It is estimated that there are over 2,000 different flea species in the world, yet one rises above the rest when it comes to infesting homes in Mooresville. It is the cat flea. Before you start thinking that your dog is safe from these fleas, you should know that cat fleas are equal-opportunity biters. They'll even bite humans. When these fleas get into your home, they can be a nightmare to get rid of.

Often, this nightmare is self-inflicted. Homeowners who try DIY homemade remedies, or tips given on the internet by unlicensed individuals, find themselves wasting time, energy, and money. We don't want this to happen to you. Let's take a look at how infestations start, why they're so difficult to stop, and what works to rid your home of fleas.

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How Flea Infestations Begin

The most obvious way is that your dog or cat brings them in. But fleas can be brought into your home in other ways. They can be carried in by mice, rats, and other animals. They can be inside flea-infested furniture that you purchase second-hand. They can be inside infested clothing, bedding, etc. when you or your kids spend the night somewhere.

When fleas get into your home, they can live entirely inside your home without ever needing to go back outside. The process can begin with an adult flea or two—or more. It can also begin with a batch of eggs and some flea dirt. Flea eggs can hatch on their own. They don't need to be tended by the mother flea. When eggs hatch, the flea larvae, which look like worms, feed on flea dirt. They develop and eventually cocoon themselves. They can stay in this cocooned state for a very long time if they don't detect a warm-blooded animal on which to feed.

Why Flea Infestations Are Difficult To Stop

There are a few reasons why fleas are often successful at evading all attempts to kill them. Here are a few to consider:

  • Flea larvae can hide under the threads of carpets and fabrics where topical sprays cannot reach them. They can also live inside furniture and other items.

  • Products used to kill fleas are often short-lasting. A vinegar-and-water solution, as an example, is entirely ineffective after it has dried. The reason vinegar and water can kill fleas is that it causes them to dry out. If a flea isn't coated with this solution, they won't die.

  • Products that are residual can also fail. Diatomaceous earth is a good example. You can sprinkle a generous amount of this substance all over your rugs and fail to eliminate an infestation. While fleas that hop around on it will slice their exoskeletons and die of dehydration, DE will not kill eggs, cocooned pupae, or larvae hiding under the surface.

  • Chemical products can fail to kill fleas in the same way that natural solutions do. They can fail to get deep enough to get to the root of the problem. They can also fall short if they aren't strong enough to eliminate eggs or cocooned pupae.

  • Many of the flea control methods people use have some success, such as putting a plate of soapy water on the floor with a lamp over it. In the morning, you'll probably find dead fleas in the solution. What happens is the fleas jump toward the heat of the lamp and land in the soapy water and die. Pretty cool, huh? Cool until you realize that this is not effective enough to kill every flea before reproduction occurs.

  • Sometimes fleas aren't the only problem. When rodents bring fleas into a home, an infestation can persist even when a homeowner does everything right.

We could go on and on about DIY flea control, but hopefully, you get the point. These methods and solutions don't work because they fail to break the cycle of reproduction; they don't address the eggs and cocooned pupae, or the root of the problem.

How To Stop Fleas In Mooresville, NC

If you're dealing with a flea or rodent infestation, reach out to Lake Norman Pest Control. Our licensed pest professionals are trained and experienced to provide effective pest control services for these and other pests. Schedule an inspection to get started.


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