Pests are one of the main problems which every homeowner will encounter once in their lives. Ants, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, and termites are some of the common pests which can infest the property. These pests can cause damages and can infest any property. When pests infiltrate, eliminating them becomes harder, especially if the infestation gets worse.

Once the infestation becomes severe, the elimination process will be difficult as pests are in larger numbers. When the severity is uncontrollable, the best way is to call an exterminator who can perform the elimination. But, if you want to prevent severe pest infestation, you can make it possible by following these simple remedies which you can do at home. Check out these tips which can be your ticket for a pest-free home in the end.

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Seal Entry Points

Pests can easily come inside your property with the help of cracks, holes, and gaps. These entry points allow them to infiltrate your house and they can bring more members if they want.

The entry points don’t only attract small pests like ants, termites, and cockroaches, but can also lure rodents. When all pests are inside and cause infestation at the same time, you can expect that the elimination will never be as easy as what you think. So, if you want to prevent severe plagues in your house, better seal all those entry points. From the door down to the floor, you should close everything to stop any pest from coming. In this way, they will never find any entrance to squeeze in.

Also, the holes, cracks, and crevices found outside your house should also be sealed like pipes. If those entry points are found outside by those pests, expect that they will immediately crawl inside your home and create damages.

If you leave entry points unsealed, don’t be surprised to see several pests infesting your home. Once they've found their way in, they will build their nests and will be unstoppable in causing damages and infestations.

Wash Regularly

Pests don’t only invade the areas of your home, they can also target your clothing, fabrics, bed sheets, mattress, carpets, covers, and more. Some of the pests you can find in your clothes or fabrics are bed bugs and fleas. These pesky pests are tiny; that’s why it is hard to identify them or even see them. If you don’t take a closer look, the pests can be mistaken as dirt. If you have bed bugs or fleas, you can expect that they will feed on you as what they always do with their hosts. They will leave itchy bites which are inconvenient and may last for days. That’s why you should wash your clothes, fabrics, cushions, and more often to prevent bed bugs and fleas from infesting. You can use warm water when washing which helps in killing clingy pests successfully.

Bed bugs and fleas are hard to eliminate when their infestation is severe, and if you do immediate measures like washing regularly, it will help in lessening their number and the infestation as well. If you suspect bed bug or flea infestations in your house, quickly launder everything to stop them from spreading.

Keep Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is one of the places which pests love to infest as it is where food sources are found. Ants, cockroaches, and rodents will never stop coming into your kitchen, and if you don’t control or eliminate them, they can cause severe infestation which you will never like to experience. If you don’t want your kitchen to be the home of pests for life, always keep your kitchen clean. One way is to wash the dishes after every meal. Pests love leftover food, and when they see unwashed dishes on the sink they will instantly crawl to reach the area and get food. If you don’t want pests to feast over your uncleaned dishes the next day, wash it immediately.

Also, sweep or mop the floor when cleaning your kitchen to remove food crumbs or leftovers which pests love to eat. If you don’t clean the floor of your kitchen, you will see those pests gathering over the crumbs and fighting over the food which they will bring back to their nests. Moreover, wiping the countertops will help in lessening pests all over your kitchen as it removes crumbs after meals. If you keep your kitchen clean at all times, this will stop pests from coming, and the infestation will not progress.

Proper Food Storage

One of the reasons why pests come into your home is because they need food and they can find it on your property. The food they get will be brought back to their nests which will be enjoyed by their colleagues. If you don’t keep food in proper storage, then don’t expect to have a pest-free house. You can use plastic or metal food containers which are hard to chew on by pests. Rodents are typically the ones which will gnaw on food, and allowing them to contaminate it can lead to several diseases. Also, if you have fruits on top of the table, especially the ripe ones, put them inside the refrigerator as it can entice fruit flies and ants. Proper food storing can ease the severity of pest infestation, and if you continuously follow this tip, you may observe that pests will slowly fade one by one.

Remove Water Sources

Pests are not only into food but they are also in need of water, and if your house has several water sources, those pests will quickly crawl inside and infest. Mosquitoes are among those pests which are attracted to water because it is where they breed. If you have mosquitoes at home, it’s more threatening as this insect can bring diseases which can lead to death. Cockroaches are also fond of water as they need it to survive. They can live without food for a week, but without water, they can only live for days.

Because pests indeed need water, removing water sources like still water can help in minimizing their presence. Remove the standing water outside your house as it can attract mosquitoes and will help them reproduce quickly. If you have broken pipes, drains, or sewers, better fix it to prevent water leaks. Don’t forget to check your sink or bathroom as these places also have water and can be a home for pests. Water can easily lure pests and if you want to get rid of them and prevent severe infestations from occurring, remove water sources, and it will give you better results.

House Cleaning

One of the best ways to prevent severe infestations from happening is by cleaning your house. This preventive measure will never cost you big money but will give you amazing outcomes. Vacuuming your house can help a lot as it can get those pests like bed bugs and fleas which are hiding in carpets, furniture, and more. Also, vacuuming can remove those cobwebs which can prevent spiders from coming. Your vacuum cleaner can reach unwanted areas, and this will help in preventing infestations occurring.

When cleaning, declutter your house as the mess can be tempting to pests. The clutter can serve as a habitat for those pesky pests. Remove the piles of newspapers, magazines, or clothes as these can be a place for pests to hide. If you remove the clutter, you are also lessening the instances of having pests inside your home. Cleaning your house can be a way for you to have a pest-free environment. You will not only lessen pests roaming around your property, but you can also stop the severity of the infestation.

Here you go! These are some tips you can follow if you want to avoid pest infestation from worsening. However, if the plague is too severe and you cannot handle it anymore, the best solution is to call a professional exterminator.

Professional Pest Control Company

When pest infestation is your problem, a professional pest control company in North Carolina is what you need, and that’s Lake Norman Pest Control. The company is the best choice you can have if you want to stop pest infestation once and for all. The company offers high-quality services which are intended to eliminate all types of pests. From ants down to termites, they can get rid of them and can inhibit the infestation from worsening. They have appropriate treatments to all pests - just name them!

At Lake Norman Pest Control, they guarantee that exceptional exterminators will perform the pest control and will only provide unrivaled results which you cannot find from others. Availing the services of the company, rest assured that you will have the peace of mind you deserve. Moreover, with Lake Norman Pest Control, you can never go wrong as they don’t only have the right treatments, they also make sure that the processes and methods are safe to keep you in good hands. If you think that your property is suffering from a severe infestation, make a move as quickly as possible by calling Lake Norman Pest Control, the answer to your pest problems. Dial (704) 663-6440 and they will be happy to help you!


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