for you.

Put Out Squirrel Traps

Squirrels will be one of the hardest enemies you’ll encounter because they are not only hard-headed, they are as well wild animals that you can’t easily harm. If you suspect that squirrels are infesting your home, then you should do a move before the wild animal ruins your home. There are several ways on how you can drive the pest away and one of which is by using traps. There are squirrel traps you can apply that will help in keeping them out of your home. One trap to use is the live trap but it means that you’ll catch the pest alive. Though you have captured the squirrel, you still have to decide what to do with it like you can set it free miles away from your home so that it will not come back.

Another trap used is the kill-trap wherein you will get rid of the pest safely and faster. However, remember that when you decide to put these traps, you still have to seek permits since you are dealing with a wild animal. If you want a trap that you can do without asking for authorization, you can put boxes on the entry points so that when squirrels enter, they’ll get inside the box instead of your home. But, if you don’t know what traps will work for squirrels, Cornelius Exterminators are the best people to call.

Here are tips on how you can drive away squirrels without causing harm to them. If you still can’t control squirrels, Cornelius Exterminators should be called for better results.

Where Do Squirrels Dwell?

If you have been asking where they dwell, you’ll typically find them on trees. They create a big nest on trees which will be a place for them to hide their food, grow their babies, and give birth. The nest they create is made of debris and leaves but they don’t stay in their nests at all times. Squirrels forage for food in properties or in places where food sources are available so it means they go down to look for food that they will bring back to their nests to hide.

Aside from hiding the food in their big nest, they’ll hide it as well in yards and other places especially when the winter season is about to come. Squirrels are mostly found all over North America since they can easily adapt to any climate. They can be found around the world but they’ll never appear in Antarctica. If you see squirrels infesting your home, better be alert because they can cause damage which is more costly so you need the help of Cornelius Exterminators to get rid of them.

Dangers Of Squirrels

No matter how cute squirrels look, they can still bring danger not only to you and your family but to your property as well. They may not be aggressive but when they feel threatened or cornered, they can bite you to escape. Here are some reasons why squirrels can also be dangerous.

Cause Property Damage

One of the reasons why squirrels are dangerous is because they can cause severe property damage. Yes, your beautiful home can be ruined if squirrels are around because they’ll find a way to get inside your attic or garage. They usually attack houses when they are looking for a warm place to stay and store food. From roof tiles down to walls, they’ll damage it for them to create a nest. Because of this, you will see a lot of damage and repairs can be more expensive.

Bring Fire Accidents

Like rodents, squirrels will gnaw on anything and your electrical wires can be a target. When squirrels find your wires or cables, they can bite it on and it could be the beginning of fire accidents in your area.

Ruin Lawns

Since squirrels like digging to hide their food, your lawn can be a perfect place for them to bury their collected food. They will dig holes near trees, in your garden, and more! With this, your lawn can also be ruined.

Squirrels can also be dangerous so when you have them, you need to be alert and immediately call Cornelius Exterminators to stop them from bringing more problems. If you need help in eliminating your pest problem, Go-Forth Pest Control is your partner.

Why Lake Norman Home Services?

Lake Norman Home Services has made a name in the business. Their long experience in removing pests has already satisfied a lot of customers and most of their clients are availing their services several times. With this, they are the best pest control company in North Carolina that you can always rely on.

The company is proud to offer high-quality and exceptional yet affordable services that you’ll never find from others. Lake Norman Home Services is composed of a great team that works together to achieve a common goal – to give everyone a pest-free home. They have highly trained professional, expert, and licensed pest technicians who can perfectly execute pest control services in your area.

From eliminating pesky pests down to wild animals, Lake Norman Home Services can do it all for you! You can count on them anytime and anywhere!