Termites are one of a few pests that require professional inspections to locate. While there are some things the average homeowner can do to check for signs of termites, it can be hard to tell if damage is being done until it’s extensive. Rather than react against a thriving population of termites, protect your home with pest control in Mooresville. Keep reading to learn more about the most common species of termites in Mooresville, the problems they cause, and how to prevent and get rid of them.

many termites crawling on damaged wood
termite damage on a window frame

Common Termites In Mooresville

In North Carolina, there are several different kinds of termites, including the imported Formosan subterranean termite, which is much more destructive than other species. However, the most common species of termite by far is the Eastern subterranean termite.

Termite identification is much easier when you know where to look since you’re more likely to see signs of termites than actual termites. For subterranean termites, you want to focus your search on the exterior wood of your home near the soil and inside your basement. This species of termite will leave mud tubes reaching from the soil to the wood. They may cause soft, hollow-sounding wood, darkened, blistering wood, and swollen, hard-to-close windows and doors.

Inside a subterranean termite colony is a complex caste system in which each member of the colony performs a unique task and looks distinct from the others. In this caste system are several different kinds of termites, including the king and queen, winged reproductives called alates, workers, and soldiers.

You’re unlikely to see the king and queen but they are both larger and darker than the other castes and have wings. Soldiers are cream-colored with darker heads and large mandibles. The most numerous caste, workers, are cream-colored with no color variation, and they do not have wings. They do the majority of the tunneling and feed the queen.

Problems Termites Cause

It can take years before termites do enough damage to get noticed. In that time, you might notice squeaky floorboards, loose tiles, peeling paint, and discoloration. Some of these may seem like the natural consequence of living in an older home or living in a humid climate, so they can go ignored or simply get covered up.

Some of the more distinctive signs include mud tubes extending from the soil to the wood siding of your home, tunnels on the inside walls of your basement, swollen window and door frames, or soft, hollow-sounding wood that crumbles or splinters when prodded.

Subterranean termites form large colonies. Mature colonies of 60,000 are considered relatively small, as they can grow to a million strong. The damage can become exponential as these termites reach critical mass. Even worse, they travel through the soil, so if they find your neighbor’s house to be a good source of food, they can form a new colony that will soon become your neighbor’s problem.

Termite Control Is Best

Doing your own inspections and termite identification can save you some time and worry, but proactive termite control can save you the hassle and protect your neighborhood for the long term. The best professional termite control company for your Mooresville home is Lake Norman Pest Control. Using the Sentricon® system, we can get rid of any active termites in your home and prevent any that get near to your home.

Sentricon’s® barrier of protection stops subterranean termites where they originate. Not only can you get treatment and prevention in one with Lake Norman Pest Control’s termite plan, but Sentricon® works so well, it’ll hardly need any maintenance. To get started with a free quote or to schedule your first appointment, call Lake Norman Pest Control to speak with a termite expert near you.

Termite Prevention Tips

The absolute best form of prevention is with help from a termite expert near you, but there are things you can do on your own to protect your home from damage. To practice safe and effective termite prevention, try these tips:

  • Keep at least 8 inches of distance between the soil and your wooden siding.

  • Dehumidify basements and crawlspaces.

  • Maintain proper moisture levels in your soil.

  • Don’t bury wood mulch.

  • Don’t store firewood or wood debris near your home.

  • Remove stumps and dense vines or ivy touching your home or in the yard.

Termite prevention can save you from making your home appealing to termites, but they can be difficult to completely control without professional help. For guaranteed termite prevention and protection, don’t forget to call the best termite control company for your Mooresville home, Lake Norman Pest Control.


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