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When To Call The Local Pest Expert


Pests cause various issues to human health and structures. Although the existence of pests is normal in certain establishments, we should never take this issue for granted. There are several categories of pests in the insect world. All of which cause specific problems to mankind.

The first category is the biting insects. This includes bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and kissing bugs. Usually, the bites of these insects cause minor swelling, pain, itching, and redness. Stinging insects, on the other hand, inject venom to the bodies of their prey. This substance can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. Examples of stinging insects include honeybees, yellow jacket wasps, paper wasps, and fire ants.

Signs of symptoms of insect stings include itching, rashes. It can also cause swelling of the throat, lips, and tongue. Other symptoms include trouble breathing, shortness of breath, fainting, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. However, there are instances when stings cause serious reactions. It can trigger some form of serum sickness in some individuals. A sting from any of the creatures mentioned above can cause fever, seizures, nausea, shock, even death. Other symptoms include flu-like ailments like joint pain, body pain, and headache.

There are also other insects that do not bite or sting but still poses a threat to human beings. They can still trigger allergic reactions and other illnesses using their droppings, urine, and saliva. An example of this is the cockroach and the mouse. Common allergic reactions from these insects include itchy eyes and nose, wheezing, and a scratchy throat. However, the onset of allergies can depend on various situations such as the sensitivity of the human being to the allergen, repeated exposure, concentration of the infestation, and indoor ventilation. Research has proven that poor ventilation causes a higher risk for allergic reactions to certain allergens such as dirt, dust, and other foreign substances. 

Most Dangerous Pests In The Household 

To understand more about the dangers of pests at home, here are the top most dangerous pests in the household. 

1. Termites. These pests are one of the creations of mother nature that do not need to sleep. They work 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, making them one of the most destructive pests of all time. Did you know that they cause more than $25 million dollars of damage to households every year? Just like most pests, termites love to infest homes to feel warmth, to establish a stable habitat, and to gather food for their colony. These creatures are very intelligent. They take one look at your house and they eventually figure out its weakest points. In time, they will start to chew on your house’s bearings and work their way to its core foundations. If you leave a termite infestation unattended, your house will be irretrievably destroyed. 

2. Scorpions are also one of the most dangerous pests of all time. They are very lethal to humans and animals which is why they need to be eliminated from our surroundings. Scorpions that reside in residential areas are very small. They are almost invisible to the naked eye. If you see any of these creatures at home, it is best to call for a competent exterminator near you.

3. One of the most dangerous pests to avoid is the bees and the wasps. Although these two are mostly interchanged, both of them can be very harmful to human beings. According to entomologists, bees are less aggressive than wasps. They only sting when they feel aggravated by other creatures. Plus, bees can only sting once. Their stingers are directly connected to their stomach. So, when they take their first sting and pull out, it will be like pulling their guts out from within. This eventually causes them to die. Wasps are very dangerous. There are so many cases of wasp attacks to innocent human beings causing them to have severe cases of shock, heart attack, and allergies. What if your child accidentally aggravates a wasp? Or what if the dog accidentally disturbed their nest and the wasps blame the child for doing it. Remember, wasps can sting more than once. Their sting can cause anaphylactic shock that can lead to death.

4. Spiders. Although most spiders in residential areas are not harmful, you can never be too sure if they are venomous or not. So far, there are two species of spiders that cause danger to human beings – The Brown Recluse Spider and the Black Widow Spider. As lay persons, we are not acquainted with the different kinds of spiders that can infest our homes. What if a lethal spider suddenly enters our environment? We cannot just ignore the fact that it could mean death to the members of our family and even to our pets. Yes, spiders play an important role to balance the population of various pests in the environment. But we can never be too sure when it comes to safety. 

5. Did you know that Horse Flies can bring blood-borne diseases to livestock and human beings? If you have a farm or poultry, this is one of the most dangerous pests to look out for. If your surroundings are infested with House Flies, it is important to call for an exterminator because DIY means usually cannot do the trick. 

6. Fleas. These parasites can live off human and animal blood. Although it is common for our pets to have them, they must be eliminated at once. Just like the horse fly, fleas carry diseases that can affect humans and animals. Plus, they are very difficult to exterminate. Focusing on your pet to exterminate fleas does not work because these pests can live in other places such as crevices, gardens, dark and unused spaces. So, no matter how much you treat your pet’s fur, more and more fleas will come to it especially when you do not know their safe hiding spots. 

7. Mice and Rats are very dangerous too. They bring damage to the house and diseases to the family. Did you know that 25% of house fires in the United States are caused by faulty electrical wirings damaged by rats and mice in households? 

8. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous killer pest of all time. It brings malaria, dengue, Zika virus, and many other deadly illnesses. Without proper care around your environment, you could be experiencing a full-on mosquito infestation that puts your family in danger. 

When To Call The Local Pest Expert

It is always important to have your local pest expert on speed dial. When these following situations occur, you will know it is time to have your local exterminator take over.

1. DIY methods don't work anymore. Consistent care and maintenance are the keys to successful DIY extermination. However, if you observe that your methods are no longer helping the infestation, it is best to call for your local pest expert in Denver, NC. They will use advanced methods of pest control that will surely get rid of pests from your entire home. 

2. Pest Control becomes a problem. If you are having second thoughts about using certain chemicals that can damage your plants, your home, and even bring danger to the family, call for your local pest exterminator. If you are looking for a company that advocates the use of environmental-friendly means of pest control, call Lake Norman Home Services. The staff prides themselves in concocting human-friendly and botanical-friendly means of extermination. If you are worried that the chemicals might damage your property, fret not! Lake Norman Home Services will do the job as safe as possible. 

3. When there are pets and children at home, it is important to call for fast and competent service. What better way to achieve that than by calling Lake Norman Home Services? For over 50 years, the company has been saving lives from different forms of pest infestation. With one quick call, the exterminators will do their best to get rid of the problem as fast and efficient as they can. 

4. Damage to the house. If you observe certain patches and holes around your home, it is best to call for an exterminator before the damage gets worse. Usually, damages can be brought by mice, rats, termites, and carpenter bees. If you do not take immediate action to resolve this problem, the infestation will start to get worse. Eventually, your house becomes irretrievably destroyed. 

5. There’s so much excrement from pests. The droppings of certain insects are the number one causes of diseases among human beings. When you observe too much excrement on your floor, cupboards, cabinets, and other common places, it is time to call for help. 

6. Pests cause a nuisance. There are instances when pests such as cockroaches, mice, and rats produce so much noise from all their gnawing and chewing all around the house. Most of the time, they cause a lot of sleepless nights. When this happens, call for Lake Norman pes Control – the number one pest control company all over North Carolina. What are you waiting for? Put the number on speed dial and experience high-quality methods of pest control.