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What To Do About Stink Bugs Around Your Mooresville Property

A stink bug on a wall

How sensitive is your sense of smell? Can you pick up the warm aroma of cinnamon buns from several blocks away? Do you have trouble smelling candles when they are burning two feet from your nose? Most people are somewhere in the middle, yet everyone hates stink bugs. Regardless of how good your smeller is, it’s safe to assume you don’t want these annoying invasive pests anywhere near your home. To keep these pungent insects off your Mooresville property this winter and spring, here are a few things you should do.

Things You Should Know about Stink Bugs

Most people know of stink bugs but don’t know much about these invasive pests. To help you better understand these smelly home invaders, here are a few facts to consider.

Stink Bugs Are Agricultural Pests First

Stink bugs are agricultural pests long before they are considered to invade homes. Here in North Carolina, stink bugs primarily damage vegetable gardens, soybean crops, black locusts, ash, maple, and catalpa trees.
Unless you grow any of these plants around your Mooresville property, you shouldn’t have to worry about these pests during the summer months.

Stink Bugs Don’t Always Smell

The only time stink bugs smell is when they are squished or feel threatened. As long as you are gentle with these pests you will never have to experience the unpleasant odor they emit. Our recommendation is to use an empty handheld vacuum to suck up these pests if they come inside and then to release them outdoors.

Stink Bugs Hate Cold Weather

Stink bugs are fall and winter pests. As temperatures cool outside, these plant-eating bugs start looking for warmth on the sides of buildings. This sunbathing quickly turns into an invasion as gaps, cracks, and openings are found and used by these pests to get indoors.

Seeing One Stink Bug Does Not Mean There Is Only One

When stink bugs enter a home, they do their best to stay out of sight; the only reason they stay inside is to stay warm through the colder months. Often, these pests will hide out in attics, basements, and crawlspaces in large numbers. It’s only when temperatures rise in Spring that stink bugs emerge from hiding and start looking for ways to get outside to feed and reproduce. This often leads to hundreds of these odorous pests buzzing around confused within living spaces.

How to Prevent Stink Bugs

If stink bugs have yet to get into your home, several prevention measures will help keep them out. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior.
  • Fix broken window/door screens.
  • Repair damaged weatherstripping.
  • Install door sweeps under all exterior doors.
  • Keep unscreened doors and windows closed when not in use.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night.

What to Do About Stink Bugs

Seeing that we are already well into winter, stink bugs are not invading homes as regularly. Right now, they’re just hiding out and waiting for the warmer months of spring. But what can you do to ensure the stink bugs hiding around your home don’t cause a ruckus next month? Our recommendation is to get a professional involved. 
At Lake Norman Home Services, we help homeowners handle pest problems before they get out of hand. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing top-tier services to our neighbors here in Mooresville and would be happy to aid you in any of your pest-related issues.
Contact our team today via phone or through our website to learn more about our comprehensive pest control services or to schedule a pest inspection for your Mooresville property.