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Licensed Termite Inspectors Near Me


Truthfully, termites are among the most common pests to invade homes worldwide. Often times homeowners don’t see them coming until they’re left with a massive hole chewed through their wallet that’s much larger than the physical one chewed through their property. That's why it is a good idea to get a pest inspection before buying your home. As scary as it is to admit, termites can practically be found in almost any building, physical structure, and house, and even dwell inside some furniture! We know this is a lot to handle, but before we proceed, let’s address the genetics and origins of these corrupt little pests.

Genetics of Termites

Believe it or not, termites derive from the insects called cockroaches. It’s true! According to recent phylogenetic studies performed on these insects, scientists were able to determine that the ancestors of termites were indeed cockroaches. However, it is believed that termites first existed in the Permian and Carboniferous periods.

Termites are referred to as “white ants”, simply because their body structure is similar to ants, but they are not from the ant family. As fascinating as this information is, let’s get back to termites.

  • They divide labor and their workload among the different caste members in their colonies.
  • They are comprised of fertile males called “kings”, and fertile females called “Queens”.
  • The rest of the male and female termites are called “workers” or “soldiers”.
  • It is commonly the female workers who are in charge of feeding and taking care of the eggs laid by the Queen, and more often the males are the ones who are supposed to look for food for the colony.

Can you even imagine the gravity of having these pests in your home? If so, worry no more. We’ve probably stressed you out enough already, so let’s offer some solutions. We’ve created a list below of ways that you can detect the presence of termites in your home.

Do I Have Termites?

Mud-Like Material Present in Irregular Patterns

  • Termites tend to excavate wood, which in effect leaves thin layers of wood that are left on the surface. When this layer is broken, you will see tiny holes which they will try to cover by mixing soil, feces, and their saliva.

You’ll Probably See Swarms of “Flying Ants”

  • First, you might think that these creatures are probably part of an ant colony, but they’re not. Swarms mean that you may be hosting a colony in your home.  Apparently, male and female termites have the ability to grow wings.

Some Termites Tend to Create Tunnels or Working Tubes

  • These allow them to shelter their nests, and wood, and even keep traces of tracts leading to their nests. This tunnel, like the tubes, is made of both wood and fecal excretion of the termites.

Piles of Wings Left Behind on Different Corners of Your Home

  • Termites shed wings frequently and you’ll easily notice their wings because of their recognizable size.

Damaged Wood

  • You may see poked wood structures with tiny holes, which means that the termites have probably already eaten your structural bearers.

It’s extremely important to regularly check if your house could be facing a pest infestation not only regarding termites but other different pests as well. Feel free to call our team of licensed termite inspectors at Lake Norman Home Services, so that you’ll know for sure what it is you’re dealing with and have it under control in an efficient manner.