Wasps are among the deadliest insects you can run into. So, if you still love your life, you better not mess with them. In the United States there are about 60 deaths a year that can be attributed to wasps, hornets, or bee stings. Yes, those little buzzing insects can possibly end your life. So make sure you do not get stung by them. Below is a list of what you should do in case you accidentally run into these deadly creatures.

wasp nest

1. Stay Calm

If you accidentally run into wasps or is surrounded by them, do not panic. Remaining calm can help you more to get out of the situation safe and sound. Wasps are sensitive to movement so any yelling, flailing, or running will only do worse. The insects will see you as a threat and will start attacking. Do not do anything that will catch their attention. Instead, move away slowly with your eyes closed and head down. Also, cover your face if possible.

It is not difficult to identify wasps. They resemble bees with two pairs of wings but they have a waist and big, pointed body. There are different types of wasps. The one with grey-colored wings and yellow markings on the body are called paper wasps. There is also the so-called yellow-jacket wasp with shiny bodies. They grow up to 16mm and do not have as much hair. As the name suggests, yellow jackets are black and yellow.

2. Stay Away From Their Nests

Wasps are territorial and aggressive. They will only attack if they are disturbed while scavenging or pollinating or if you approach or enter their territory. So for your safety, better leave them alone. If you find a nest in your area, don't do anything about it without the aid of pest experts. One wrong move may cost you your life. Wasp attacking in a pack is a formidable threat. You may not be able to make it out alive. 

Wasps usually build their nests in rood spaces, soil, backs, and even in cavities in walls and trees. Detecting a wasp colony can be pretty easy because they look like a football ball. If you spot them, better not try destroying the nest. If they are not causing a direct problem, you better wait because the insects usually abandon their nest at the end of the autumn season. It is home to thousands of wasps and if you demolish their home, they’ll attack you in a pack.

There is also one good reason why you should not wreck a wasp’s nest. Although they pose a threat to humans (when disturbed), they also play an important role in keeping the balance of nature. These insects are controllers of more harmful pests that target gardens, agriculture, and forestry.

3. When Wasps Attack, Run!

Do not get confused, you should only remain calm if the wasp is just approaching you or they are not attacking in a pack. If you are being swarmed, destroyed their nest, or being attacked, the best thing you can do is start running as fast as you can. But there are some things you have to keep in mind.

If you already started running and see people around, it will be much better not to stop to help other individuals unless they need it, like elderly or children. Only stop when you reach shelter, a building or vehicle. While running, do not swing your arms or swat at the insect because it will only make them more aggressive.

Another mistake of people who are under wasp attack is jumping into the water when they see it. Unless you can hold your breath for a really long time, better skip swimming. The insects will be up there waiting for you to get out of water. Furthermore, do not be tempted just to play dead. The wasps will continue stinging you and you sure do not want that. Also, never forget to cover or protect your eyes, mouth and face.

4. Call The Emergency

After you find a shelter and safe from attack, call the emergency number. This could mean life or death for those who have wasp allergies. Calling medical assistance is important so you can get immediate medical attention and help to remove stingers.

If you are allergic, as a precautionary measure, always carry an epinephrine injection pen in case the unfortunate attacks happen.

5. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Doing whatever you can to prevent running into wasps is better than getting medication for the stings and dealing with sting pains. One of the things you should do is dispose of all your food and drinks particularly soft drinks carefully. Before you consume any sugary drinks you left unattended for a while, check it first for wasp.

If you have a garden and planning to conduct an activity in the area, check whether it is free from any wasp. If you see a single wasp flying around, it is more likely that they have a nest around. Also, make sure to keep your property tidy and clean.

If you are going outdoors, make certain you always wear closed shoes. Also, avoid wearing sweet-scented perfumes, lotions, or shampoo. When it comes to clothes, it is better if you stick to dark-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Brightly colored clothing will not do you good while sleeveless makes your arm vulnerable to attacks.

6. Wasp Sting & Allergies

When you get stung by a wasp, the natural result is to develop a slight soreness or redness at the point of the attack. If you experience something apart from that, it may be an indication of an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can be just annoying or life-threatening.

Individuals who have wasp allergies usually experience rashes at the point of contact and will have difficulty in breathing. The latter happens when certain glands in your body started swelling, blocking the airflow. You may also have difficulty to concentrate, inability to think, or experience light-headedness or seizures.

The worse thing that could happen has an anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening reaction when exposed to allergens. The symptoms of this include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, rapid or weak pulse, and a tingling sensation throughout the body. An epinephrine autoinjector can reduce the symptoms but it is important to seek medical help.

7. Getting Rid Of Wasps

There are lots of traps and sprays in the market that can be used to remove wasp nests. Guides and information about getting rid of the insect’s home are also just one click away.

One of the ways to carry out a treatment is through dusting powder around the nest entrance so when workers return; they will carry the dust inside. You can also just buy an insecticide and spray it directly on the surface of the nest. However, in most guides you will notice that there is always advice that exterminating or destroying the nest of wasps by yourself is a big risk. It is always recommended to either contact a professional pest control company or the Environmental Health Department.

There are many reasons why you should follow the latter advice. Leave the dangerous task to trained individuals.

8. Avoid Disaster

Without the proper knowledge, training, and tools, doing a DIY wasp removal project is just begging for a disaster. The worse possible disaster that could happen is getting yourself, your loved ones, or anyone within the vicinity hurt. With a reliable pest control company, you do not have to deal with hassles and dangers.

9. Avoid Costly Mistakes

Insect control will save you from distressing aftermath if you do the process wrong. Buying a wasp spray is indeed a cheaper option but if you use it in incorrectly or targeted the wrong insect, it might cause you more trouble. Do not wait to create a bigger mess before calling a professional. Experts surely have experience dealing with wasps and know exactly what to do with them.

10. Exposure To Nasty Chemicals

Most wasp control products contain nasty chemicals that can pose a health risk when you are exposed to them. When looking for professional pest control, hire the one who uses environmentally and human-friendly treatments. Lake Norman Pest Control uses safe products and methods so you are sure your family, pets, and backyard are free from any harm.

Guaranteed Results

If you hire a pest control company in North Carolina are and encounter a problem after the service, they usually come back to take care of the concern. A reputable and reliable pest exterminator team usually aims to give the best results to the clients. They can even install preventive measures so you can avoid future wasp issues. Meaning to say, you will have peace of mind knowing that the wasp will not have the opportunity to rebuild their nest within your property.

Hiring a professional pest control company brings a lot of perks than controlling pests or insects yourself. If you need help from the experts, feel free to contact Lake Norman Pest Control at 704-663-6440. The team makes sure your place stays safe and pest-free.


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