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Best Reviewed Mice Exterminator In North Carolina


Mice are known to be one of the most destructive pests of all time. Apart from the fact that they bring various diseases and illnesses to the family through their droppings, they can also damage the walls and floors of our home.

Problems That Come With Mice

Did you know that mice bring one of the deadliest diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and the bubonic plague? Not to mention HPS or Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Once these illnesses are not treated immediately, it can cause to death. Thus, it is important to exterminate these pests at once. At home, mice can bore holes everywhere they want to.  

With their number, they can infest any compartment by passing through walls.  They make way for their fellow insects to come, causing more problems into our home.  Mice are very dangerous when it comes to electrical wirings. They can gnaw on the insulators, damaging the appliances, even the wirings on our ceiling.  When this happens, it can cause fire and endanger us including our family.

Exterminating Mice 

Exterminating mice can be very difficult because they are cunning and fast creatures. The only come out when everybody’s asleep, and they’re ready to look for food. Small as these pests are, they have a ravenous appetite. They are known for their unending chewing, especially at night. To avoid getting any more danger from mice, it is best to ask for help from professionals. If you are in North Carolina, you are lucky to have Lake Norman Home Services to solve your problems for you.  

The Best Mice Exterminator

Did you know that this humble company has been providing service for more than 50 years? Apart from that, the exterminators have been leaving smiles and saving lives all over North Carolina and other distant areas. Experience high-quality service from our experts who obtain regular, and countless learnings to enhance their skill every day. The exterminators dedicate themselves to skillful means of pest control. At Lake Norman Home Services, will make sure that we provide everything you need to solve your problems. We are dedicated to using botanical and human-friendly means of extermination.  

So, even if you have plants, pets, and children, rest assured they will be safe from our procedures and treatments. At Lake Norman Home Services, we pride ourselves on our professionalism as a company. Our pest exterminators are very adept in explaining everything you need to know about our processes without any hint of deceit nor treachery.  

In our humble company, we understand the financial constraints of our customers. That is why we provide a basic service plan for as low as $30.00 a month. This covers the interior and exterior of your home, eliminate the most kinds of pests, especially mice and rats. You will be literally killing multiple pests with one stone. The best part is, that provide all the necessary treatments without any additional charge. As a family, it is our duty to protect each other from any harm, including pests. No matter how small nor harmless these may seem, it is vital to exterminate them all with the help of Lake Norman Home Services.