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Cockroaches- What You Really Need To Know


Cockroaches, being one of the most common pests in our household, pose a greater danger than we know. Most people think that cockroaches only exist to feed on our excess food. The truth is, cockroaches are known to spread thousands of bacteria in our household.  These creatures love to stay underneath pipelines, drainage areas, and other unsanitary places.

Facts About Cockroaches

With their speed of 40 miles per hour, they can totally cause illnesses to our loved ones. You read it right! Cockroaches are fast-moving creatures. Imagine how many they can spread at home. They infest our kitchen utensils, condiments, and accessories. They crawl on our floors, walls, and properties, leaving a trail of bacteria on their way. Did you know that by shedding their skin, they can contaminate not only food but every object that gets in their way? You can see how this might be harmful to children who have a sensitive immune system. Cockroaches, believe it or not, can trigger allergic reactions, asthma, and other illnesses.


To prevent cockroaches from infesting your home, make sure to clean up every after a meal. Roaches are very attracted to left-overs, bread crumbs, moisture, even beer. Scientists could not explain how cockroaches are attracted to beer. But somehow, the sugary substance of beverages keeps them coming. Cockroaches can live up to 40 minutes without a head. They can still keep on walking and spread bacteria all over your home. So, do not think that a cockroach is harmless just because it no longer has its head. Who knows where it can go without its sense of smell? In exterminating cockroaches, make sure to throw them away immediately and sanitize where they came from.

Never let dead cockroaches stay at home. Sooner or later, ants will swarm over the carcass and it can lead to a wider spread of disease-causing bacteria. Also, when trying to get rid of cockroaches, avoid flushing them in the toilet. Kill it for good. A roach can survive for 40 minutes under water. Flushing the insect down the drain only gives it a free pass to come back. Remember, a cockroach’s habitat lies beneath our drainage and sewers. You never killed it, you just gave it a ride home.

Cockroach Infestation

Infestation from a cockroach should not be taken for granted. They can multiply quickly inside your home. Did you know that in one household alone, there are as many as 900 to 300,000? A cockroach’s ootheca, the shell that protects the eggs can contain up to 50 of their kind. Imagine how many female cockroaches exist in your own home! What’s worse is these creatures can grow rapidly especially in places where they can harbor food. The existence of cockroaches in the household can pose many dangers to your family. Which is why you should never take it for granted. If you are in North Carolina, you are lucky to have Lake Norman Home Services as your pest control provider. They will give you a full, high-quality service, at a very affordable price!