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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast In North Carolina


One of the dirtiest pests in households is the cockroach. It crawls over dirty places such as the sewers and drainage pipes only to find itself into our home. Imagine how many bacteria they can spread at a speed of 40 miles per hour. They can totally cause various illnesses to us and our family members. Cockroaches are very quick in reproduction. One ootheca, or a protective capsule can contain 50 eggs that hatch and grow rapidly, especially in an untidy home. Once their existence is ignored in the household, they start to infest our household and pose a great nuisance to the family.


Cockroaches are like mice and ants. They will do anything to gather food for themselves. This includes infesting stored food and causing damage to the packaging. Once they find their way in, they start to spoil our food making it impossible to eat. Cockroaches are very disgusting insects and they do not have a sense of personal space. They are relentless in our kitchen. They crawl over our utensils, pots, condiments, storage areas, even our clothes in the cabinet.

Imagine having children around and you are infested with cockroaches. It can cause irritation and infection to the kids, especially their skin being fragile and sensitive to foreign objects. Plus, once they accidentally ingest a cockroach’s droppings, it can compromise their health.

Not Easy To Exterminate

We all used to think that cockroaches are easy to exterminate. But they never are. Did you know that cockroaches can live without its head for another 2 weeks or more? Imagine how many bacteria it can spread in that duration. And without any sense, who is to say it cannot go into our beds and actually crawl over us in our sleep? Flushing a cockroach into the drain does not help much either. Did you know that cockroaches can survive underwater for more than 30 minutes? If you flush it down the toilet, you will only be sending it home and ready to come back anytime he wants.

Squish It!

It is true that the best way to get rid of cockroaches is to squish it. You can also use insecticides to get rid of it. But after you do, make sure you clean it afterwards. Ants are attracted to dead insects. Once they have detected the dead carcass of the cockroach, they will be more than happy to swarm all over it. This can spread more bacteria in the home, considering the number of ants that are present.

Home Remedies

Experts have found out that baking soda, boric acid, fabric softener, bay leaves, lemon, and coffee extract can help ward off cockroaches. So, if you want to prevent the existence of cockroaches in your home, apply these solutions where cockroaches are often to be found. Mothballs are effective too. Cockroaches hate the smell of mothball, especially when it is cramped up and concentrated in cabinets. To discourage cockroaches from infesting your cabinets, regularly putting mothballs in compartments will help you ward them off.

Keep The House Clean

Of course, the most important action to do is to keep your house clean and tidy from the inside out. You will never know what other insects dirt can attract. So, to prevent any more infestation, make sure to have a clean home. Protect your home from diseases, prevent it from attracting pests.