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What Pest Control Company Is the Best? (Concord Exterminators)

cockroach in a house

Getting rid of all of them can really be frustrating because these pests have either developed immunity from pesticides or have been able to escape each time an attempt on their lives occurs. The pests we are talking about can be insects like mosquitoes, roaches, flies, weevils, bed bugs, poisonous spiders, moths, ants, and termites. They can also be animals like rats, mice, and birds. Whatever pest you have, it is impossible to co-exist with them, since most of them can either be economic saboteurs or high health risks right where we are supposed to be safe. This is why getting rid of pests is best left to the professionals. 

Why Do I Need A Pest Control Company?

Professional pest control companies supposedly have the right training and the skills to fight these pests. With that being said, one big predicament that the residents of Concord are in is how to choose the right pest control company. Let us face it, everyone can say that they are professionals, but not all pest control companies are the same. Choosing the right one could spell the difference between having a worry-free and pest-free life, or a life full of worries.

While you would not run out of Concord exterminators to choose from, here is a guide to how to choose the best one for you.

First, why do we need a pest control company?

Pests are regular fixtures in places where humans dwell. They invade homes for three main reasons: food, water, and warm shelter. Usually, by not paying attention to general housekeeping, we unconsciously provide for what they need. And what do we get in exchange for that? Annoyance, destruction to property, and worse, diseases.

Pests are any insect or animal that negatively affects the normal daily activities of humans. They are destructive creatures that attack humans, food, livestock, crops, and property. On the other hand, pest control professionals are highly skilled and well-trained in exterminating pests.

There are many DIY pest control methods you can do, and to some extent, they are highly effective. But when the infestation becomes heavy, or if you find yourself lacking in time, then the pros can do the dirty work for you.

Before we analyze who the best pest control company is, let us take a look at the pests that they are supposed to help us with.

Types Of Pests

Here are some of the most common household pests that we need to get rid of.


Nobody wants a cockroach in their household. These filthy creatures are perhaps the dirtiest insects around. They do not choose what they eat and thrive in the dirtiest places. Their diet includes rotten and fresh food, feces, decomposing animals, and garbage. They usually live in the sewers or garbage bins, going inside houses from time to time. Due to their filthy habits, cockroaches carry with them lots of bacteria and viruses, especially in their legs. They are dangerous to have around, contaminating our food with their droppings, urine, saliva, and urine. Not only that, crawling on our food contaminates it already.

Eating contaminated food transmits several deadly diseases; among them are salmonella, cholera, food poisoning, diarrhea, and typhoid fever. Inhaling dust contaminated with roach droppings can also cause allergies.

DIY control methods for roaches involve some heavy lifting in general housekeeping. Make sure your house is clean. Regularly sweep and mop the floors. Wipe off food residue and drink spills on tables, tabletops, and sinks. Put a lid on your trash cans and regularly throw away your garbage. Put your food inside sealed containers.


Mice are small nocturnal animals that belong to the rodent family. They can transmit diseases by contaminating our food with their droppings, urine, saliva, and vomit. Among these diseases are salmonella, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Mice are actively foraging for food only at night. They are very intelligent creatures, so it is always very tough to catch them. They are highly inquisitive and always remember things.

For your first line of defense versus mice, you can start by sealing cracks, crevices, and holes around your house by caulking. These can be used as entry points for mice. Mice are so flexible, they can squeeze into a hole that is as small as a nickel. Put your food in sealed containers. Put a lid on all your trash cans. Regularly dispose of your garbage.


This is the pest we must be wary of the most. Known as the most dangerous creatures on earth due to the fact that they have killed millions of people all over the world every year, mosquitoes transmit diseases by biting humans and sucking their blood. Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history combined. This is because these tiny, fragile-looking insects transmit several nasty diseases. These diseases include dengue fever, malaria, West Nile fever, encephalitis, and elephantiasis. Only the female mosquitoes bite since the male mosquitoes do not have the necessary mouthparts to suck blood. The adult female mosquitoes love to breed in stagnant water.

DIY pest control for mosquitoes that you can do includes getting rid of old items that can hold water for a long time, like old cans, old tires, old gutters, and abandoned birdbaths. You can also avoid getting bitten by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Use mosquito repellents that have the active ingredient DEET for added protection.


Another very common pest flies. When it comes to filthiness, only flies can catch cockroaches. They actually enjoy the same tasty meals: rotten food, feces, dead animals, garbage, and some fresh food from time to time. Not only fly a real nuisance, but they are health risks as well. They are known to cause salmonella, diarrhea, food poisoning, and cholera.

Traits Of A Great Pest Control Company

Here are the qualities of a pest control company you should look for.

The Company Should Have Licensed Technicians

This will ensure that the professionals who will handle the pests in your home are highly skilled and well-trained. Licensed technicians went through rigorous training and quality control. This assures you that you and your family are in good hands.

They Should Have Expert Experience In The Industry

We all know that experience is the best teacher, and it gives them great industry knowledge. The company’s technicians should be able to find, identify, and treat all kinds of pests. They should know the type of treatments that you need in your particular situation and offer the best course of action. They should also keep abreast of any health regulations and new treatments.

They Use Family-friendly & Pet-Friendly Methods

The pesticides that they use should be safe for your kids and pets. Children and pets can be very inquisitive; they love to explore. However, they might come into contact with deadly poisons in doing so. Using safe pesticides can eliminate this risk.

Expert Professionals Should Know Where In Your Home To Examine For Pests

They should be able to find weak points and discuss them with you. They should also discuss how to fix the problems and check if you are amenable to it. There is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to pests. Each pest is unique, with its own different behaviors. Rodents are nocturnal, and so are roaches and bed bugs, but they all have different hiding places and different diets. Technicians should be able to discuss different solutions for you. This should all come for free, of course.

Pest Control Should Be On Call All The Time

They should be alert for calls and punctual. They should be able to keep appointments. Pests, after all, do not wait.

The Best Pest Control Companies Do Not Just Exterminate

They also give homeowners advice on how to keep them out for good because it is not far fetched to think that they would not be back anymore. They should also do follow-ups, checking on you after they exterminate the pests.

The Best Pest Control Company Should Be Well-Reviewed On The Internet

Look for them on Google or Facebook to check what their customers have to say about them.

Are These Qualities Found In The Pest Control Company Near You?

If you are not sure, then you should consider Lake Norman Home Services, the best pest control company in Concord.

Lake Norman Home Services is a family-owned pest control company that has been around since 1959. They have highly skilled and well-trained technicians that use family-friendly and pet-friendly pesticides, so you can be sure of your safety.

You may request a free quote by calling us. Our friendly operators are standing by.