If there’s one pest which can easily ruin the structure of a house, termites are leading. They will eat wood which can make the property vulnerable. The damages they bring are expensive which can be hard on the pockets. Regardless of the weather or property, termites will indeed infest once they've found what they need - food and shelter. An exterminator is the one to call whenever you have problems with termites. However, if you want to get rid of those nuisances naturally and don’t want to seek professional help for the meantime, check out these home remedies which you can follow to help you have a pest-free home in the end.

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Boric Acid

Using boric acid for termite elimination is good as it can be effective. This acid is considered as a natural insecticide since the nervous system of termites is ruined which can eventually lead to their death.

Combine boric acid with water and use a paintbrush to apply it on the surface of the wood to repel termites. Boric acid can also be used for furniture, rooms, and gardens with termites as it can successfully deter those creepy pests for good.

Also, there are paint products which you can buy in stores containing Borate which you can quickly apply on wood. Once termites eat on these, they will also intake the poison which will eliminate pests afterward. Make sure to wear gloves and masks to prevent any danger as boric acid is risky to humans.

Water With Soap

If you want to use some household items for resolving your termite problem, you can use water and soap. The combination can effectively get rid of termites since it can make their exterior shell penetrable which severely damages the respiratory system. With this simple way, you can easily get rid of those pests for good without spending too much money.

Cardboard Trap

Termites are not only fond of wood, but they can also eat cardboards and papers. Using their weakness, you can get rid of them by making a trap out of it. The cardboard can be turned into a bait which will attract termites quickly. Soak the boards with water and put it on places where termites are present. Once the trap is full of termites, immediately throw it away and burn it to kill time. You can do the remedy for several times until all pests are gone. If you want to reduce the infestation, make use of insecticide for termites too for a successful result.


If you want to deal with termites with the help of nature, you can depend on the sun’s light as termites hate it. They don’t like sunlight; that’s why they live in dark areas. Their mounds are made of mud, soil, feces, saliva, and digested wood which is darker to avoid any light to pass through. Hence, using the direct heat of the sun can help in killing those termites. If your furniture is packed with termites, the best way is to bring it into your garden and let them enjoy the sunlight. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your expenses in dealing with termites.

Orange Oil

If you want to be environmentally friendly in dealing with your termite problems, you can resort to orange oil as your solution. This oil is guaranteed effective in eliminating termites since it has d-limonene, the one responsible for killing the pest. The oil comes from the peel of oranges, and it can be bought from stores or online.  The oil is highly recommended since it can dissolve the exoskeletons of the termites which lead to their death. If you have orange oil, spray on affected areas or straightly to termites to repel termites from infesting. Because of its effectiveness, it is best to regularly spray the oil onto termites to prevent them from coming or infesting more. You can use the orange oil whether termite infestation is happening or not.


There are household items which you can depend on when termite control is what you need. Vinegar is one of the home remedies you can use in eliminating your problem. The vinegar is known to be a cleaning partner as it can make everything sparkly clean - floors, showers, kitchens, and more. But, it still has other use which will not disappoint you as it can be one of the solutions for termite problems. Mix lemon with vinegar and spray it over termites you see at home. The mixture can easily eliminate the pest as the acid found in the mixture can be the reason in killing those nuisances successfully.

Essential Oils

Over the years, essential oils are playing a crucial role due to their effectivity when health is the matter. It has been used even in the past, and today the oils are not only for making good health, but also in pest control - like eliminating termites. There are essential oils which are known to be successful in dealing with termites. Vetiver oil and clove oil are the ones you can use for treating termite problems. These two are known to be popular in removing termites and are easy to use. Just apply the oils over the wood which will protect the structure from any pest or will simply get rid of the problem. These essential oils will prevent future termite infestation from occurring.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is one the best solution you can use for pest control. It is proven to be effective in getting rid of ants, cockroaches, and termites. The powder is non-toxic which makes it safe to use, even inside the house. By sprinkling the DE in the affected areas, it will kill termites by making it dry and dehydrated. Also, the powder can be mixed with water which can be used to paint over wooden structures in your property to stop termites from eating and chewing.

House Cleaning

If you don’t want any pests such as termites to invade your property, cleaning the house can help. Regularly keeping your property clean and orderly will help in lessening termites from infesting. If you have wood inside and outside your house, remove it and place it far from your property and in an elevated place to avoid termites from reaching it. Also, if you have cardboards or papers inside, removing them will help as it can attract the pest and might as well give them a comfortable place to stay. Once you see termites, immediately clean your house as it can help in resolving your termite problems successfully.

These are some of the natural ways you can do if you want to deal with termites on your own. But, if the pest is already hard to handle and is becoming uncontrollable, seeking the help of a professional exterminator is what you need.

Professional Pest Control Company

Letting an exterminator do the work will help in lessening your worries as they know what to do when it pests are present. But, if you want to resolve your problem as quickly as possible, the one to call is Lake Norman Pest Control. Lake Norman Pest Control is the company you can trust when termites are ruining your property. The company knows that the pest is a silent destroyer as it can ruin the structures without giving you any warning. Hence, Lake Norman Pest Control is always ready to give you the best services which are incomparable from others.

The company is composed of highly trained, exceptional, and certified exterminators who are aware of the problems and know what to do when the issue is already at its worst. The professionals are not only skilled in driving away termites, but they can also get rid of other pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, and more. Just name the pest, and they have the proper and unique solution which you cannot experience from others.

The local pest exterminators in Mooresville, NC will meticulously check your property to see where those termites are hiding and also to find the damaged areas. Once they know the whereabouts, they will instantly apply appropriate treatments which can drive away the termites once and for all.

On the other hand, termites can be a headache due to the damages they bring which are costly. But if you hire Lake Norman Pest Control, you don’t have to worry about pests because they can quickly get rid of them without letting you spend thousands of dollars - compared to the repairs you needed when termites infested your place.

When termites are unstoppable, don’t wait for your structure to lose its stability before you move. Quickly call an exterminator near you which is Lake Norman Pest Control. From the outside to the inside, your house will be treated to stop those termites from causing more damages. If you need professional help in resolving your termite problems, call Lake Norman Pest Control at (704) 663-6440, and they will be happy to serve you!


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