One of the creepiest insects you don’t want to have in your home is spiders. The arachnid comes in different types and sizes, and the bigger they are, the creepier they get. Spiders are friendly, but if threatened, they can be dangerous and they can bite.

Spider bites won’t turn you into Spiderman, will not give you powers to release spider webs, and will not allow you to jump from one high building to another. The bites given by this insect could be dangerous, especially if a type of spider with venom bites you. If you don’t want to be a target of this insect, you can let a professional pest control company in Davidson, NC do the job.

brown recluse

Just like dealing with other insect bites, there are ways on how you can handle spider bites. If you want to deal with the bites on your own, then let’s get to know the ways on how you can make it happen. Check these out!

1. Apply Baking Soda

According to a pest expert in Davidson, baking soda is one of the most used remedies when pest bites are the problem. The ingredient is commonly found in every home and can be used anytime when you need it. If you have spider bites, you can apply baking soda by turning it into a paste. You have to mix an equal part of baking soda and water and stir it until it turns into a paste. Apply the baking soda over the spider bite until all the symptoms go away. You can do this regularly and can even apply the paste several times a day. Doing this can help in relieving spider bites in the end.

2. Avoid Scratching The Bite

Typically people experiencing insect bites like spider bites want to scratch the bite as can give them relief. However, doing this can worsen the bite. Once you keep on scratching the bite, it will end to irritating your skin and might delay the healing of the bite. Also, it will only get itchier, which can be inconvenient. Another thing is, if you keep on scratching spider bites, it can lead to infections which can be risky. That’s why if you don’t want spider bites to get worse, you should fight the urge to do it. But, if you don’t want to experience bites from any pest, a pest exterminator in Davidson, NC is the answer.

3. Clean With Mild Soap & Water

Every bite can lead to infection, and if you don’t do first aid such as cleaning the spider bite with mild soap and water, you might get in trouble. That’s why, when a spider bites you, don’t ignore the bite. Instead you should immediately clean it with soap and water to prevent germs or bacteria from coming in. Doing this, the chance of having infections is low. Make sure to clean the spider bite as quickly as possible to prevent other complications from happening. If you don’t want your family to suffer from spider bites or other insect bites, what you need is a pest control company in Davidson.

4. Spread Some Lavender Oil

Another way to deal with spider bite is to use lavender oil. The essential oil has a fragrant smell which helps to repel pests. Not only that, the lavender oil can help in lessening the swelling of your spider bite. Applying the oil over your bite will help in healing it in no time, which makes it one of the perfect solutions for bites from spiders. You can spread the oil without diluting onto the affected area but make sure only to only have a drop. Another way is to mix it with coconut oil, which you can safely apply on the spider bite directly. Your lavender essential oil is a good answer for those spider bites, but it will always be best to have a pest control company in Davidson to get rid of them to avoid any bite.

5. Get Some Ice

If you have ice at home you can use it as a solution for the spider bite. Ice is one of the used household items when your body feels sore as it helps in lessening the inflammations. If you find that a spider has bitten you, immediately apply ice for a few minutes. If you do this, the irritation will not worsen. Doing this several times will help treat the spider bite successfully as ice is a natural remedy for this kind of situation. However, doing some preventive measure like calling a pest expert in Davidson is still the best solution when you have pests like spiders at home.

6. Elevate The Bitten Area

Typically, you experience spider bites on your arms and legs. When this happens, immediately elevate the bitter area for safety measure. Depending on the type of spider that has attacked you, elevating the area can help as it lessens the inflammation. According to a pest exterminator in Davidson, elevation can help if you are bitten by a black widow or brown recluse spider as it prevents the venom from spreading all over your body. However, venomous spiders are dangerous, and if you let a pest control company in Davidson remove those spiders, you can have a safe home afterward.

7. Cover With Salt

If you have salt at home, that can be a remedy for your spider bites. The common ingredient can help in removing the venom out of your body and will help you to recover quickly. The salt can also help in reducing the redness of the spider bite. You only have to clean the bite first and prepare a washcloth. Afterward, sprinkle the salt on the washcloth and bandage it on the bitten area for some hours. Remove the bandage afterward. If the bite is still inflamed, you can do the process again until your condition gets better. But, if you don’t want you and your family feel uncomfortable, get rid of the pest by hiring a pest expert in Davidson.

8. Grate Some Potatoes

Did you know that potatoes can help you with your spider bites? The answer is a big YES! Grating potatoes can aid your spider bite as it contains relieving and anti-irritation properties which prevents too much itchiness and swelling. The grated potatoes will help keep the bite moist, which can lead to fast healing. You need one large potato and clean it thoroughly. Grate the potato, place it in a thin cloth, and put it in the affected area. Wait for the grated potato to dry before you remove it. The simple step can give you great results, but if you want the best outcome for your home, only a pest control company in Davidson can do it.

9. Rub Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a useful plant as it can be used for treating your hair. The plant is also good for dealing with spider bites. If you have the plant at home and you are suffering from a spider bite, you don’t have to worry because the plant can aid you with your problem. The gel of the Aloe Vera has natural anti-inflammatory, comforting, and antibacterial properties, which can lessen the itching, pain, and inflammation of the bite. It also helps in giving you fast recovery, and it keeps the affected area moist. You only have to cut the leaves to acquire the gel. Rub the Aloe Vera gel all over the bite to have relief. You can reapply the gel until the bite is healing.

10. Seek Medical Attention

Tarantula, black widow, and hobo spiders are some of the venomous spiders which you should be cautious as they can give you painful bites. Seeking medical attention is one of the top ways you can deal with spider bites. If you experience headache, nausea, muscle cramps, vomiting, fever, chills, or high blood pressure after a spider bite, it is time you have to look for medical attention as the bite could be fatal.

That’s it! These are the top ten ways on how you can deal with spider bites. Doing these, it will help you ease the pain, itchiness, and swelling successfully. But, it is always to get rid of the pest first by hiring a pest control company in Davidson.

Professional Pest Control Company

If your family suffers from spider bites, the problem is already at its worst that’s why there is a need to eliminate the pest quickly by calling Lake Norman Pest Control. The company offers pest control services which are effective in eliminating spiders and other pests around your property. They give the best results which will satisfy your needs and will exceed your expectations.

Lake Norman Pest Control is always ready to make your home a pest-free one by using human and pet-friendly products and methods which will not put you in danger. If you need help in dealing with creepy pests like spiders, all you need is Lake Norman Pest Control. Call them now at (704) 663-6440, and you are good to go!


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