A cockroach infestation is one of the worst things that could happen to homeowners and commercial businesses. Often associated with developing countries and dirty environments, no one is safe from roaches, even if you are proactive at keeping your home clean.

Because they are so resilient and opportunistic, cockroaches can multiply nearly anywhere that provides food, water, and shelter. In the process, they will contaminate your food supply and transmit potentially dangerous diseases. These sturdy insects can easily survive on nothing more than fecal matter and non-food items for quite a while. They can even hold their breath underwater for up to 40 minutes, which means they can stay hidden in pipes and clogged drains away from human activity, only to come out when everyone is asleep or out of the house.

If you suspect cockroaches have invaded your property, it is time to take control before they reproduce. You can read on to discover the sure signs of a cockroach infestation, learn how roaches spread around dangerous pathogens, and learn why DIY cockroach control is a waste of time and money.

If you are struggling with a cockroach problem, Lake Norman Pest Control provides pest control in Mooresville that you can rely on to exterminate these unhygienic pests safely and for good before they have a chance to make your household sick.

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Sure Signs You Have A Cockroach Infestation

While cockroaches make themselves scarce when your household is most active, you are bound to see some clues as the population grows prominent. If you see these signs of a cockroach infestation, you must take action to eliminate it quickly before it worsens:

  • You see live cockroaches: If you find a cockroach in your house, it likely is not the only one. Cockroaches are social animals that live in groups, but you might not see them in the daytime because they are nocturnal. Still, seeing even one is a good enough reason to consider cockroach treatments.
  • You find cockroach exoskeletons: Cockroaches undergo a life cycle during which they will molt several times. If you find a cockroach exoskeleton, it is often because these undesirable invaders are thriving and multiplying. 
  • You noticed cockroach feces: Cockroach droppings look like piles of coffee grounds or even ground pepper. You must wear disposable gloves while cleaning them and use a liberal amount of disinfectant. Pathogens often abound in cockroach feces. It is always best to leave cockroach cleanup to a professional pest control company.
  • There is an offensive smell in your home: Cockroaches are not only dangerous vectors of diseases, but they also release a musty, oily, and foul smell that attracts other cockroaches.
  • You find cockroach eggs: Cockroaches go through three stages during their life cycle, from egg to nymph to adult. Cockroach eggs are small and pill-shaped. Each egg can contain many cockroaches. If roaches are reproducing in your home, you will likely find eggs at some point. 
  • You can see smear marks on floors and walls: As cockroaches drag their bodies along walls and floors, they will leave unsightly smear marks. These are especially likely in homes that are high humidity.

These clues are a sure sign that you have a cockroach problem. Unfortunately, not promptly treating it allows it time to multiply and challenging to control, giving roaches time to spread around dangerous pathogens.

How Roaches Spread Around Dangerous Pathogens

Roaches can spread around dangerous pathogens, including salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and the polio virus. Cockroaches will indiscriminately leave feces throughout your home, especially in areas where they are most active. Because roaches are not picky about their food sources, they might consume contaminated ingredients and pass on the pathogens through their droppings. Cockroaches will also spread pathogens through their saliva. If pathogens enter a cockroach’s system, they will easily pass them on. Finally, cockroaches spread pathogens through direct contact: While cockroaches tend to shy away from human activity, it is not unlikely for them to brush up against people and transmit pathogens and cause injuries due to the sharp spines on their legs. For this reason, it is crucial to thoroughly disinfect your home if you suspect a cockroach infestation and consider roach control as soon as possible. 

If you have been in contact with a cockroach, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, and consult a medical professional to avoid the risk of infection. You may try DIY treatments if you are struggling with a roach problem. Unfortunately, they are generally a waste of time and money.

Why DIY Cockroach Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

DIY cockroach control is often a waste of time and money. It tends to let an infestation enlarge and worsen and, therefore, harder to exterminate. The cockroach life cycle requires various treatments to get all the eggs, nymphs, and adult roaches. If you focus on the live cockroaches, you will have a new infestation in no time as soon as the eggs hatch. Another reason homemade treatments fail is that cockroaches have evolved to become resistant to different types of cockroach pesticides. As incredible as it sounds, cockroaches roamed the earth for millions of years along with dinosaurs and have had plenty of time to become more resistant and develop sturdier exoskeletons. People tend to rely on treatments that are not proven to work, like bay leaves and essential oils.

When it comes to getting rid of cockroaches for good, your best bet is to work with a professional pest control company with experience in cockroach infestations. At Lake Norman Pest Control, we proudly provide cockroach control in Mooresville using safe but effective products that tackle the entire group, also known as an intrusion. Don't hesitate to contact us today to schedule your first home inspection; you will be on your way to a cockroach-free home before you know it. While various treatments are applied, you can also try the following practical tips to eliminate cockroaches and prevent them from returning.

How To Get Rid Of The Roaches In Your House For Good!

These tips can help you get rid of roaches in your house for good:

  • Schedule regular inspections: Cockroaches are nocturnal and can be hard to spot, but our team of experts knows what to look for to determine if you have a roach problem. An inspection can help determine the extent of the infestation by looking for droppings, cockroach exoskeletons, smear marks, and more.
  • Keep food away from cockroaches: Cockroaches invade homes looking for food, water, and shelter. If you have food in the house, you are at risk of cockroaches. Please take out the trash as often as possible, and keep it far away from your home. Keep leftovers refrigerated and covered at all times, and clean garbage cans regularly.
  • Disinfects floors and counters regularly: Food is a significant factor in cockroach infestations, but the scent of other roaches is also a problem. Disinfecting floors and counters can help keep pathogens at bay, remove food sources that might attract these unhygienic invaders, and help temporarily remove the smell.
  • Fix leaks and unclog drains: Cockroaches are attracted to high-humidity homes, especially those with clogged drains and leaks. Some factors that attract cockroaches include clogged garbage disposals, leaks in bathrooms and other steamy, humid rooms like saunas, and sources of stagnant water. 
  • Seal off entry points: It is more difficult for roaches to come inside if your home does not have convenient entry points, such as cracks in walls, poorly maintained pipes, and gaps between walls and windows or doors.
  • Dispose of dead cockroaches properly: They attract live ones because of the oleic acid they release after death. Even dead cockroaches can transmit diseases, so use gloves and thoroughly disinfect the area. If you find dead roaches in your home, you will want to ask a pest control company for advice on how to get rid of them safely. 
  • Use cockroach control treatments when necessary: Sometimes, more than prevention methods are needed to get rid of cockroaches. Fortunately, we have the experience required to make your home cockroach-free swiftly. From cockroach baits to showing you how to seal off entry points, we can help make your roach problem a thing of the past.

Combining homemade prevention strategies with professional treatments will put your cockroach problem behind you. For answers to all your roach control questions, our licensed technicians can help. Cockroaches are dangerous and unhygienic invaders that can transmit harmful pathogens and be challenging to exterminate. Whether you are dealing with American, German, brown-banded, or oriental cockroaches, we have top-rated products that are both safe and effective.

Contact us at Lake Norman Pest Control today for a personalized quote and to schedule a home inspection. We will eliminate your infestation year-round so you can enjoy a pest-free home again and for good. Call us or use the form on our website to schedule a visit with our team members and learn more about our service plans and treatment schedules. Soon, your pest infestation will be nothing more than a bad memory.


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