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Do Termite Inspectors Come Inside?


It’s bad enough to deal with pests, but what’s even worse is finding out about the problem a little too late. Sometimes infestations are hard to detect in an early phase, but you can still track an infestation during its developmental stages if you remember a few specific factors when looking for an infestation. At this point, you may be asking if you just have a professional perform an inspection for you. And if so, what does this inspection entail? Would you need to let them into your house?  Our answers to these questions are yes, yes, and yes. You can’t go wrong with a pest control expert’s opinion for multiple reasons - and regarding them entering your home, inspectors need to thoroughly check both internal and external house structures to complete a total evaluation.

In most cases, if you are not comfortable with the idea of this, you can just have them check only limited areas that you are comfortable with. With this being said, here are some things that professionals are going to look for when they perform an inspection.

Wood Being Used For Your Home

As you probably know, wood is a termite’s favorite food. To put the potential extent of their damage into perspective, an entire pillar of wood is enough to sustain a whole colony of termites. This fun fact becomes particularly alarming when considering the framework, structure, and state of your home! An inspector will check out all wooden structures located inside and out of your property. On a side note, for early signs of termite infestation in your home, check fallen debris and firewood.

Wood Damages

Since termites work their way from the inside of their food source out, you may notice some of the damages on certain parts of your property early. There are also ways to know if wood has already been eaten up on the inside by just tapping on it. A low sound produced when tapping can mean that there are termites inside of the wood.

Moisture in the Area

Termites can live in numerous spaces, even as random as underneath wallpapers and paintings! While many pests need water to survive, for termites, moisture is enough to keep them going. During an evaluation, your inspector will check the moisture on the wood and walls in your home in order to determine how prone your house is to termite infestations.


You may suddenly begin to see some flapped wings shed on certain parts and corners of your home. Don’t pass this off as just a couple of bugs that got into your home through an open door or window, as this is one major indicator that you have an infestation going on. Termites from large colonies will eventually grow wings when well-fed, so wings can mean you may be too late to reduce major damage!

Lake Norman Home Services Services

If you’re opting to have your house inspected to detect any type of infestation, why wouldn’t you call in the most trusted experts in the field of pest control?! Lake Norman Home Services is the company to count on. Aiming to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, our professional experts are trained and equipped to take care of your pest control needs...and that begins with a detailed and strategic pest inspection. Call or click today for a free quote!