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How To Avoid Entomophobia In Lake Norman, North Carolina


We might have heard of the quotes, “Safety first is safety always” and “Prevention is always better than cure.” Whenever we hear these words, we usually associate them with physical diseases and illnesses. However, we should also consider other aspects such as psychological safety. I know what you might be thinking, “How can we achieve safety of the mind?”  Well, there are different factors that can compromise the health of our minds. This includes traumatic events and painful events that may lead to phobia and other psychological disorders such as panic disorder, depression, PTSD, and most importantly phobia.

Entomophobia – The Fear of Insects

I am sure that most of you might have heard the term “phobia.” But to the common tongue, this refers to mere fear of an object or situation. You might have heard of claustrophobia or the fear of being in cramped and small places. You might have also heard of the term hydrophobia or the fear of water. But for this next one, I’m sure only a few of you have heard – Entomophobia. Before we discuss this, let me first explain what phobia really means. It is not just the mere fear of an object or a situation. It is the irrational and excessive fear of it. When we say excessive, it is not just hesitating to look at it, touch it, or be in the same room as it is. Excessive means to the point of dysfunctionality. You can no longer function properly just by the thought of it. You experience panic attacks, characterized by sweating, hyperventilation, increased heart rate, and sometimes fainting. If a person has agoraphobia or the fear of being helpless in a crowded place, he or she will no longer attempt to go outdoors because of her excessive and irrational fear. Thus, this inhibits her to go to school or work. Imagine when a person has entomophobia or the irrational and excessive fear of insects. What do you think will happen then? Did you know that you cannot go beyond three feet without a pest brooding somewhere near you? If you have a phobia of pests and insects, you will no longer function properly because of your fear. You will no longer go to the kitchen nor go to the bathroom because you believe there are insects roaming around its walls. It stays with you in your dreams as nightmares. It infiltrates your mind when you wake up. Everywhere you go, there will always be this apprehension of being in contact with any form of insects.

The Onset Of Entomophobia

But why do these instances occur? There are many reasons why a person develops a phobia to insects. Some might have been in a compromising situation with the presence of an insect. They could be locked in a closet with a spider. A kid might be triggered by his parents’ threats that a cockroach will eat him in his sleep. See, these little things that people think does not matter, is a big thing to others. They just choose to ignore what they do not understand. Can you imagine the ignorance of people nowadays? When somebody is afraid of cockroaches, bullies would aggravate this fear by threatening him using cockroaches. Do they have any idea what it could do to these individuals? This can even lead to heart attacks and suicide. I am trying to raise awareness so that people could understand that the phobia of pests is no laughing material. It is a serious psychological disorder that requires the assistance of a licensed psychologist.

Save Your Children From Phobia

A more important question that is thrown to local pest experts in Mooresville NC, “How can we prevent our children to acquire entomophobia?” As we all know, children have the most imaginative and creative minds. A little thought could fuel their dreams. Some become nightmares, others become fairytales. There are parents out there who inflict fear on their children’s minds just to make them do what they should. Words like, “Eat your vegetables, or else, the spider under your bed will come out and punish you.” Even when this is not likely, the kid’s brain will start to make an imprint out of those words. It starts to stem inside their system. As time passes by, it develops into fear. Eventually, it will only take one trigger to cause trauma and phobia. Instead of feeding your children threats about objects or situations, look for another approach to get them to do what you want. If you want to save yourself the treatment and therapy sessions, you would not want to do this to your child. Another way to avoid any compromising situation with pests, you can prevent their infestation from your home. I know that cleaning and regular vacuuming seems like the best way to prevent pest infestation but it does not stop there. Cleaning could kill and eliminate existing pests. But it does not prevent any more infestation. There is a reason why pests infest homes and these are the following:

Understanding Why Pests Infest Homes

The first reason pests infest homes is their need for shelter and protection. There are insects called the “winter pests” that cannot withstand the cold weather. Hence, they look for homes to infest and get warmth. Pests like the ant, termite, cockroach, and mouse infest houses most during the cold weather. The second reason for infestation is food. The insects mentioned above are very good harbingers of food. They have scouts who scour houses for possible foods to fend for themselves. This is the reason why clutters and crumbs from food attract these pests so much. The third most common reason for infestation is their reproduction. All creatures have their own need to procreate. Termites and ants need it to build their colony, to breed soldiers and fighters for their kin. Having a safe and stable place to procreate is a need for these pests. Hence, choosing the house with the most security for them. As for mosquitoes, they choose a home where there are puddles and water storage. Mice and cockroaches choose homes where there are deep crevices they can hide. Pests, whether you believe it or not are very cunning creatures. They know when a person is neat or not. Hence, choosing to infest the homes of people who prefer clutter to hygiene.

Seek Help From The Best Pest Control Service

If you are one of those people who lack the time to clean the house, you are more inclined to be a victim of pest infestation. Even if you choose to finally clean the house, it would be too late if you left it for a long time not being taken care of. The termites might have already started on your bearings. The carpenter bees might already bore several holes on your wooden property. Mice and rats would already be infesting your walls and ceilings, gnawing everything you own. Your home will be irretrievable. To prevent this from ever happening, you need to look for the best pest control service in Mooresville NC. Find somebody who has the skill and knowledge to eliminate your pest problems and give you a pest-free life at an affordable price. Luckily, you have a very competent pest control provider at your fingertips.

The Lake Norman Home Services

Introducing, Lake Norman Home Services – the best pest control company you will ever see. With the help of their professionals, you can eliminate all kinds of pests from home, including lawn pests, and many more. You will be left in awe once these exterminators get to work. Apart from their accommodative, honest, and polite way of dealing with their clients, you can see how expertly trained they are in their line of work. With the use of safe methodologies of pest control, all you need to do is watch them hit these pests where it hurts them the most. You would be surprised how many pests they can eliminate from your entire home. If you are tired of all the constant cleaning, vacuuming, and sweeping, maybe it is time to call for help from Lake Norman Home Services. This humble company is not like any other. They would risk their lives to save people not because it is their job but because of their duty and responsibility. The staff from Lake Norman Home Services knows how important it is to keep a pest-free environment which is why they dedicate themselves to the perfection of their methods in pest control. For fifty years, they have done nothing but save lives and provide top quality service. You would be crazy to go anywhere else. I recommend Lake Norman Home Services not because of the fact that I have known the company since I was a child. I recommend the company because they made me feel like family and gave me hope even when I thought our home was meant to be destroyed. The staff from Lake Norman Home Services saved me and my mother’s life from the danger of pests from our home. Indeed, this is the company that can provide all without any treachery and deceit. This is the only company I can vouch to do their best in their work and ensure the utmost safety of its customers.