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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

The Need For Pest Awareness In Huntersville, North Carolina


When I was a little girl, I always disregarded cleanliness at home. I was a happy go lucky person back then and all I wanted to do was play. I never had any regard as to the dangers of a dirty environment. I did not care even when I left bread crumbs all over the floor. I did not care whether I left the table or the couch uncleaned every after meals. I knew that my mother and my older siblings would take care of everything for me.  However, there was a time when my siblings got busier. They started to go to high school which meant heavier work for them.  My mom recently gave birth to my baby brother so she didn’t have enough time to clean up the house. During those moments, I was still very immature. I still showed no responsibility for my actions including cleaning after meals. Before I realized how dangerous it was to have a cluttered and unsanitary environment, it was too late.  See, my mother did not have that much say on what I did and did not do.  She focused on taking care of the baby. She trusted us enough to let us do our thing.  But one day, all of us started to get sick without knowing any apparent reason why. My older siblings got the flu. My mother started to get colds as well. This affected our little baby a little bit more because he had a very weak immune system back then. I, myself started to have a fever and soon, chills.  At first, we thought it was only the weather or the food. Eventually, we thought it was the water we drink. But as soon as we started to conduct an all-around cleaning session, we saw how dirty our house was, including our whole backyard. There were clusters of plastics all around, and the trash has not been recycled nor taken out for at least three weeks.

Responsibility Defines Pest Infestation

Since then, we have observed the countless numbers of pests that have infested our home.  This includes rats, mice, cockroaches, and several lawn pests such as beetles, moles, ticks, and fleas. I never thought that we would have all of those until that year in 2006. Because of my irresponsibility, our home turned into a big pile of waste. Since then, we have devoted our time to check more and clean more. Only to find out holes on our walls and our ceilings caused by mice, paving way for more insects to come. I was very guilty and disappointed. I was the only person in the house who should have been responsible enough to clean up every after a meal or to vacuum regularly. Sadly, I did not have the initiative to do it. Had I been taught what to do beforehand, I would be more inclined to clean up regularly and we would have prevented the problem. We knew our efforts were useless back then. It was too late. Our home seemed to be irretrievable from these pests. So, we had to sacrifice a little money to hire a pest exterminator to get these pests off our backs. When we were in Huntersville, North Carolina, we did not know many pest control providers. Until one of our neighbors referred us to Lake Norman Home Services. At first, we thought that this company is a little too far from home. We needed fast and competent action there and then. We were surprised when our neighbor asked us to try their services even at Huntersville. My mother dialed their office number and we were psyched to know they were coming as fast as they could.  After a couple of minutes, one of their exterminators came and asked us what really happened and he listened as we explained the infestation that has happened in our home. My mother made a quick joke of not observing cleanliness, and to our surprise, Mr. Exterminator was a bit of a joker himself. He reassured us that everything will be alright as soon as they finish the job. My mom was a little worried about the price of the service. To our surprise, it was as cheap as it can possibly be. At $30.00 per month, this already includes a package for holistic extermination and prevention. No extra charges for all necessary treatments applicable to the situation. My mother also asked about the treatments and methods used by the exterminator. She thought that the procedures will mostly be held indoors. She was worried that the residues might compromise our health, especially our newborn baby. The exterminator thoroughly explained to us the contents of the chemicals. We found out that it was not lethal to people nor pets at all. The most amazing part is, any question that we had about pests, he answered expertly. From there, we could assume they are highly-trained and highly-educated in their line of work. I watched avidly how Mr. Exterminator worked on our house and we were so surprised to see him ward off and exterminate what seems like an infinite number of pests. We were so shocked because we never knew how many pests our house can hold for a couple of days. The exterminator from Lake Norman Home Services worked for several hours, making sure no pest could ever enter our home again. When he was finished, he gave us quick tips on how to keep our home and backyard free from pests.

Tips To Maintain A Clean Environment

According to Mr. Exterminator, it was important to keep a healthy and clean environment to avoid attracting pests inside the house. Clean up after every meal and make sure you prevent any clutter that could hoard insects inside your home. Also, remember to check up every part of your home, including your gutters, walls, and ceilings for any hole or crevice where pests can enter. As much as possible, block these passageways to avoid infestation of pests. The local pest exterminator in Huntersville NC told us how important not to let even a single pest in because they can reproduce quicker than any of us knows. Plus, they are very cunning and smart in choosing the best hiding spot. Chances are, they might be hiding in plain sight without even knowing it.  It also pays off to acquire several cleaning materials especially a broom, duster, vacuum, compartment cleaners, mothballs, pesticides, mouse traps, or more. It might not be used as often but at least you have safety tools to rely on especially in emergencies. He also reiterated the part of responsible home management, in which all of the family members must put an effort to ward off pests, including young girls like me. He said that whatever I can do to clean the home, I should do it without question. He also tipped my mom to teach me the basics of washing the dishes and sweeping the floor just to help avoid clutters within our home. Finally, it was time for Mr. Exterminator to say goodbye. I was sad, partly, because he was so funny and he treated us like friends and family. For days, we thought that we would never hear from him again. To our surprise, one of the staff from Lake Norman Home Services asked to talk to my mom asking if there are any improvements. From there, I realized how important it was to keep track of your clients from time to time. My family and I realized that this humble company is not like any other. Apart from the fact that they can really do the job efficiently, they show care to their customers.

Lake Norman Home Services Always Saves The Day

Over the years I have been using their services, I never regret any transaction I had with them. In fact, I was so grateful to have met their company. Since then, I never had any problem with pests. Even when I started to have a garden filled with beautiful plants. I never worried that it might get infested with pests because I knew I could count on Lake Norman Home Services to save the day. To me, they are the real heroes in this world. They save lives and make people happy. In their more than 50 years of service, their company has stood the test of time as they continue to innovate and update their data about pests and pest activity. I am so thankful for Sam and Fran Newman for creating Lake Norman Home Services in the 1900s. Without it, lots of lives might have been compromised over the years. But because of their high-quality services and methods, they were able to save countless homes from all forms of infestation such as termites, bees, and many more. You would be crazy to go anywhere else! Wherever you are in North Carolina, be sure to contact only one pest control provider that is, Lake Norman Home Services. Let your dreams of a pest-free home be a reality. Enjoy your humble abode as you build a healthy and prosperous family. From all of us supporting Lake Norman Home Services, this is the pest control company in Huntersville NC that can shoo all your worries away!