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Home Remedies & Treatments For Termites In Huntersville, NC


Termites can be a real wood destroyer, and the worst part is that they are not seasonal. This means they could infest at any time which means you have to keep looking around your shoulders because you do not want to imagine your fine wood furniture turned to food for termites.

After inspecting furniture and all wooden elements in the home and termites have been found to have made a home somewhere in the house these home remedies and treatments for termites are effective in Huntersville, NC. These home remedies are not always effective so it is best to let a professional help you get rid of the termites. 

Home Remedies To Try On Your Own 

Sun Drying

Termites hate to be exposed to the sun, if after inspection, some furniture are found to be infested by termites in the house, then taking them out and drying under the midday sun will drive them out. The only problem is that if the infestation is severe, termites will bore holes deep into the furniture and may go in to hide while the sun is up.

Spraying Furniture

Spices like salt, garlic and pepper are effective for chasing out termite from furniture. Infested furniture should be separated from other furniture and then the spices can be sprayed on the areas that have been eaten by termites.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils have been found from experiments to be able to get rid of termites; spraying these oils on infested furniture will kill the termites. Some of these oils are clove bud oils, citrus oils (lemon and orange oil), canola oils, garlic oils, and so on. Rub these oils on infested furniture and leave to dry afterwards clean furniture.

Cold Treatment

Just like with the sun drying, termites cannot stand extreme temperatures either hot or cold. Liquid nitrogen can be used to achieve colder temperature.

Vinegar Spray

Vinegar can be sprayed on wood to drive away termites, spraying some vinegar on the infected wood surface to chase away termites from it. As precaution, damp wood makes a conducive environment for termites to attack, hence try to keep wooden furniture dry at all times and treat woods used for furniture in the house accordingly to avoid termites.