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DIY Tips Against Moth Infestation


Moths are very annoying creatures. Although they look a lot like the butterfly, these creatures can pose a great nuisance to the family. Did you know that moths can damage books, clothing, and even spoil our food? There are moth species that can actually infest our belongings and destroy it from the inside out. Imagine being a dress-maker, a librarian, or a baker. Having moths around can totally compromise your daily business activities. Imagine how much it can cost you to have your books, clothes, and goodies ruined by these creatures.

Facts About Moths 

The pantry moth, from the name itself, is attracted to food are adept in destroying food packages and spoiling it from the inside. Just like cockroaches, moths enter the home for warmth. Food comes to them secondly. Before these creatures can cause more damage to your home, it is best to do whatever it takes to exterminate them. Do not worry, moths do not bring harm to humans, only to our belongings. A lot of people think that the dust from a moth’s wings can cause blindness. But according to scientists, there are no cases of that ever happening yet.

The dust in a moth’s wings is only for thermoregulation, the attraction for prospective mates, and for a more effective flight. Another myth about moths says that touching their wings can cause injury. Although dust from the wings might get into our fingers, touching a moth’s wings does not necessarily impede its ability to fly. This goes with the myth that holding a moth can kill it.

Well, moths are not as fragile as what people think they are. According to experts, there are eight moth repelling plants that we should know about:

  1. Cloves
  2. Lavender
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Thyme
  5. Peppermint
  6. Rosemary
  7. Cedar
  8. Orange

Spraying the house with these scents or extracts can totally ward off moths. But to make your spray more efficient, make sure to target places where moths are very common. It could also be where their food can be found such as the bookshelf, near the cabinets, and of course, near our food storage units. Southernwood, a plant from the sunflower family can also repel moths at home. You can create yourself a moth sachet repellant using the extract of southernwood and it can ward off these creatures in no time. Laced with a bit of cinnamon, your concoction will be unstoppable. Never underestimate the existence of moths at home.

Moth Prevention

Although one can be pretty harmless, once it has established its habitat, there is no stopping it from laying eggs all over your home. Moths are quick in reproduction too. Which is why you need to make sure to keep maintain cleanliness all over your surroundings. Secure food that can be reached by insects. Regularly vacuum your floors and always clean the compartments of your home. By doing these activities, not only will you ward off moths but other harmful insects as well. Always put the safety of your family first and prevent the infestation of pests while you can.