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How To Deal With Termites At Home


The safety of our home is always a priority because this is where we find refuge and the best rest after a tiring day. This is where we build families and make memories. But how do we maintain the safety of our home and the security of our families when we are faced with a pest infestation? How do we make certain that we still have a home in a few years if we do not keep a close eye on pests invading our home? One of the most destructive pests is termites. Termites thrive in places that are dark and moist and has enough crawl space to build their colony. The foundation of your home is usually the area where they start building colonies.  A wooden house is prone to infestation as these creatures are drawn to materials like lumber, firewood, papers, and cellulose materials that are easy to decompose.  In order for their colony to survive, they need the warmth and food which they can find on the base of our home. A colony can reach up to thousands and infest your home in weeks. If left untreated, they grow bigger in size and number which is why it is important to check your house structures every now and then. Termites are very dangerous insects, they can literally wipe a home from the inside out. They are the best demolishers. Most common signs of termite activity are drooping drywall or peeling paint that you think may have been caused by water, hollow wood, holes found in wood or tubes made out of the 56mud in and out of your house, and swarms of winged pests.  These pests are highly intellectual insects. From the moment they see and feel the structure of a house, they find out exactly what its weaknesses are. And then, they start to work from there. You will never know the damage until it has already been done.  Termites are very quick in reproduction. With their number, who knows how long before they can eradicate the foundation of your home for good? The worst part is, if we are unaware of their activities, we will never know they exist beneath us until everything has been damaged. This is the reason why termites are called the silent destroyers. They can maintain an illusion that everything is okay inside your house even when it’s not.

Why DIY’s Don’t Cut Infestation

Exterminating termites will need skill and expertise. Sure it is very easy to search “How to get rid of termites” on the internet, but it is difficult to make certain that they have all been eradicated. Most of the time, when people are unaware of what they are dealing with, they are more likely to cause more harm than good in their home. When dealing with termites, it is imperative to have the know-how in treating the infestation. Being able to pinpoint the area where to spread the chemicals in your home is crucial to ensure that you have not left other areas of the house untreated and this will certainly need the caliber of a professional exterminator. Even if you have been able to treat a colony, there is no guarantee that those left in other areas cannot reproduce and start a new one. So how exactly can you guarantee to eradicate termite infestation?

Criteria For A Competent Pest Control Provider

In North Carolina alone, there are hundreds of pest control companies to choose from.  This is why you need to assess which one is the best. By best, this would mean a company that can be as transparent in the claims of the service and the corresponding rate that they provide. Experts have created a criterion for choosing a competent pest control service in North Carolina.

  1. First of all, you need to consider the knowledge of an exterminator. They must have state-of-the-art information about termite activity to know exactly what they are dealing with and how to deal with it.  Without the knowledge in their line of work, they might cause more damage to your home. Knowledge gives the exterminators the power to assess pest activity and analyze which procedures are fit for each case. A pest control service must also uphold their public and scientific duty by updating their data and information about the changing and evolving activity of pest life. This is essential to match the necessary procedures to the various cases of pest infestation.  
  2. Skill. This is one of the most vital tools of an effective pest control service. Do they have sufficient training and understanding about their line of work?  What about their expertise in the use of chemicals and treatments? Are they skillful in using the different methods for extermination? An exterminator must be highly-trained to carry over procedures as effectively and efficiently as they can to make sure that they eradicate all pest activity for good. Without skill, and expertise in their methods of pest extermination, you will be wasting your time, effort, and money on a company’s service.
  3. Methods. Remember that exterminators will be dealing with wooden floorings and walls.  Feel free to ask if the chemicals and treatments are safe for you and your home. You would want to make sure that you are safe in the long run and that your home is in good hands. Because what if it causes illness to your children and pets? It is best to inquire whether the residues will be safe for human contact or not. Or if you have a garden, you would need to make sure that their health is not affected especially if you are growing fruits and vegetables your family consumes. It is very important to understand the methods and chemicals to ascertain safety and to be aware of any after-treatment task you may need to do. Knowing these is crucial especially when you do not want to deal with maintenance and repairs to your property you were previously unaware of.
  4. Price. We all have financial obligations. As responsible parents and homeowners, we must avail services that fit our budget for the sake of our family. This should not be a reason to have the pest-free life you deserve. This is why you are going to need a pest control provider who provides competent service at an affordable price. As much as possible, avoid those companies that provide vague descriptions of their services and prices. You would not want to be charged with an expensive lump of money after every treatment has been done when the quality of service is not met.
  5. Professionalism.  Lastly, you need to consider the professionalism of the staff.  They must be willing to treat you in a nice and professional manner in the sense that they are willing to listen avidly to your concerns and queries and provide the answers you are looking for. It is also advisable to check the reviews of the previous customer to check on the authenticity of their claims about the quality and reliability of their service.

Luckily, if you are in North Carolina, there is a company that meets all these criteria.   Lake Norman Home Services is a company that has been providing high-quality services in North Carolina for over 50 years. Founded by Sam and Fran Newman, this company makes sure that you get a peaceful life at the end of each session.

Why Choose Lake Norman Home Services?

This humble company provides a basic service plan that covers the interior and exterior of your home. Exterminating most kinds of pests such as mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, and many more. At Lake Norman Home Services, they provide all necessary treatments without any additional charge. No more worries about budget constraints. Their exterminators will do the best they can to provide the service you need. You can finally say goodbye to all your pest problems because their exterminators are very keen to cut down any pest activity anywhere in your home. From your attic to your basement, backyard, and other unused spaces, you will surely feel relief after they are finished with their job. At Lake Norman Home Services, you will finally have the safe and pest-free environment you always deserved. No more worrying about disease-causing pests. For as low as $30 per month, you will literally be killing multiple pests in a blink of an eye. You would be crazy to go anywhere else! Lake Norman Home Services is dedicated to excellence and takes pride in providing quality service. All of their exterminators are highly skilled and well-informed in their line of work. They are proficient with most kinds of insects by dealing with them accordingly with the right method. Lake Norman Home Services makes certain that their staff receive state-of-the-art training that allows them to bring safety and satisfaction to their clients. Procedures are carried out to effectively eliminate all forms of pests and keep the house owners safe from any chemicals used during the process. They only use proven and tested treatments that are safe for the environment so worry not about residues or fumes affecting your belongings, children, pets, and gardens. Service is provided at a price their customers can afford and is backed up by transparent staff who are reliable and competent in answering any question you may have. For a peaceful and pest-free home in North Carolina, Lake North Pest Control’s door is always open for you.