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Extermination Prices For Mosquitoes In Huntersville, NC


Mosquitoes are widely known to many people and for a long time they have been an international public health issue. As much as they are tiny insects, a lot of lives are lost annually due to the diseases they spread. Malaria is the most common infection spread by mosquitoes but there are also other diseases like the yellow fever, dengue fever and several other diseases caused by different species of mosquitoes. To help in preventing infections by mosquitoes it is therefore very important to practice good control methods in Huntersville, NC. There are a lot of extermination products and control methods that can help you keep your home free from mosquitoes.

Draining Stagnant Waters

The first and the best way to control any stubborn pests is by ensuring that they do not breed. This helps in preventing further multiplication making it easy to eradicate them. Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant waters and this is the prime area where they breed. It is a chill wind to achieve a 100% mosquito eradication but by draining any stagnant waters around your home, you would have made a good difference in their population. Repair any leaking pipes, unblock your drains and ensure that your water storage tanks are tightly covered.

Mosquito Fogger

When dealing with big areas with very large infestations then mosquito foggers would be an ultimate solution as a control method.  Just like their names suggest, they work by creating a fog which is ingested by mosquitoes and this kills them. There are basically two types of foggers, the cold foggers which require electricity to work and the thermal foggers which work by heating a coil.  Cold foggers are suitable for use in smaller areas.

Mosquito Misting Systems

Mosquito misting systems are a good extermination products and are ideal in controlling mosquitoes in homes and backyards. They are systems that are installed in the areas infested by mosquitoes and they emit a chemical through its nozzle that kills the mosquitoes. They are very easy to install and very convenient since with the advanced technology you can control them with remotes. They are also very effective in killing mosquitoes. However, the unit cost for installing the mosquito misting systems could be slightly costly from the beginning but you would be impressed by how seamless they work.

Mosquito Dunks

If you have any stagnant water around your home for any reason, then the best way to ensure that mosquitoes do not breed is by using mosquito dunks. These are tablets that contain bacteria which are toxic against the mosquito larvae. All you need to do is dissolve them in the stagnant waters and all the larvae will be killed reducing the population of mosquitoes around your home.  

Mosquito Sprays

There are several compounds, both organic and chemical based that are very effective in killing mosquitoes when sprayed in an infested area. All you need is to equip yourself with a good sprayer that you can use to spray.