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Pest Borne Diseases: Chikungunya


Chikungunya is a disease caused by a virus and transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. Though cases are mostly found in countries within Asia, Europe, Africa, the United States is still very vulnerable because of the constant travel to these places by its citizens.  

In North Carolina, residents are becoming susceptible to these diseases brought by mosquitoes because there is currently no vaccine available for this disease, and travelers are going to places infected by Chikungunya virus. Thus, it is highly advisable to take precautionary measures to avoid mosquito bites and implement better mosquito extermination in North Carolina and nearby areas


When a mosquito bites a person or an animal that is infected with Chikungunya, the mosquito gets infected too.  When it transfers to another host for another blood meal, the host will, in turn, get infected too. Most people think that if a disease is mostly found in a different continent, then we are safe. Nothing can be farther than the truth.

A person who travels to a country where chikungunya is common is at risk of being bitten by an infected mosquito.  If a mosquito does bite the person, he will be infected. When he gets home and gets bitten again by another mosquito, it will also be infected. Therefore, raising the possibility of spreading the virus here in the U.S.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms usually appear 3 to 7 days after being bitten by a mosquito. Patients with chikungunya virus have a fever, joint pain, joint swelling, rashes, and headaches. Chikungunya is not fatal.  Patients usually feel better after a week; those who were infected develop immunity so no future infection is possible.

If you have just recently traveled, disclose that to your health care provider.  This will give him a clearer picture of your health condition because as you can see, the symptoms are similar to other diseases.  He can then order a blood test to trace for chikungunya virus or other mosquito-related diseases.

Prevention & Treatment

There is no vaccine for the chikungunya virus, so the best prevention will be to avoid mosquito bites at all cost. To get rid of mosquitoes, make sure to remove stagnant water around your home.  Make sure to remove or fix things that can hold water, like old tires, old plastic containers, clogged drainage, and other similar things. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants as much as possible.

Use insect repellents that are EPA approved and that which contains the ingredient DEET.  In the bedroom, try using a mosquito net. If you notice, mosquitoes always find their way into the bedroom. The mosquito net helps you avoid being bitten by mosquitoes while you are asleep. In case you do get infected, the first thing to do is to again avoid being bitten by a mosquito.  

If a mosquito bites you, it can spread the disease to other people. Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Take paracetamol or acetaminophen for fever and pain. Prevention is always better than cure.

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