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The Best Pest Control Company For Moths In Denver, NC


Moths, unlike the butterflies, are household pests. They do not transmit diseases, but they are a nuisance and the economic damages they cause are nothing to sneeze at. They damage clothing, furniture, and stored food. If you already have moth infestation, you may want to call the best pest control company for moths in Denver NC, Lake Norman Home Services Company.

The Most Common Types Of Moths

In the United States, there are four types of moths that are very common.

  • Clothes Moths – The clothes moths are household pests that eat your clothes.  They also eat natural fibers like silk, shearling, wool, fur, and feather.  They usually eat clothes that are dirty, damp, and hidden in undisturbed places.
  • Meal Moths – These are also known as pantry moths, or meal moths, or Indianmeal moths. They hunt down your cereals, rice, flour, pasta, powdered milk, and other grains. They are considered as the most troublesome type of moth in the United States.
  • Ermine Moths – They can be found in the garden defoliating garden shrubs. They are identified with small bodies that are whitish and are covered in rows of black dots.
  • The Browntail Moth- It is not really the adult brown tail moths that cause the problem, but their caterpillars and nests. The hairs of these caterpillars can cause severe skin irritation and rashes. The adult moths also spin nests of silk which contain hairs that cause irritation as well. When spotted, caterpillars and nests should be removed within your vicinity.


Here are some tips on how to get rid of moths:

1. Clean areas in your house that are dark and humid.  Place under the sofas and under the beds, for example.  Clothes moths like to hide in those places.

2. Immediately wash dirty clothes. Clothes moths prefer to eat dirty clothes rather than fresh ones.

3. Use repellents and mothballs to deter moths.

4. While at the grocery store, check stored food items for webbings from moths.  Reject them if you find these signs. In case you were not able to see them and you were able to bring them home, return it to the store  Be sure they are disposed of properly.

5. Clean and vacuum carpets as it may contain eggs and larvae.

6. Use pheromone-laced cardboard traps.  This can be effective in catching the moths.  Use this together with other methods.

7. If you find moths too bothersome, you can find the best pest control company right in Denver, NC: Lake Norman Home Services Company.

Why Lake Norman Home Services Company?

Lake Norman is a family owned company that has been around for more than 50 years. They have excellent experience not only in moth control, but also with other pests such as termites, ants, wasps, mosquitoes, roaches, flies, rodents, centipedes, and millipedes.

They have highly skilled and well-trained technicians utilizing the latest and most advanced equipment in the business. They also employ family friendly and pet-friendly methods of extermination so you are assured of your family’s safety. Lake Norman Home Services has earned the trust of residents and businesses alike in Denver.