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Effects of Winter To Pesky Pests


Winter is one of the most awaited seasons every year because it is the time when the temperature drops, snow begins to fall and it signifies that the holidays are coming. Even though the days and nights are cold, people are still loving it however it is ruined when pests are around.

There are pesky pests you will encounter during winter. Some may ignore it but others become worried since infestations can happen anytime. Cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and more can be your common visitors during the cold season and you need to take them out before they cause problems.

We know what pests can do to your homes and if you don't do any preventive measures to get rid of them, they will continuously stay in your place. So, you need to call effective pest control in Mooresville to help you out during winter.

On the other hand, when the winter season is in, some animals will seek shelter and hibernate. Like in pests, winter also has effects on them which you have to know for you to execute proper and effective pest control.

If you want to know what happens to pesky pests during winter, here are pests you need to look out for and know what they do during the cold season. 


One of the most frequent visitors you will have not only during winter but all year round is cockroaches.  The pest is known to have been infesting households for a longer time and eliminating them today is becoming difficult. Because of their long existence in the world, they can resist treatments used on them.

According to a pest expert in Mooresville, cockroaches may have acted differently when winter comes. Firstly, they will seek shelter which will keep them warm and allow the survive the freezing days. American cockroaches, for example, are species that prefer outdoors as their homes due to the warm climate but when winter is in, they will begin to find a place where they can find warmth so they will sneak into homes, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants and more. German cockroaches are different as they like indoors and they usually stay in places where food and moisture are accessible.

So, when winter is right around the corner, they don't have problems. Since cockroaches can adapt to any climate, you need to make a better pest treatment plan which will eliminate the pest successfully. 


Another pest which you will see during winter is ants. The pest is known to be one of the pesky pests you will encounter and you wish they don't exist. Even though ants can help in the ecosystem, but when they begin to infest, they are problematic. During winter, ants don't have any worries because before the cold season kicks in, they are already preparing. They start to forage and store food which will help them survive the freezing weather. Because of their preparedness, they are comfortable. Also, ants ensure that their colony is safe. Winter lowers their activeness but they make sure their colony is safe.

They will seal their colonies and hide underground while waiting for spring to come. Winter can stop their pest activities but once it is over, ants are back to devastating and infesting your homes.

So, to avoid them from causing severe infestations, better call apest exterminator in Mooresville to get rid of them quickly. 


If there is one destructive pest you don't want to see and experience, that would be termites. The pest is a silent destroyer that will discreetly chew down your home's structure, foundations, furniture, and more. If you don't inspect your home for termites, you will never find out that you have them unless you see mud tubes on walls.

Termites are indeed dangerous because they are merciless when infesting. During winter, termites' behavior can change. If during the warm climate they are very active, in the cold season, they start to save their selves from coldness. Drywood termites will find dry logs as a shelter for them to survive the winter. Subterranean termites will bury in soil and stay under until the cold climate is over. But, when the season is over, young termites will begin to look for mating partners and sometimes, they do it inside your home.

So, you have to be careful with termites because they can damage your home without your idea. When you suspect termite activities, hire a pest exterminator in Mooresville right away to prevent them from causing infestations.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are among the pesky pests you want to drive away for good because of their itchy bites. The pest usually hides in mattresses or on places near you because they feed on you. The pest needs human blood to survive and when they can't find their main host, they resort to animals.

In winter, bed bugs can survive as they are known to withstand even the freezing temperature and because of this, eliminating them is a hard task. There are instances that they die when exposed to too much cold but they sometimes avoid it due to the environment your home gives.

When winter is up, they will look for a warm shelter which will assure them that they can survive the cold days and can still enjoy spring. Because bed bugs can be everywhere when they infest, you need the help of a pest exterminator in Mooresville to do all the pest control work for you.

These are the common pests you will see when winter is in the air. The weather can make a big difference in their behavior but some pests are still the same regardless of the climate.

Aside from these, there are still other effects of winter to insects and bugs found in your place. These are:

They Die

Some insects and bugs die when winter comes because they are done with their job. There are insects which only work as mating partners for queens and once they are finished, they eventually die. Even though some die when it is already cold, they still have helped their colony to thrive since they will bring new ones which will continue their generation. Eggs will survive winter and will hatch when spring comes which will end up increasing their numbers.

So, dying is not a big problem for some insects and bugs. 

They Hibernate

Insects and bugs take the winter as an opportunity to hibernate. If bears hibernate, so does little creatures as well. Even they are hibernating, it is not a problem for them since they are saving their energy and they don't usually get hungry since their metabolism slows down. When they are done hibernating, they will begin to infest again which will give new headaches

When they are hibernating, let a pest expert in Moorseville do the work to get rid of the pesky insects and bugs.

They Migrate

Since winter brings a whopping drop in temperature, some insects and bugs try to save themselves by migrating. They move to one area specifically in warmer places where they will reproduce. Also, by migrating, they can avoid the wrath of the cold season and will come back once it is over.

Pests may behave the same or different when winter comes. However, they are the cause of infestations and if you don't make a move, they will target your homes or worse, your family and pets could be targets as well. To avoid infestations, a pest control company in Mooresville is what you need. 

Professional Pest Control Company

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