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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

Dunk Tank Competition


The managers decided to implement a sales competition that allows the winners to put them in a dunk tank on Wednesday at the Lake Norman location. The competition was among the technicians to see who could sell the most Sentricon® termite protection in the month of April. The amount of sales you have is the number of balls you get to throw for the dunk tank, for example one sale equals one ball throw. The technicians get to pick between the two managers, Dennis Foster and Chad Cordell.

Managers Get Dunked

“I think it helps with team camaraderie,” Dennis Foster said. “We like to do monthly team events with a sales competition to encourage people to sell throughout the month. Or main focus is to get them excited about something while they are doing the sales side of the job.” The managers try and make sure their technicians are always motivated and having fun while they are working. The teams were able to hang out and grab a slice of pizza before they celebrated their Sentricon® sales by getting their managers dunked. Sentricon® is the termite treatment that both Lake Norman Home Services and Go-Forth Pest Control use for residential and commercial property.

Sentricon® is the leading termite protection and has been found extremely effective to protect a home or building from termites. Our termite technicians also sell different plans of pest control. Every home is at risk for termites and should be protected from these pests. This was also a great opportunity for the managers to discuss with the technicians about any questions they may have. At Lake Norman and Go-Forth Pest Control everyone is part of a team and the managers like to make sure everyone is connected. Foster and Cordell will continue to host different team events every month in order to keep their employees motivated. This also allows them to reward them for all their hard work.