A house with pests will never be comfortable as those nuisances will keep bothering your daily living. They will cause damages and diseases which are risky to you, your family, and pets. Ants, termites, mosquitoes, fleas, and bed bugs are among those pests you don’t want to have and to get rid of them as quickly as possible is the best solution.

Aside from the pests you experience in your home, there are still other pests which you should be mindful of, and that’s bees. The flying insect can give painful stings which cause allergic reactions. If you have them at home, your family might be at risk - that’s why you should eliminate bees as soon as they build their nest. However, eliminating bees will never be easy as they are aggressive. If you want to get rid of them naturally, there are ways on how you can make it possible. Let’s find out!

bee hive

Soap With Water

Eliminating bees is stressful; they can sting once they feel threatened. They will build their nest outside your home and might as well have one inside which is more dangerous. Bees are small flying insects but can be risky as their stings are painful and itchy.

Before you suffer from their wrath, better make a move in eliminating them, and your household items can help. One item you can use for bees is soap. If you have liquid soaps at home, take advantage of it by mixing it with water. The killer combination can help in resolving your problem but make sure to be cautious when dealing with the pest as you pour the liquid into the beehive.

When doing this, do it during early evening or morning which is a time for them to rest and have boiling water ready. Make sure after pouring the soapy water into the hive the boiling water should be poured as well to kill the bees instantly. In this way, you will be able to get rid of the pest and its nest successfully.

Vinegar & Garlic Sprays

If you are not confident of getting near the beehive, there are still other household items you can rely on like garlic and vinegar. The latter is known to be a good pest repellent and helps in keeping a house clean. You can use vinegar as a spray and liberally spread it on areas where bees are typically present. What is good with this solution is that it can be used even on plants and flowers where the pest is also a regular. Spray the repellent on the beehive to kill the pest and clean the hive using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dead bees. Also, you can use garlic to create a spray for bees. You can combine it with vinegar as the odor of garlic and the vinegar’s acidity will suffocate the bees and will stop them from escaping.

Moreover, if you have citrus fruits at home and would like to use them in repelling or eliminating bees, you can make a spray out of them. If you have lemons, grapefruits, and oranges at home, slice them and boil to make a spray out of the extract. After, place it in a bottle and spray it freely inside and outside your house. Don’t forget to spray it on the beehive or on places where bees are normally hanging around. These household items are some of the natural solutions you can do to get rid of bees which keep on flying and bothering your property.

Bee Traps

Eliminating bees will certainly need a lot of hard work as those pests are difficult to catch due to their aggressiveness. However, if you wish to get rid of them without harming you or your family, bee traps are the ones you need. These simple traps can help you achieve your goal. One lure to use is sweet treats. Bees are too indulged with sweet food or smell, and if you make a trap out of their interest, you can get them in no time. You can add some sweet food like slices of ripe mango and put it in a container. Place the trap far from the beehive. Once they smell the sweet odor of mangoes, they will instantly fly to find it and might as well look for a new place to stay.

Another trap you can set for bees is by putting water below their nest. The water should have sugar to lure the pest to come off their beehive and have soap to kill the pest. When bees found the water with sugar, they will quickly fly into it and land on the water. The soap will help in suffocating the pest and drowning them which will lead to their instant death.


If you happen to buy mothballs in stores and don’t know what to do with them, then you might find their use with bees. Mothballs are effective pest repellents but can be dangerous to humans if not used carefully. Like other pests, bees don’t like the smell of mothballs and using it as a solution will give you a bee-free home. You only have to hang the balls near the hive and once the smell reaches the bees, they will immediately fly away and may never come back. Also, if you see the pest inside your home, you can put it on areas where they typically visit. You will not only deter bees, but other pests will also be gone.


Bees don’t only fly around, but there are some bees which prefer to live on the ground. These are usually called ground bees, and they will make their nest on dry soil, especially the female bees. If you don’t want those bees to be roaming around the ground, especially your garden, better sprinkle water on the area regularly. This will prevent those bees from building their nest on the ground. If your garden is always damp, rest assured that the pest will be deterred and might relocate to look for a new habitat.


Bees will typically build their hives outside of properties, and usually, you will find it in your backyard or garden. If you want to stop the pest from penetrating the inside of your house, you may do so by putting plants which are bee repellents. One plant to have for your garden is mint. This plant has a good smell, yet for bees; it is detestable. If you have this plant, it will help in deterring the pest which will give you a bee-free home after.

Here you go! These are some of the natural ways you can follow which will help you eliminate bees once and for all. Bees are important as they help in providing food for humans and animals. However, they can also bring danger in the form of an infestation. If your DIY ways are not effective, the best one to call is a professional exterminator.

Professional Pest Control Company

Performing DIY pest control is helpful as it can save you time and money. However, not all methods work and may sometimes worsen the situation. If you don’t want to experience any problem with bees, the one you need is a pest control company, and that’s Lake Norman Pest Control. Lake Norman Pest Control is a trusted pest control company in Mooresville, NC which can perform several ways to get rid of bees and other pests. The company offers high-quality services which are effective in eliminating the problem once and for all. Just name the pest you have at home, and they have the appropriate solution for your problem.

The company guarantees that no bees will be left behind as they inspect the property meticulously. They will find the beehive whether it is inside or outside to ensure that all bees will be gone for good. With Lake Norman Pest Control, you will be in good hands as they have all the needed equipment in removing the nest of the pest. The company will help you to remove the infestation and prevent future damages to occur.

Choosing Lake Norman Pest Control is the best decision because their team is made of highly trained, expert, and licensed exterminators who are capable of resolving your problem. The team will immediately come to your property to perform an inspection. Once they are done, they will provide you a detailed report to let you know the severity of the infestation. Also, they will give you ways on how you prevent any pest from infesting your property to give you a conducive home for living in the end.

With Lake Norman Pest Control, you will have the peace of mind you deserve to have because they will eliminate the bees which keep on pestering your property. The company will give you satisfying results which you will never experience from others. When bees or other pests are around your home, you can do the elimination on your own but if you want the problem to be gone completely, call (704) 663-6440, and Lake Norman Pest Control will never hesitate to serve your pest control needs!


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