Types Of Termites & The Damage They Cause

May 19, 2013

One of the reasons why property owners tend to lose their investments like their houses gradually is due to termites. The pest is considered as a silent destroyer as they can cause severe damages without giving hints. When you have termites, your home is definitely at risk, and the only way to resolve the issue is to call a pest control company in Statesville to help you.

Termite Identification & Prevention

When termites infest, different types can appear. Each type brings different damages, and you can easily identify them. However, as a whole, no matter what type of termites your property has when they pester, they do it hard until nothing is left.

If you think that termites come in one type, you got it wrong as the pest can come in several types. Have you seen termites in your property and would like to distinguish them properly to know what pest control is best for them? No need to worry because we have all the information you need!

Dampwood Termites

One of the types of termites you can encounter in your property is damp wood termites. This type, from the name itself, is usually found on woods which are moist as it serves as their home. Dampwood termites are easy to identify as they are bigger than other types. They are found on the Pacific coast and in Florida. They are typically found outside properties since some structures of homes are rarely damped. However, if you don’t maintain your house and let moisture enter, a big chance of damp wood termite infestation can happen since it will attract termites.

Also, if several water sources or leaks are found in your home, it can be a reason for damp wood termites to invade and damage. They will destroy properties with a high moisture level, and the repair cost can be expensive. That’s why, if you have soggy wood piled outside, remove it to prevent problems to arise. Before damp wood termites, munch on wood in your property, immediately calls for a pest exterminator in Statesville to get rid of them.

Subterranean Termites

Another type of termite which you should be aware of is subterranean termites. The type is found in all states, but if you don’t want this termite to infest your home, better live in Alaska as it is the sole state which is not home for subterranean termites. If damp wood termites are found in piles of moist wood, the subterranean types are nesting underground or on moist soil above the ground. Their nest can be a home to millions, which means an infestation can happen any time. Subterranean termites have their way of getting into their food sources quickly as they build mud tubes from their nest going into their food. The tube also serves as open-air protection.

Just like the damp wood termites, this type’s staple food is wood, and they will chew on every wood they can find in any property. This termite is one of the main problems of homeowners as they can be found everywhere and they will keep on infesting home structures, foundations, walls, furniture, insulation, plastic pipes, support beams and anything which can be food for them. If you have numerous woods in your property, maintain them by calling a pest exterminator in Statesville who is well-rounded in handling subterranean termites and more.

Drywood Termites

If there are termites that are in love with moist wood, there are also termites which are fond of dry wood. Another type of termite you should get to know is dry wood termites. This type will eat dry woods which are found in your property. They are smaller in size, and their numbers are not too much as their group grows gradually. Drywood termites build their nest above the ground, and most likely they will live on areas where they can also hide like trees and wood. Some termites will build mud tunnels for them to reach their food sources easily, but this type doesn’t need to make tubes at all as they are satisfied with dry wood alone.

Unlike damp wood termites, dry wood termites don’t need to make their nests damp as they can make it moist through the humidity the air brings. If some types are found all over the state, dry wood termites are mostly found in the Southeast of the country and Southern California. Like other termites, dry wood will make wood their home and will eat from the inside to the outside until nothing is left. According to a pest expert in Statesville, this type of termite will target attics, window frames, and door frames. They will make their homes in these places and will begin to damage until the wood becomes vulnerable. The damage of dry wood termites are deceiving because it can look great on the outside, but once you check the inside, everything has been chewed down.

Formosan Termites

There are several types of termites, and Formosan termites are also part of the big family tree. This type is known to be the most destructive termite among the types. This type is typically found in Florida, California, Hawaii, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, and Alabama. The termite has spread all over the state through infested wood. When they attack, it is hard to deal with them because they don’t have any mercy in infesting a structure. They will munch on it until everything is gone.

Also, this type is much bigger than other types of termites. They will create massive colonies which can be a home to thousands and millions for their type. Because of their big population, they can quickly eat wood, and they can consume a great number of logs every day. When Formosan termites are in your property, the one you need is a professional pest control company in Statesville which can help you control and drive the pest away for good.

That’s it! These are the types of termites which you can encounter in your property. Some may be found in your place, while others are not interested in infesting your area. But, whatever type you have at home, you should always be alarmed because termites can bring severe damages which you can never imagine. With their small body and size, they can start an infestation which is harder to stop. If you don’t want their wrath to happen in your property, the best way is to control them by calling a pest control company in Statesville.

Reliable Pest Control Company

Pests are always on the list when it comes to home problems. Several pests can invade your home, and it is lucky for you if nuisances don’t have an intention to stay. However, pests not pestering your home has always a low chance because mostly, all of them will turn your property into a party place for them to enjoy. 

Among those pests, you would likely encounter termites, and they are one of the most destructive. Before they get your house down, better get rid of them instantly, and Lake Norman Pest Control can help you!

Call The Professionals At Lake Norman Pest Control

Lake Norman Pest Control is the company you can always run to when termites are pestering your home. The company offers the best solutions which can drive pests away successfully. They have the best people who can perform high-quality pest control services without put you in disappointments.

The company knows the struggle of having termites at home. They have seen several owners lose hope when their homes are not in great condition due to the damages incurred by termites. Because of this, the company has made the finest termite plans which can effectively eliminate the pest once and for all. 

Lake Norman Pest Control will always give you exceptional results because they perform pest control by combining professional and enormous efforts to give you the property you deserve to have – clean, safe, and termite-free home.

By choosing Lake Norman Pest Control, you will not have any regret since the company only use treatments and methods which are guaranteed human and pet-friendly. Rest assured that your safety is always the priority of the company. Also, you will never waste your time and money because only professional, skilled, and licensed exterminators will perform the services you want for your property.

In Lake Norman Pest Control, your property is in good hands because they don’t only eliminate termites, but they can get rid of all pests which keep on bothering your humble abode. The company guarantees that every process is done carefully and meticulously to ensure that no pest will be left behind and to prevent future damages to occur.

When you need help in dealing with termites and pests like cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, and more in your property, never hesitate to call Lake Norman Pest Control.

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