Natural Flea Control

If you have a pet with fur, then you are at risk of having fleas infest your home. Not only can fleas disturb your cat or dog, but they can also cause problems for you. Check out these home remedies to get fleas out of your home now. Fleas can cause inconveniences or worse, sickness to dogs or cats. Also, they can infest humans which is alarming. Eliminating them is the best solution, and there are natural ways on how you can get rid of those nuisances for good. If you want to give your pets and your family a safer, healthier, and pest-free place to live, here are some natural ways you can follow which can help you achieve your goal.

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Household Items

These items that can help get rid of fleas you may already have in your home. A common one people have had success with is salt. You can create a line of salt at the entry points of your house to keep fleas from traveling into your home. Some people even mix it in a spray bottle with some essential oils like lavender. You can spray this mixture on pet beds and furniture. Do not spray directly on your bed or your pet because the salt may irritate. You could try it with just the lavender for that purpose.

Dish washing liquid has been successful in the termination of fleas around a home. If you mix a little with water and place it in dishes around your house, sometimes the fleas are attracted to it and die in the solution. These methods don’t always work but are occasionally useful. It is also effective to vacuum your home thoroughly, especially where your pet likes to hang out. It will also help to wash your pet’s bed and any other material your pet may have laid on to ensure all fleas and their eggs are eliminated.

Baking soda is a home remedy you can use to get rid of fleas, and this is considered as a practical solution for flea control. The baking soda will help in eliminating the pest from your furniture and carpets since they tend to hide on those areas. Apply the baking soda on the carpet and furniture and eventually use a hard brush to rub. Once you are done with the rubbing, immediately use the vacuum to sip all the fleas. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum to avoid the fleas from infesting the appliance.

Diatomaceous earth or DE is another home remedy you can run to if fleas are present. This is a fine powder made from the fossilized algae, diatoms. DE is human and environment-friendly and is useful in dealing with fleas. When this is applied, it causes dehydration to the fleas which will eventually lead to its death. Only sprinkle the DE on areas where fleas are suspected of being active. After two days, vacuum the powder. But, if you will use this method, better buy the food grade one to avoid eyes and throat irritation. Diatomaceous earth does not only eliminate fleas, but it can also get rid of pests, bugs, and insects such as ants.

Garlic can be a way for fleas to be away from your pets and property. Fleas don’t like the smell of garlic and putting them on your backyard or near your pets is the best idea. One way to utilize garlic for pest control is by making garlic water. Put the garlic into a large pan and pour the boiling water. Let it steep for 12 hours and after, you can put the liquid into a sprayer which you can use on your lawns. A light spray is enough to repel fleas.

Apple cider vinegar is also a good solution for your pets most likely for dogs. Fleas hate dogs with pH balance. Apple cider vinegar can make the environment acidic externally, and the alkalinity is balanced internally which is needed especially when it is a season of flea infestation. By feeding your dog with apple cider, you are also helping your pet to have essential minerals, potassium, nutrients, and potassium.

A flea trap can be made to get rid of fleas. It can be bought or be DIY. This trap is a shining light placed over soapy water. Putting this during nighttime is the best as fleas are easily enticed. Once they get into the pan, they will quickly die in the water.

These are some household items you can use in getting rid of fleas. The pest will not only infest dogs and cats, but it can also cause inconveniences to humans; that’s why it is always best to know some home remedies for flea control.

Pet Remedies

Pets are the most affected by these annoying pests because they live and breed on their skin. Fleas love to live on pets because of how easy it is to maneuver through their skin and hair. If you suspect your pet has fleas, you should get them to the vet immediately to make sure they haven’t contracted any diseases from them like heartworm. Heartworm can be deadly to cats and dogs and should not be treated lightly. Once you get the diagnosis, you can pick up some flea shampoo at your local pet supplies store and give your cat or dog a thorough bath in it. This will ensure the fleas and eggs that are on them die and are removed efficiently from their hair and skin.

You can also take a comb and brush out their fur after they have dried just to make sure there is no more hiding. Once a week to try and ward off fleas from returning to your pet, you could mist lavender essential oil and water on them and their beds. This will help repel fleas and other bugs from returning but does not 100-percent guarantee they won’t return.  If your pet spends a significant amount of time outside, then they will most likely pick up fleas from the yard or even other pets. Do not be alarmed when you find out they have fleas though, because there are many methods of getting rid of them naturally from your home.

Laundering your pets’ toys and beddings can help in eliminating fleas. This will help in drowning those pests away. You can use white vinegar with detergent to wash those items and if you are unable to launder those, throwing it away is the best solution as the eggs and larvae can cause an infestation in your property.

Drowning fleas can eliminate them, especially if they are found outside. You can use your water hose to flood those nuisances. Make a pool on the ground for those fleas to be drowned. This is the best thing you can do for fleas infesting the exterior of the property.

Giving your pets a good diet can stop those fleas to infest as they hate healthy dogs or cats. As we all know, fleas are parasites, and they will attack the weak ones. If you give your dog a good diet, you can expect that those fleas will never be attracted. You can feed food rich in B vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, Omega-6 fatty acids, and more. A healthy dog can enjoy a flea-free life.

Professional Pest Control Company

These are just some pet remedies you can do to prevent fleas from infesting your dogs or cats. If you are not satisfied by these home remedies and want to get, them taken care of quickly call your local pest exterminator for more help. An exterminator can help you get rid of those fleas once and for all. They don’t only eliminate one pest, but they can eradicate a wide variety of pests, insects, and bugs. And if a local pest exterminator is what you need, the best one to call is Lake Norman Pest Control.

Lake Norman Pest Control is your best choice when it comes to pest control. They are a trusted company which can provide excellent pest control services. They can eliminate fleas, pests, bugs, and insects successfully using safe and effective treatments which are proven and tested. The company has a team which is composed of highly trained, skilled, and licensed exterminators who are capable of getting rid of any pest. They know the struggle of having fleas around that’s why they offer the best solutions which you cannot experience from others.

Whether the problem is just starting or is already severe, it is still best to call an exterminator like Lake Norman as they know how to deal with pests, insects, and bugs. The company’s experience in the industry has gained enormous trusts from their customers and didn’t fail in meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations. Don’t let those fleas get you, better get them first by calling Lake Norman Pest Control to have the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy.

If you are looking for a reliable and well-rounded exterminator near you, Lake Norman Pest Control is the one you need. Call them at (704) 663-6440, and they will happily serve your needs!


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