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How To Keep Pests Out During The Winter Season

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Alas, the winter season is finally here!  It is the time when thick and warm clothing is worn and sometimes, snow is already falling. Because of the season, the temperature drops, and most animals are seeking shelter to keep them warm. Just like humans, animals need warmth for them to survive the cold weather and pests are among them.

Yes, even in the winter season, pests are present. Having them around your house for the whole year is a problem because you will have to face damages and inconveniences every day.

We know pests don’t only infest during the warm weather but they can be also active during the season of cold nights and days. Because of this, you have to be mindful of the pests that may be visiting your home. Cockroaches, ants, rodents, bed bugs, and more could be your unwanted guests.

Even when the winter season is up, you still have to consider pest control if you want to achieve a pest-free home even when it is cold outside. You have to know what ways you can do to make your winter season out of pests.

Here are the ways to keep pests out of your house during the winter season:

Store Food Tightly

Since the winter season is also the time when holidays are coming, you tend to buy more food supplies which you will cook when you have visitors or when your family is complete. But, the food you have at home can be a pest attractant so you need to be careful. If you have a pantry, it should be free from pests to keep them away. So, store your food properly. Pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, and flies will forage for food during winter for them to survive until spring comes. They will look for food around your house and will never miss the places you store food.

To avoid the pest from getting into your food, make sure to keep it on airtight containers which are hard to infiltrate. Also, if ripe fruits are on your table, better put it inside your refrigerator. When you store your food tightly, you are depriving pests of their needs and stopping food contamination from happening. If you need help in pest control during winter, a pest prevention control must be hired.

Clean, Mop, and Sweep

Since winter is the time when you don’t want to normally go out due to the freezing weather, you tend to stay indoors. So, you eat, play, eat again, and more when you don’t have other things to do. However, if after eating, you leave tables, floors, and countertops uncleaned, this is the time when pests will come inside.

Aside from warmth, another need for pests is food. The food crumbs and residues left on the floor, tables, and countertops can lure pests in. They will bring food back to their colony or nest which will help them survive the long winter season.

To keep your home pest-free during winter, make sure to clean, mop, and wipe around the house to avoid seeing crawling vermin in your place. Driving pests away will never be easy so you still need the help of a pest expert in Denver to resolve your problems.

Keep Firewood Out

We know that during the winter season, the temperature is low and the chilly breeze is in. So, everyone tends to store firewood near their fireplace for easy access.

But, keeping firewood inside can lead to inviting pests like termites and carpenter ants. Pests that love wood will immediately seek shelter in your home if it has firewood inside. Termites will find their way to get near the wood since it is their food source.

If you don’t put out the firewood, pests will go after it so better to place it outside. Make sure to elevate the firewood above the ground to prevent the pests from reaching it. Get the right amount of wood to use in your fireplace to keep pests from coming inside your home.

But, if termites are already infesting your area, you need to hire a pest exterminator in Denver to help you ease the problem.

Seal Entrances

If you think you are ready for the winter season, better check first the possible entry points to say that you are indeed prepared. The small holes, gaps, and cracks in your place should not be left ignored because these are the entrances for pests. Keeping entrances open is a good opportunity for pests to infiltrate your home because they can come inside without your idea. If you let them in, you can never drive them out and you need to spend the winter season with them.

When you see open gaps, holes, and cracks, immediately seal everything to keep pests out. Blocking entry points is one big step in having a pest-free property not only during winter but in all seasons. Regardless of the weather, you have to seal entrances to avoid pests from coming in and out of your home. With this, you are making your home pest-proof all year long.

However, if pests are already revolting in your property, the aid of a pest exterminator in Denver is badly needed.

Always Declutter

Almost all homes are messy especially when kids are around or when homeowners are too busy with work. Because of this, you might forget to remove the mess and this could lead to bringing pests in.

During winter, it is typical for the weather to be cold and pests will find ways to have a warm shelter. If your home is filled with boxes that are not kept properly or if your home is not organized, the pest you are inviting is rodents. The pest is bothered when winter comes so it will seek a place where warmth and food are present. If your house has them, rodents will quickly run to your home. The boxes, papers, magazines, and more can be a nesting place for rodents.

If you don’t declutter, your place will end up like a rodent shelter and you wouldn’t want it to happen. Start decluttering to keep pests away. If you can't keep pests away during winter, don’t worry because a pest exterminator in Denver is always on standby when you need help.

Eliminate Moisture

Aside from food and warmth, pests also need moisture during winter. Water is vital for humans and pests as well. If your home has moisture, pests will indeed visit right away and will never leave until the winter season is over

Cockroaches, rodents, ants, and termites are your common visitors when humidity is present. They need moisture to survive and they will find it for sustainability.

Before winter comes, you need to check for moisture to ensure that dampness will not be present when the cold weather kicks in. Inspect your kitchen and bathroom for water leaks and congested pipes and fix it if water keeps on leaking. You also have to check your crawl spaces, ventilation, attics, and basements for moisture as these can also be places where pests will appear.

If you get rid of moisture, you can achieve a pest-free home during winter. Of course, when professional help is needed, top services for getting rid of pests should be called.

That’s it! These are the ways you can keep pests out during the winter season. We know the struggle of having pests around because they affect properties and the health of everyone.

But, if you know how to pest-proof your home during winter, you can enjoy the season peacefully and happily.

When pests appear again, the expertise of a pest exterminator in Denver is what you need.

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