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Frequent Flyers Of Fall


Cooler weather is the name and staying warm is the game. As fall proceeds, bringing cooler temperatures with it, pests are seeking shelter from the elements and what better place than your home? We've compiled a list of a few unwanted house guests that you could be receiving this season:

Keep These Pests Out Of Your Home

1. Stink Bugs:

Stink bugs came to the United States by accident from Asia and have become a nuisance to farmers and homeowners alike. The main problem with the bug, besides the fact that they smell terrible, is the fact that they regenerate at alarming rates. It takes about 35 days for a stink bug to reach adulthood, and they are born hundreds at a time, so it's a problem you will want to deal with promptly.

2. Spiders:

It's only appropriate that fall, the season of Halloween, brings spiders along with it. This is mainly because this is the time of year that spiders have matured, are ready to spin webs, and lay eggs.

3. Fire Ants:

Cooler temperatures cause fire ants to become more active, meaning you're more likely to run into problems with them in the fall. Always be conscious of any suspecting mounds around your home and have them treated as quickly as possible.

4. Vermin:

Rodents are one of the most prominent cool weather pests simply because they are seeking shelter. Your home presents the perfect opportunity for them to find a comfortable environment and potentially, food. Make sure you seal all cracks, crevices, and do regular spot checks for signs of the presence of rodents (droppings, scratch/knaw marks, nests)