Pests are everywhere, and they will never skip any property, especially if the house has their needs - food, and shelter. One of the most annoying pests you can encounter is termites. This pest can cause severe damages which can put your investment at risk since they eat the structure of the house.

Termites are known for being silent destroyers because they can ruin any property without giving any warning. The pest is unstoppable when they start to chew on wood since they don’t sleep and only work all their lives. Hence, having them at your property is a big problem as they can damage your house in no time. The damages termites bring are more expensive than availing a pest control service. If you want to double check your property to find out if termites infest it, here are some tips you need to know while checking for termites in your home.



Your walls are some of the susceptible areas when termites are the matter. The wall serves as a way for the pest to move from one area to another. Also, it is part of the house where they can easily build tubes.

One of the signs of termite infestation in your property is seeing mud tubes on the wall. Those tubes will help the pest to move from one place to another. Termites create mud tubes in vertical forms or sometimes in different patterns which connect them to their food sources. When you see those tubes all over your wall, it means that your property is invaded by termites.

If you want to see if your walls are infested by those destroying pests, you can listen to the sounds they create in the wall. Soldier termites specifically are the ones that give warning to other termites when they sense danger. Once they feel threatened, they will kick the walls to warn others. When they do this, you can hear the sounds perfectly.

Another way to see if your wall has termites is to tap your wall. Doing this, you will find out if some areas of the walls are infested due to the different sound it creates. If the sound is not the same as the other areas, then your wall might be infested. The walls of your house should be checked at all times to ensure no termites will come and infest.


Termites don’t only infest walls, they can also damage furniture, especially if it is made of wood. The pest is never picky as long as there are wooden items present; they will eat and chew on it until nothing is left. This is the reason why your house can become vulnerable over time -mainly when the infestation is already severe. One way to tell if your furniture is suffering from termites is by checking if there are droppings. Its usual color is golden-brown, and if you see some of those in your furniture, it only means that the pest has already made its way.

There are also flying termites that will come for your furniture and infest. If this type is present in your home, check the furniture for wings as termites tend to shed their wings upon landing. Also, you should check whether there are damp spots on your furniture. Termites tend to make their colonies wet, especially dampwood termites that prefer more moisture. When you see in furniture some damp spots, it shows that termites are hanging around and is eating it freely.

Just like in walls, termites can also create mud tubes on furniture, and it is one of the obvious signs that termites are present. Your cabinets can be a place to build those tubes, and if you those mud tunnels clinging onto the furniture, you can follow it to find their nests. With this, it will be easier for you to eliminate the pest. Moreover, if you want to secure your wooden furniture through the years, then don’t forget to check for some cracks. Since termites love wood, they will feast on it until nothing is left to eat. The cracks on your furniture might be due to its old age or warm temperature, but termites may also be the reason behind it. Thus, if you see cracks, check it immediately to find out if it is infested or not.

Also, don’t forget to check small holes on your furniture. The holes serve as a way for termites to receive the right amount of air. The tiny holes can also be a place where the pests hide - that’s why you always have to check even the small cracks or holes. If you leave any small detail, the result might be huge which you may not be able to handle in the end. If you want to make sure your furniture is in good condition, don’t forget these tips.

Roof & Ceiling

Termites will not settle on walls and furniture - they will still find more wood to infest, and your roof and ceiling are other targets. The pest can be the weakness of your house’s structure, and if you don’t regularly check your roof and ceiling, it might become a victim of those silent destroyers. When checking, see if the roof or shingles are loose. If so, termites may have eaten the wood - that’s why it is loose. Another is to check if the ceiling’s color has changed, which is comparable to water damage. The infestation made by termites can also cause the discoloration of your ceiling.

Also, when checking the roof and ceiling, check if tunnels are present as termites build tubes which help them to find their food source easily. If those tunnels are around your roof and ceiling, you better make a move because the pest is already doing damages which can be expensive if you wish to have it repaired. Another way to check for termites is by looking into the wood of the roof or ceiling. If the wood looks eaten, has holes, and the sound changes when tapped, then it is a clear indication that it is infested.

These are some tips you can do when checking for termites on your property. The roof, ceiling, furniture, and walls are some of the places which termites can infest, and if you don’t check them, the damages can worsen. However, if you want to remove those pests for good in your property fully, the best way is to call a professional exterminator in North Carolina whom you can rely on when the infestation is unstoppable. Termites are destroyers, and if you don’t eliminate them immediately, the one who will suffer is you and your family as the pest can quickly find a new place to infest. When you let those termites get you first, you will lose your investment and might find it hard to bring it back.

Professional Pest Control Company

Termites are the number-one enemies of homeowners as the pest can be destructive and brings severe damages which can be expensive. If you don’t want to spend your savings on repairing your house due to termite infestation, the one you need is an exterminator, and that’s Lake Norman Pest Control.

Lake Norman Pest Control is your reliable pest control company in North Carolina which you can always call whenever you need help in eliminating termites. The company is well-rounded in dealing with termites and other pests which makes them the perfect for choice for your needs. The company knows how to work around properties with termites, and they see to it that their work will not add any damage to the house. Lake Norman Pest Control is always up to date when it comes to technologies. They have the latest solution which helps in getting rid of termites once and for all. They make sure to eliminate all pest from the eggs down to the pest itself to prevent future damages to occur.

When it comes to performing their work, the company only sends highly trained, skilled, and licensed exterminators to deliver high quality of pest control services. Their professionals will inspect the house thoroughly to find where those termites are hiding and nesting. Once they know the whereabouts, the exterminators will immediately apply treatments to ensure that everything will be controlled and no termite will be able to escape and infest more.

Lake Norman Pest Control guarantees that only safe treatments and methods are done to ensure your safety during and after the treatments. The company sees to it that your property will be termite-free afterward by using the best solutions which you cannot find from others. The company knows the struggle every homeowner experiences when termites are around that’s why they always exert enormous effort in combatting pest problems.

Once you avail their expertise, you will have the peace of mind you deserve and your property will regain its life again. If you need more help in dealing with your termite or pest problems, don’t hesitate to heed Lake Norman Pest Control’s attention. If you want to remove those termites completely, call Lake Norman Pest Control at (704) 663-6440, and they will immediately come to you like a bolt of lightning.


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