Your house is a place where you can enjoy your time with your family and can even invite your friends. However, there are uninvited visitors like insects which will come to your property and cause an infestation. Insects may be tiny in size, but the damage they bring is big, which can be the main problem for your house.

Insects can go back and forth into your house whenever they want, and it will be hard for you to monitor them due to their size. With this, they can freely invade your home and having them around can be an inconvenience and can be the cause of fears. When insects are pestering your house, a professional exterminator is what you need, but there are also natural ways. There are home remedies you can rely on to make your home insect-free and here are some of them. Check these out!


Household Items

Items found inside your home can help in repelling insects. Scaring them once will never be enough, that’s why you have to make use of several household items to get them and drive them away. One of the household items you can use is an onion. This simple ingredient you have in your kitchen can deter insects found all over your house. You only have to slice the onion, mix it with water in a bowl, and then place it on areas where insects are visible or on entry points. In this way, those pesky insects will crawl out of your property for good.

Another household item to rely on is white vinegar. This can help in resolving your insect problems for good. The white vinegar does not only help in making your house clean, but it can also eliminate insects inside your house. The vinegar can harm insects like spiders due to its acetic acid content. You should dilute the vinegar in water and use it as a spray. You can safely apply the mixture on areas like closets, crevices, and cabinets where insects usually hide. Doing this regularly, you can have the result you wanted to have.

If you have garlic in your house, then this ingredient is also useful in preventing insects inside your home. The garlic can help in repelling insects like mosquitoes, which are known to be dangerous animals. Insects hate the odor of this household item, that’s why when they smell it they instantly fly or crawl away. Also, if you love eating garlic, it can prevent you from infections due to its antioxidants. It not only repels insects, but it also keeps you healthy at all times.

Also, insects like ants can be also be bothersome as they tend to crawl to areas with food sources. They can also bite. If you want to get rid of this insect for good, you can use chalk as your solution. Surprisingly, ants hate chalk because they don’t want to walk on anything with a powdery surface or material. You can use chalk in drawing a barrier which will stop ants from following trails they have made. With this, it will keep them from finding food sources in your house. If you don’t want ants to fully enter your home, draw a line on the entrance or entry points.

These are some household items you can use for insects. With these around your house, your problems will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Seal Entry Points

Your house becomes attractive to insects when they find entry points because they can quickly enter your home without worry. If you don’t seal those cracks, holes, or gaps, expect that you will continuously see pests roaming around. Some of the insects which will take advantage of unsealed cracks are cockroaches and slugs. These insects will crawl onto your property during the night while you are sleeping. Hence, use some products good for sealing to prevent pests from coming. From the doors down to the floors, when cracks are visible, don’t ignore it; instead cover it to stop any insects from entering. Also, don’t forget to seal the gaps or crevices on sink areas to prevent insects from getting water, which is one of their needs.

Check Your Pets

If you are a pet owner and love to have your dogs or cats around your home, it is your responsibility to check on them regularly because insects like fleas can infest your pet. Fleas are the number-one enemy of pets, specifically dogs and cats. The insect can cause itchiness or illnesses which can put your pet in great danger. If you allow those fleas to feed on your pets, the insect can quickly infiltrate your home. If you don’t want any fleas at home, wash your dogs or cats regularly and apply treatments which can control fleas effectively.

Essential Oils

The purpose of essential oils keeps on increasing. People are not only relying on these for health reasons, they are using them now as a solution for some pest problems they encounter. One effective essential oil is soybean oil. This oil may be used often for cooking, but it has been proven to repel mosquitoes successfully. If you use this for cooking, you can also make use of this when mosquitoes are around.

Another essential oil to use for insects is citronella. The oil is used for torches, candles, and lanterns and is known to be one of the most effective oils for deterring insects or pests. You can use citronella as a spray repellent or can directly apply onto your skin, but make sure to dilute it first. When insects smell the aroma of this oil, they will immediately fly away and will not come back. These are some essential oils to use if you want to have an insect-free home for you and your family.

Vanilla Extract

The smell of onions or garlic is sometimes not pleasing to you. If you want something effective in dealing with insects but still smells nice, vanilla extract is what you need. This liquid can help in deterring insects for good. You can combine it with water or with essential oils like mint, lemongrass, or lavender. With these combinations, you will not only combat those pesky insects but will also make your home smell nice.

Proper Food Storage

One of the reasons why insects come inside your house is because they are looking for food. If they can quickly get food from your property, they will never stop coming. Ants and cockroaches are sneaky and can easily find your food wherever you keep them. Thus, it is best to store your food properly. You can use tightly sealed plastic containers which are hard for insects to infiltrate. Doing this, it will prevent those insects from keeping coming.

House Cleaning

If there’s one natural way to perform pest control without spending too much money, cleaning your house is the one. Keeping your house clean at all times will make your home unattractive to insects. As we all know, some insects love filthy areas, and if you don’t have any, they might not come to your house after all. Always sweep and mop your floor to prevent ants, cockroaches, and more from invading. By doing this, you are removing food crumbs which insects love to feast on. Also, vacuum your house often to remove tiny insects like fleas and bed bugs. Don’t forget to vacuum the crevices and corners to leave no pest behind.

Another thing, always wash your dishes before going to bed. If you leave those unwashed dishes overnight, pesky insects will sneak into your kitchen and contaminate it which might be dangerous for your health. If you keep your house clean, insects will never come and might look for another place to infest. Cleaning your house is one effective prevention which you can easily do on your own or with your family.

These are some natural ways you can rely on when insects are your problems. These are easy to do and will not cost you too much money. But, if you want to remove those insects for good, an exterminator is what you need.

Professional Pest Control Company

Insects are annoying and can cause an infestation. If you don’t want to experience their wrath, professional help is what you need and Lake Norman Pest Control is the company to call. Lake Norman Pest Control is the one to trust when insects are your problem. The company knows how to deal with all types of insects and can eliminate them effectively without causing danger to you, your family, and pets. The company ensures that safe treatments and methods are used to keep you in good hands all the time.

Lake Norman Pest Control has highly trained, skilled, and licensed exterminators who will come to your house and perform pest control. They will meticulously inspect your house and will immediately apply appropriate treatments which will get rid of those insects once and for all. If you need help in dealing with your insect problems, Lake Norman Pest Control can help you resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Call them at (704) 663-6440, and they will be happy to serve you!


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