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What's The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Mooresville Yard?

A mosquito biting an arm

In North Carolina, it can seem like mosquitoes run rampant all summer long. These tiny bugs are annoying and dangerous. If you have mosquitoes swarming around your home, our professionals at Lake Norman Home Services can help you figure out why. We have been providing pest control in Mooresville for over 30 years and know the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

Can Mosquitoes Smell Us?

Mosquitoes may not have the same types of noses that people and most animals have. However, they are still able to smell remarkably well. All mosquitoes have at least 100 different receptors that are located on their face, antennae, and mouth. They use these receptors to smell humans. 

With these many receptors, mosquitoes can find humans by detecting certain things like body heat and CO2 emissions. The more your body temperatures and the more sweat you produce, the easier it is for mosquitoes to find you. Some studies also suggest that some mosquitoes can detect the blood type of certain people. Mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to people with type O blood. 

What Diseases Do Mosquitoes Carry?

Mosquitoes can carry and spread a wide range of diseases, which is what makes them one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Some illnesses you might catch from mosquitoes in Mooresville include encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya, and West Nile virus.

Mosquitoes are thought to be responsible for over 700,000 deaths every year. However, malaria and the Zika virus are the two illnesses that are responsible for most of the deaths in humans. Fortunately, the mosquitoes that carry these deadly diseases are not found in North Carolina. In fact, dying from a mosquito bite is extremely rare in the United States. The most common illness transmitted in this part of the country is the West Nile virus, and symptoms are typically mild most of the time. 

How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Property?

Mosquitoes in Mooresville will congregate in any area with plenty of shade and water. If you want to make sure that mosquitoes are not swarming around your home, some of the easy ways to prevent mosquitoes include:

  • Trim your trees and bushes to reduce excess shade areas
  • Reduce the amount of vegetation that you plant in your yard
  • Don't leave old tires, old unused lawn equipment, or any other object that can accumulate and hold water
  • Make sure to change the water in your bird bath and kiddie pool often
  • Make sure that your gutter systems are working correctly and able to divert water away from your home properly

Sometimes, all-natural preventative measures aren't enough to keep the mosquitoes away from your property. If mosquitoes are still around your property, you can wear mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito bites. Also, mosquitoes are the most active at dusk and dawn. Try to avoid going outside at this time to reduce your chances of being bitten by potentially dangerous mosquitoes. 

What's The Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

If you want to take back control of your Mooresville home, give us a call today. At Lake Norman Home Services, our experienced mosquito control technicians know the most effective ways to eliminate mosquitoes around your home. We will perform a thorough inspection of your home and come up with a customized plan that is sure to eliminate mosquitoes for good.