With brown coloring, long legs, and grayish abdomens, hobo spiders can be difficult for homeowners to identify on sight. At first glance, hobo spiders may get misidentified as brown recluse or wolf spiders due to their similar coloring. The best way to know if you’re dealing with a hobo spider is by their web.

Unlike a lot of other species, hobo spiders build funnel webs, which look like trampoline-flat sheets that they use to trap their prey. For Mooresville residents, hobo spiders may be an all-too-common sight. Here’s what you should know about where hobo spiders live, if their bite is dangerous, how to prevent them, and what to do if you’ve got a hobo spider problem on your Mooresville property.

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Where Are Hobo Spiders Found And Are They Dangerous In Mooresville, NC?

Unlike some spider species, like the house spider, hobo spiders aren’t usually found in homes – and if they are, it’s due to an accidental entry. In fact, hobo spiders get their name because they’re often found along railroad tracks, in holes or cracks of buildings, around foundations, or even underneath debris.

If they are hanging around your property, hobo spiders prefer to make their homes in dark, damp hiding places – like garages, basements, or even the crevices of bricks. If they’re hiding under debris, homeowners may bring hobo spiders in accidentally or they could wander in by accident.

While there was once debate on whether hobo spider bites caused tissue death or damage, this is no longer the case. Hobo spiders are venomous, but this venom is only dangerous to their prey and utterly harmless to humans. Keep in mind that hobo spiders aren’t an aggressive species either. While they may bite if they’re trapped against your skin, or they’re stepped on, these spiders would much rather run from humans than attack them.

How To Prevent Hobo Spiders In Mooresville, NC

Like many spiders, you may catch sight of the occasional hobo spider, but there are ways to prevent them from becoming a problem on your Mooresville property, such as:

  • Clear out debris and clutter: Hobo spiders are on the hunt for a good hiding place. If you can clear out excess debris and clutter from your home, you’ll be limiting their options. While you’ll want to deal with all clutter, it’s especially important to clear out stacks of cardboard boxes, recyclables, paper, and other materials that may be piling up in your basement, garage, or shed. Even stacks of firewood or other yard debris can serve as an outdoor hiding spot for hobo spiders.

  • Sweep up eggs and webs: Like a lot of spiders, hobo spiders don’t mind spinning their webs or leaving their eggs scattered around your home. To prevent an infestation, it’s always a good idea to regularly sweep and vacuum your home. Don’t forget to pay special attention to floor-level closets, baseboards, areas behind furniture, and dusty corners that may look attractive to hobo spiders.

  • Get rid of their food source: A hobo spider’s main food source is insects. While they may not intentionally come into your home, these spiders may decide to stay if there’s an abundant food source. If you’ve got an existing pest problem in your home, you’ll want to address that by dealing with excess moisture and practicing proper food storage.

  • Get rid of their entry points: Hobo spiders are most likely to enter your home through tiny holes and crevices in the foundation, so use caulk or another sealant to block off these entrances.

These steps are great ways to minimize the risk of hobo spiders moving into your property but will not likely be enough to get rid of an existing population.

How To Effectively Control Hobo Spiders In Mooresville, NC

While you’re less likely to spot hobo spiders than house spiders or other species, that doesn’t mean you’ll never encounter them. Or that they won't become a problem on your property. Even if they aren’t dangerous, the most effective way to nip a hobo spider problem in the bud is with professional help, and that comes from us at Lake Norman Pest Control.

For over half a century, we’ve been providing the Mooresville area with safe, effective, and reliable treatments for all their pest issues. Your hobo spider problem is no exception. If you’re noticing hobo spiders lurking around your home or property in Mooresville, there’s no reason to let these pests run rampant. Call us at Lake Norman Pest Control today for more advice and information about how we can help.


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