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Mice- What You Really Need To Know


Don’t you ever get tired of the countless nights of hearing the scratching and gnawing of mice all over your home? Some people actually disregard the dangers of having mice in the household. Though it is normal to have a mouse or two at home, never underestimate the dangers they can bring to your family.  Apart from the fact that a mouse can harbor bacteria and spread it at home, their droppings alone can pose a great danger to our loved ones. Did you know that once ingested, their droppings can cause inflammation, atherosclerosis, amoebiasis, Huntington’s disease, neoplasm, salmonella, and meningitis? You can see how dangerous it is for our children to ingest even a tiny bit of mouse dropping.


See, mice are very good runners and jumpers. They can reach even the farthest and highest portions of our home. A mouse can hide right under our noses. For all we know, it might have contaminated our stored food and beverages already. This makes it very inconvenient to adjust. Imagine getting to check and sanitize every single food package.

Despite a mouse’s small body, it has a ravenous appetite. It can eat more than 20 times a day. Their search for food never ceases. You do not expect them to sleep at night. They even enjoy to eat more when we are asleep– no distractions, and no humans to keep them at bay. One of the real dangers of having mice at home is fire. When mice run out of food to eat, they target the wires and powerlines on our ceiling. Sometimes, damaging even our appliances at home. Unknowingly, the damages to the insulators can spark a huge fire, endangering your loved ones and your properties.


However, hearing their gnawing and scratching is not a lullaby. It makes us want to tear the house down and exterminate those mice once and for all. But it is a bit difficult to do, especially when inexperienced. Which is why it is important to prevent further mice infestation. To exterminate this pest at home, you will need to keep your house tidy and clean. Avoid clattering and messy objects.

Mice love the chaos in their surroundings. It makes it easier for them to hide. If you want, you can buy some traps from the market and keep a good eye on it. I am sure you will not want any of them to get away. Mice are very attracted to garbage. To prevent them from infesting your home make it a habit to take out the trash regularly. Close up any holes where they can enter from.

Get Help From A Professional

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