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It is difficult to maintain a safe and peaceful home with pests all around. Which is the reason why you need to do everything you can to eliminate these threats? As non-experts, it could be difficult for most of us to even assess if we are indeed infested by termites. That’s the danger of it all. We will never know if a house is infested until the damage is almost irretrievable.

We can all agree, termites are known as one of the worst pests to deal with. For all we know, they are already in our walls, destroying our house from the inside out. Did you know that termites know the weakest parts of your home at first glance? After they have acquired the target, you will never know when they strike. With their number, how long do you think can they eat away your house?

Most wooden houses are prone to termite infestation. For this reason, it is important to check the structures every now and then. Check the surroundings for any sign of termite infestation.

Termites work in colonies and are highly intellectual insects. The reason why termites target homes are moist from underneath our structures. In order for their colony to survive, they need the warmth and food which they can find on the base of our home. There is a great danger in having termite infestation.  You will never know the damage until it has already been done.

Facts About Termites

There are three levels of the termite caste system. The social hierarchy of termites consists of the "reproductives," the soldiers, and the workers. In the termite colony, the worker termites are at the bottom of the caste system. They are reproductively immature and cannot reproduce.

The worker termites are only responsible for finding food sources, building nests, and taking good care of the young termites. On the other hand, soldier termites are a step higher than worker termites as per social hierarchy. They possess underdeveloped sexual organs but have mandibles which they use during combat. Predators cannot easily disturb a termite colony because of these soldier termites. These creatures will fight to the death just to protect their colony, especially their queen.

Lastly, the highest termites in the hierarchy are the reproductives or Alates. They are born with the ability to fly using their wings which is an indication of sexual maturity. These reproductive termites swarm during the warm weather where the male and female Alates will mate. After this process, the female Alates will lose their wings and look for a place to breed. These female alates will turn out to be the next queens of the new colonies. 

The job of the Queen termite is to produce an incredible number of offspring. Termite queens lay an egg every 15 seconds. Did you know that the termite queens can lay between 20,000 to 40,000 eggs a day? Termites build the largest nests among all insects. These creatures can build bigger nests than that of ants and bees. With their powerful jaws and mandibles, they can break down obstacles that stand in the way of their expansion.

Worker and soldier termites are blind. This is one of the most interesting facts about termites. You might be wondering how intelligent and resourceful they are without their eyes. To answer that question, termites use their sense of touch to identify food, distinguish enemies, and determine their fellow termites.

I guess it’s true when you lose one sense, your other senses compensate for this loss. This is the same among termites. These creatures spend their lives in dark places and damps so they do not need to develop functional eyes.

This may be hard to believe but termites are actually good for ecosystems. They have the capability to break down plant fibres and decaying trees to be a part of the soil and fertilize it. These creatures are also studied to be responsible for the aeration of the soil by building tunnels which improve soil health.

Termites Don't Sleep. These may be one of the most industrious insects aside from ants. These creatures work for 24 hours every day to build their colonies. Termites don't stop working until they die! This explains how fast they can tear a whole building down. Imagine having more or less 100,000 termites infesting your home. In a matter of days or weeks, the effects could be overwhelming. Termites are more active when and where it’s warm. Pests are very active during the summertime because of the abundance of warmth, light, and food. This gives termites more time to look for food and shelter to fend for themselves and their young.

Termites fart (more than humans). Shocking as this might be, this is one of the facts that termites don't want us to know. This explains the putrid smell inside our house when it is infested by termites.

Termites eat each other’s feces. During a termite's early years of life, it needs certain bacteria to for nourishment. This scarcity drives them to feed on each other's feces for compensation for the bacteria they need to survive. This process is also known as trophallaxis.

Termites build their homes out of feces. Each other's feces are used as mortars by Dampwood termites to build their nests.

Criteria For A Competent Pest Control Provider

As non-experts, you are going to need the help of a professional. I’m sure there are at least 10 exterminators within your area. So, how will you know who to choose? Experts have creates a short criteria in choosing a pest control company which are as follows:

1. Knowledge - First of all, you need to consider the knowledge of an exterminator. They must have state-of-the-art information about termite activity to know exactly what they are dealing with and how to deal with. Without the knowledge in their line of work, they might cause more damage to your home.

2. Skill - This is one of the most vital tools for an effective pest control service. Feel free to ask if they have sufficient training and information about their line of work. What about their expertise in the use of chemicals and treatments, are they proficient in those areas? Are they also skillful in using the different methods for extermination? An exterminator must be highly-trained to carry over procedures as effectively as they can to make sure that they eradicate all pest activity for good. Without skill, their methods of pest extermination, you will be wasting time, effort, and money to a company’s service.

3. Methods - Remember that the exterminators will be dealing with wooden floorings and walls.  Feel free to ask if the chemicals and treatments are safe for your home. What if it destroys your property?  Better yet, what if it causes illness to your family and pets?  Especially when you have children, it is best to inquire whether the residues will be safe for human contact or not. If you have a garden, how sure that it will not compromise the health of the plants?

4. Price - We all have financial obligations in the community. For this reason, you need to look for a pest control provider that provides affordable service but still maintains the quality of their work. This helps us avoid budget constraints for the sake of our family. Constraints should not be a reason to maintain a termite-infested home. Just think about what it could do to your own home. Would you prefer paying thousands of dollars for maintenance, or contact a pest control expert instead? As much as possible, avoid those companies that provide vague descriptions of their services and prices. You would not want to be charged with an expensive lump of money after every treatment has been done.

5. Professionalism - You need to consider the professionalism of the staff and exterminators. They must be willing to treat you in a nice and professional manner in the sense that they are willing to listen avidly to your concerns and queries and provide information without any form of treachery or deceit. To prove their statements about the quality and reliability of their service, you can check the reviews of people who have encountered their provisions and amenities. From there you can check if the pest control company is right for you.

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