Do you know what a German cockroach looks like? Would you be able to pick one out in a lineup of roaches? It can be difficult. While German cockroaches are the most common cockroach pests in the world, they're not the only tan roaches that can get into your Mooresville home, and they aren't the only cockroaches that have two dark stripes on the back near the head. Brownbanded cockroaches and Asian cockroaches are common roach pests that can be mistaken for German cockroaches because they also have a tan coloration. Asian roaches are particularly difficult to distinguish from German cockroaches because they have two dark lines on the thorax. Asian and German cockroaches are so similar, they've even been misidentified by pest professionals. But all of this is somewhat irrelevant since you're not likely to see German cockroaches in your home until your infestation is severe. We're hoping you detect them long before you see them. Here's why.

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Quick German Cockroach Facts

  • These roaches do much better inside than any other cockroach species. This is why they are the most common and most distributed cockroach pests on the planet.

  • This cockroach species reproduces faster than other cockroach species. A German cockroach can go from egg to reproductive adult in as little as 50 days, and a female can have as many as 50 eggs in its egg case. One female cockroach can create as many as 1,250 cockroaches in less than 4 months.

  • At only ½ inch long, an adult German cockroach is pretty small. Its small size allows it to gain access to surprising locations within man-made structures. Nymphs are even smaller than adults. A German cockroach nymph is so small, it can crawl through the tiny little holes in your electrical outlets—and they often do.

  • In Mooresville, German cockroaches prefer to live indoors. If they get into your home, they're going to stay permanently, unless you take steps to get rid of them.

Cockroaches Are A Public Health Concern

  • Pest cockroach species are implicated in the spread of more than 33 kinds of bacteria, more than 6 parasitic worms, and at least 7 human pathogens.

  • Studies have shown that cockroach infestations in urban homes lead to an increase in hospitalizations for asthma-related symptoms.

  • When a cockroach climbs on your skin, a rash can develop.

  • When cockroaches feed on the dead skin in eyebrows and eyelashes, they can accidentally bite you.

  • When cockroaches feed on saliva from your mouth while you sleep, they can nibble on dead skin on your lips and accidentally bite you.

  • When cockroach populations become too large and roaches must compete for food, they can start to bite purposely.

How To Detect German Cockroaches

Long before you start to see cockroaches, it is possible to detect them. While these insects stay hidden, they leave warning signs that aren't hidden.

Black feces can be found...

  • On attic insulation and on floors and walls of attic spaces.

  • In and under stored furniture.

  • In the cabinet underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

  • In the backs of kitchen drawers.

  • At the back of pantry shelves.

  • At the back of food cabinets.

  • Underneath, on the sides, or inside appliances.

  • In any dark damp space.

Shed insect cockroach skins can be found...

  • In secluded spaces.

  • Behind, under, and inside appliances.

  • In the seams of mattresses, boxsprings, and furniture, particularly items put in storage.

  • In cracks and crevices.

  • In dark, damp spaces.

A few more helpful warning signs:

  • The scent of cockroaches can be detected in any infested area. This scent can be described as musky and oily.

  • German cockroaches carry their ootheca (egg sack) with them, but pieces of ootheca can be found in areas of infestation after the ootheca has broken open. You may even find a complete shell. This ootheca casing will be a gradient from brown to orangish-yellow.

  • The sound of cockroach feet on hard surfaces at night.

What To Do About German Cockroaches

Mooresville residents don't have much success getting control of German cockroaches because these are robust insects that are able to develop a resistance to chemicals. They also have behaviors that help them avoid extermination. We strongly recommend hiring a licensed pest management professional to address a German cockroach infestation. If you need assistance with this, we can help.

Cockroach Control

At the first sign of cockroach activity inside your Mooresville home, contact Lake Norman Pest Control. We use field-tested methods and products to arrest cockroach infestations and we offer year-round pest control plans that can help to keep cockroaches, and a long list of other pests, out of your home. If you have questions, or you'd like to request service, reach out to us today. We're here to help you with all your pest control needs.


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