There isn't really a simple way to keep stink bugs out of your yard. But there are many things you might be doing already that will prevent stink bugs from becoming a problem in your yard and inside your Mooresville home. If you're aware that what you're doing will work to prevent stink bug issues, it is simple to do more of what you're already doing to achieve better results. What are these things you're doing? We're glad you asked.

stink bug on residential home
stink bug on plants

Do you weed your landscaping?

It is hard work keeping your landscaping looking nice. But your weed pulling is not in vain. Stink bugs suck the sap out of plants, including weeds. If you have fewer weeds, you'll have less reason for stink bugs to hang out near your home.

Do you reduce moisture to protect your plants and the wood of your home?

You may know that keeping moisture levels low around your home is beneficial to your home and your landscaping. It helps to prevent wood rot and plant decay. It also helps to reduce the number of stink bugs and other pests. Insects are attracted to moist habitats. We recommend taking the time to do the following:

  • Clean your gutters and remove any obstructions that prevent the flow of rainwater away from your home.

  • Repair your gutters to prevent rainwater from leaking out and oversaturating your perimeter.

  • Repair leaking pipes, spigots, sprinklers, hoses, and irrigation systems.

  • Thin out your tree canopy to let the sunshine into areas that tend to stay shaded and damp.

  • Trim bushes, shrubs, and plants to let the airflow easily through your vegetation.

Do you clean leaves, sticks, and other debris up?

Raking your yard, picking up sticks, and removing debris can be a chore, but it is definitely a worthwhile chore. These materials provide ideal habitation for many insects, including stink bugs. These can trap moisture, which is attractive. And they can provide a food source. Predatory stink bugs eat adult insects, their eggs, and developing larvae, pupae, and nymphs. 

Do you store your exterior trash in covered receptacles?

For most people, trash management isn't too bad. You put your bagged trash in your covered receptacles, and you bring your receptacles to the curb. You can reduce stink bugs by making sure there is no unprotected organic matter in your yard. Stink bugs can eat many things you might throw in your trash.

Do you manage the light around your home at night?

There are many insects that are attracted to light. In the darkness of night, your home can be a beacon for them, like a lighthouse on a stormy night. You may already close your blinds and your shades at night to keep the light on the interior of your home from attracting insects to the exterior. You may also turn lights off on the outside of your home in areas where it isn't a security concern. But you may want to roll your sleeves up and do a little more. Consider replacing exterior white lights with warm LED lights. Studies have shown these to be the best choice for resisting insects. We do not recommend using bug light bulbs. These have not performed well in tests and have been found to attract stink bugs and other insects in the order of Hemiptera.

The Best Way To Keep Stink Bugs Away

If you apply the tips we've given above, you can reduce stink bugs to a tolerable level. When you also roll your sleeves up and seal entry points in the exterior of your Mooresville home, you can get a level of control that is acceptable for you. But, if you want the best professional pest control, this can only be achieved with routine treatments of EPA-approved products to key areas around your home. These treatments should be performed by a licensed pest professional. This is where we can help. If you live in Mooresville, reach out to Lake Norman Pest Control and request a pest control inspection to get started. We'll guide you in selecting the right solution for your specific requirements and help you get the cost within your budget. Connect with us today.


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