Spring is the time when flowers bloom and new beginnings arise, including to pests. This season is the most awaited one by pests because the winter season is finally over. During spring, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and more become active and will start to look for mating partners to increase their population. When this happens, an infestation can occur anytime.

Everyone wants to enjoy the season of spring and would like to end it peacefully as well without pests around. Regardless of the season, pests will come, and they will infest any property which can lead to damages. After their hibernation, they will make a move when those shivering days are over.

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Since spring season is about to end, it will be better to have it pest-free to prevent them from ruining your summer too. If you want to make it work, you should do some spring cleaning to end the season neatly and to have a pest free home which you can enjoy all year round.

Normally, when pests are the problem, the one to handle it is a professional exterminator. However, if you want to do the spring cleaning on your own, then check these tips which will help you end your spring without pests successfully.

Check The Roof & Air Vents

Bees, termites, wasps, ants, and hornets are some of the common pests which you can experience in your property. These pests will surely attack your roof and air vents during spring; that’s why you should check these areas regularly. If there are damages in the roof or air vents, it will be easier for the pests to come inside your house and infest. The property will suffer from pest problems even during spring.

If you want to prevent any pest during spring, you should check if there are damages on the roof and air vents. Make sure to seal those holes, gaps, and cracks tightly to stop pests from coming inside. Also, don’t forget to look into the overhang on the roof as it can be a place for pests to build their nests.

The more entry points your home have, the more chances of attracting pests to infiltrate your property which can ruin your spring and might as well not end the season in good terms. Your roof and air vents are susceptible to several pests and termites are among them. If you don’t fix those areas and leave them messy and filled with woods, your structure will be their target.

Inspect The Interior

Aside from the roof and air vents, you should also look into the interior of your property. One of the places to check is your bedroom. It is the place where you sleep and relax no matter what the season is so you should inspect it as pests like bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes, termites, wasps, and flies are the visitors you never what to have. To keep your bedroom pest-free even until the spring ends, you should wash your bedsheets, pillowcases, and mattresses often to kill bed bugs. Another one is to lessen the number of wooden furniture inside as it can attract termites. The furniture should not be near walls to stop any pest from crawling. If they've found a way to reach your furniture, they can quickly infest the entire room.

Another place to inspect is the attic. This area is suitable for pests to build their nests and even breed that’s why it should not be left unchecked. Termites, hornets, and wasps love the attic. If you don’t want them to live on the roof space for eternity, declutter the area and properly store your belongings. You should also look into the damages as it can be a path for pests to enter. If you don’t want to give pests the right environment they need, better make your attic clean and neat to prevent them from coming. In this way, you can end your spring without a hassle.

Moreover, your kitchen should never be forgotten when the inspection is being done because it is the number area for pests to infest even during spring. Ants, flies, wasps, and termites are the common ones you will see as they will look for food sources. To keep your kitchen pest-free even the spring is about to end, you should dispose of your garbage properly. Also, you should wash the dishes as it uncleaned ones can entice pests. If you don’t want to wake up with pests all over your kitchen, wash the used utensils.

Lastly, always wipe your kitchen floor and countertops to remove food crumbs which pests love to feast over. The interior of your house can also be a place for pests to enjoy even before the spring ends. If you don’t want to suffer from their wrath especially when summer comes, get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Look For Pest Nests

When pests infiltrate your home, it is obvious that they will build their nests within your property which is easier for them to come back and forth. Your garage is a target for them, and they will never hesitate to create their nests. Ants, termites, hornets, and wasps are the ones that will accompany your car in the garage if you don’t inspect the place. To prevent any pest in your garage, look into the corners and remove damp areas. You should properly store your belongings to stop them from getting comfortable. Also, if there are damages, immediately fix it to prevent future damages to happen. Seeing nests of pests only means that they have already infested the area and doesn’t have a plan to leave even the season of spring about to end.

Consistent Backyard Maintenance

When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t only focus on the inside of your property - you should also give importance to the outside, especially if you have a backyard. Before those spring pests enter your home, they will first come to your backyard. If you want to get rid of them for all seasons, you should maintain the backyard by mowing the grass. Doing this will lessen the places where pests can hide and enjoy. Another is to prune branches or shrubs which are near your property. Tree branches can be a bridge for pests to enter your home and if you don’t remove it, those nuisances will never stop reaching your house.

Another one is to remove standing water as it can attract mosquitoes which bring deadly diseases. Damp areas can be a breeding place for pests, and if you don’t eliminate any water source, you might get sick even before spring ends. Also, don’t forget to remove wood on the ground as it can be food for termites and ants if you don’t want your logs to become fragile, better put it away from your property and above the ground.

House Cleaning

One of the best ways to end your spring is by cleaning your house regularly. Pests like filth and if they find it in your home, they will attack like there’s no tomorrow. You should always sweep the floor to remove food crumbs and leftovers. Your vacuum cleaner is more helpful as it can quickly get rid of pests like bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and more. Don’t forget to vacuum the corners or areas where cracks, holes, and gaps are present since pests are also hiding in these places. If you always keep your home clean, you will not only end the season pest-free but might as well have it all year round.

These are the tips which you can do to make your spring pest-free. By doing these, you will be able to end your spring peacefully and can welcome summer without worries. But, if you can’t do the spring cleaning, you should call a local pest exterminator in Huntersville, NC to help you get rid of pests once and for all.

Professional Pest Control Company

If you want your spring to become memorable before it ends, you better get rid of those pesky pests for good. However, if a complete pest elimination is what you want for your house, the one to call is Lake Norman Pest Control. Lake Norman Pest Control offers high-quality pest control services which are guaranteed to get rid of any pest. Regardless of the season, the company can eliminate all nuisances using appropriate, safe, and effective methods and treatments which you cannot experience from others.

The company has the best team of exterminators which are capable of giving you a pest-free home which you can enjoy all year long. Whether you have ants, hornets, wasps, mosquitoes, or termites, the company can get rid of them without putting your safety in danger. Rest assured that Lake Norman will give you satisfying results without causing more damages to you and your property.

If you want a pest-free spring-ending, your best choice is Lake Norman Pest Control. Contact them at 704-663-6440, and they will instantly come to provide you exceptional services for your pest control needs!


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