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Hiding Places Of Silverfish You Probably Didn't Know


Playing hide and seek is enjoyable because you can hide for a long time before you are found and what makes it even more fun is that you can discover new hiding places which you only know. However, hiding is not only a skill made for people because even animals especially pests can hide in your home and cause trouble without your idea. 

Interesting Facts About Silverfish

Pests are one of the common household problems every homeowner is facing. There is nothing a day that you will not complain about pests because they come when you least expect it and they invite their selves in your home. Mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, spiders, termites, cockroaches, fleas, and rodents are some of the vermin you will find at home and hope you’ll never meet them again. On the other hand, silverfish are one of the pests which can be pesky to your home. With their small size and quick crawls, they definitely can run away from you and will never find them easily. The pest is known to be good in hiding as they will sneak into places you have never imagined.

However, not everyone is aware of silverfish. They are not fish, to be honest, they are small bugs that crawl like they are swimming that’s why their movement is compared to a fish. If you have them at home, better let a bug exterminator get rid of them before it’s too late. If you want  to ensure your home is free from silverfish, here are their hiding places that you need to check.


A bathroom is a place where you do your hygiene rituals and a place for you to have some time for yourself. If you love your restroom, silverfish love it as well. The place is where they usually hide and you may not have any idea about it. It is normal for you to see spiders, ants or cockroaches inside your bathroom but seeing silverfish could surprise you especially if you are not familiar with them.

According to a pest exterminator in Mooresville, silverfish come into the bathroom because water sources are available and the moisture is high. The pest loves humidity so it will sneak into your bathroom where its preferred environment is available. Silverfish usually go near the drains, shower, and pipes found in your bathroom.


If you love books, so does silverfish! Well, the pest doesn’t really read books but they like it because the glue used to bind the books. A pest exterminator in Mooresville says that the pest is fond of bookbindings so they will hide in your bookcase and infest.

You don’t want to see your most prized books be tattered into pieces because of silverfish, right? So, the best way is to check the bookcases, the corners, and your books so that you will know if the pest has already made its way to your favorite book collections. 


If your home doesn’t have a basement, good for you but if it has, well, expect to have silverfish at home. The pest love basements! They will come inside the dark basements because it is dark and moisture is present as well. They love both so they will never hesitate to infest your basement. Since the place is not visited often, you are giving the pest a big chance for them to invade the place and letting them enjoy it to the fullest. Your basements should be checked once or twice a week to see if silverfish are around.

However, the pest is good in hiding so they will find a place in your basement which will help them not to be found easily. If you can’t find silverfish in your basement, better let a pest exterminator in Mooresville do the work for you.


Your kitchen is a heaven for pests because it is where food sources and moisture are mostly available. Pests need food as well to survive so they will forage for food which they will bring back to their nests or will help them fill their empty stomachs. Since pests search for food, they will visit your kitchen especially the pantry. Your pantry is the place where you usually hide goods like starch, flour, sugar, and more. If your dry goods are not stored in airtight containers or glass jars, silverfish can penetrate it and will be inside your food. They will begin to contaminate your dry goods which can be bad for your health when you ingest it.

Also, according to a pest exterminator in Mooresville, silverfish will not only be after your dry goods but they will be looking for entry points to make it easier for them to come inside the pantry. Inspect the crevices, corners, and unused things in your pantry so that you will know pests have already entered the pantry or not.


The cardboards you have at home can be an attractant to silverfish so you need to be mindful of placing piles of cardboards in your area. Like other pests, they use cardboards as hiding places and silverfish have the same way of using it. They will find piles of cardboards in your home and they will make their selves at home.

Cardboards are not only a hiding place for them, but it is also their food as well. So, if you have lots of cardboards, you are helping them to survive because they don’t need to look for food since it is served to them already Check the cardboards you have in your garage, basements, or attic and if you find silverfish, better hire a pest exterminator in Mooresville to eliminate the pest successfully.


We know how important clothes to everyone because it will cover your body and will keep you warm when the weather is cold. You usually keep your clothing inside closets for better protection and for it not be stained accidentally.

However, the dark surrounding your closet has is what silverfish like and they will hide inside to keep them safe. The pest is known to eat almost everything and your clothes are not exempted. Clothing made of leather, linen, and silk is mostly the victims of the pest because it is what they like. They will sometimes create tiny holes into clothing which can ruin the quality and aesthetic of your clothes. But, you should not only check your clothes, but you also need to inspect the baseboards, and corners of your closets too. If you need professional help, a pest exterminator in Mooresville can give you help. 


Silverfish are too attracted to glue so they will find anything which has glue and wallpapers has it. Some homeowners like to install wallpapers inside their homes to make it more beautiful however they don’t know is that silverfish will crawl into your wallpapers and look for glue which is food for them. Remember, wallpapers are not their only target because things with glue such as frames, mats, and more are hiding places for them. If you want to stop silverfish from infesting your home, the best resolve is by hiring a pest exterminator in Mooresville to help you.

Silverfish are among the most annoying pests you will have at home. Aside from cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, and more, the pest is known to cause damages to your home and they can do it secretly. These hiding places are the areas you need to check if you suspect silverfish. The pest doesn’t only settle in one place, but they are found everywhere so eliminating them can be hard. So, to exterminate the pest, a pest control company in Mooresville is the one you need. 

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