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What To Do If Bitten By A Tick In Mooresville, NC

A close up image of an American dog tick

Pests that drink blood are some of the most medically threatening on earth. The reason is that they typically take fluid from animals and humans. Disease transmission is possible when these kinds of critters move between hosts. In many cases, people won’t detect these bugs. They’re usually quite tiny and can nibble on you without you feeling it. Skin welts, lesions, or inflammation are usually the only evidence of their presence.

Ticks suck blood and have a reputation for distributing illnesses. They’re really hard to manage and keep at bay. Mooresville, NC home and business owners should get familiar with local species, so they’ll know what to do with a bite. You can also learn how to block their intrusions, to begin with. Lake Norman Home Services can assist you in this process.

What Ticks Are Common in Mooresville? What Are the Dangers of Bites?

Deer and American dog ticks are two of the main subgroups overwhelming the area. Living up to their name, deer ticks go after those animals and other livestock. They won’t mind sinking themselves into a human or domestic pet though. Since their eight legs are dark, they have the alternate title of “black-legged ticks.” Color-wise, they are reddish-brown or brown. In terms of size, they are 0.14 to 0.20 of an inch long. After a feast, females can expand to 0.39 of an inch. Should they bite you, you may be exposed to the Lyme disease bacterium they carry.

American dog ticks are very similar to their deer-loving counterparts. They too have a secondary label; they’re sometimes called “wood ticks.” Four pairs of legs outline their figures, and their skin is the same hue. While they’re 0.20 of an inch long as well, their females can swell to 0.59 of an inch following a feeding.

Additional facts to remember are:

  • They Reside Outdoors: Humid spots with lots of shade are favorable to ticks, particularly if animals are around. Keep your eyes open when in grassy or woody zones. These pests will cling to you or your pet with ease. Even be on alert when you’re in your own yard.  
  • Their Bites Can Cause Physical Symptoms: If you see ticks on your person, try not to smash, Puncture, twist, or jerk their body. Utilize tweezers with a fine point. Pursue immediate medical attention if you feel ill or experience nausea, fever, weakness, headache, or breathing complications.
  • They Distribute Major Diseases: Ticks have been linked to the Heartland virus, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, and other potentially fatal conditions.

Is There a Way to Prevent Ticks?

Do these things if you want to reduce the chances of a tick problem:

  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly. Discard the organic debris you find on the lawn.
  • Before going outdoors, use tick-repellent products.
  • Wear pants and a long-sleeved shirt before going into a tick-heavy space. Put boots on with long socks also.
  • Inspect your clothes and skin after being outside. Look over your pet’s hair too.    
  • Talk about tick treatments with a veterinarian for your domestic animals.
  • Clean and groom all land animals and pets on a routine basis.  
  • Contact Lake Norman Home Services if you have critters ticks could host with, such as squirrels.

How Will Lake Norman Home Services Handle Ticks?

Retail items for ticks can be pricey and far too toxic for vegetation, pets, and humans. It’s better to trust the experienced professionals at Lake Norman Home Services. We use potent, industrial-grade treatments fashioned to eradicate these bugs. All of our solutions are safe. You can choose from our array of affordable home pest control service plans. When you call today, you can request a free quote!