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DIY Approaches Against Roaches


DIY Approaches Against Roaches

Given that cockroaches are one of the most disgusting creatures on Earth, it is also one of the most dangerous pests of all time. Although some families think that cockroaches are fragile and harmless to humans, they’re completely wrong. Cockroaches can bring various diseases to humankind.  

Cockroach Infestation

We all know that these creatures establish their habitat in the dirtiest places such as sewers and drainage pipes. They feed on the most disgusting things, including the carcasses of their fellow insects and other animals.  With this said, cockroaches can bring thousands of bacteria in our home. With their fast speed, who knows how much they can spread indoors?

To think that cockroaches crawl over our accessories and gadgets, even our utensils, it is hard to imagine how much bacteria they can acquire from touching our own belongings. What’s worse, it can be very detrimental to the health of our children who have a sensitive stomach and immune system. Cockroaches are very annoying creatures. They have no regard for personal space.  They infest anytime and anywhere they want as long as they get what they aim.

But why do cockroaches infest our home in the first place?  Much like any other insect or animal, a cockroach needs shelter to survive from the cold, especially during the winter season.  Durable as these creatures may seem, they have a weakness for cold and the absence of moist. Which is why we can observe them in our kitchen in our bathroom wherever there is moist and food. Getting rid of cockroaches is not an easy task.  As we’ve said earlier, they are very durable creatures.  

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

I am sure that most of you think that they can cockroach’s head off will take care of it for good.  But actually, poses harm to our family. Without its head cockroach can still live for days. Imagine how much more bacteria it can spread in that timeframe.  Some prefer flushing them down the drain. But they don’t know that cockroaches can hold their breath for at least 30 minutes under water. You will not be killing the cockroach.  Rather, you will only send it home, relate to infest your house once again.

To get rid of cockroaches, you will need a regular cleanup in your home. Regular vacuuming is essential especially after eating to get rid of crumbs that attract cockroaches.  Although this might not get rid of existing roaches in your home, it will help prevent others from getting inside.  You can use pesticides to help ward off cockroaches, and you can also use detergent soap, and dishwashing soap as an alternative. Also, make sure to cover holes in your house where other insects can enter.

Call A Professional 

If the infestation gets worse, it is imperative to call for help from professionals.  Look for the nearest and most competent pest control provider and avail their services for more effective pest extermination.  The upside is, you will literally kill multiple pests with one stone. And you won’t have to worry about cockroaches or any other insect infesting your home.